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Digital transformation is the buzzword of this millennium as it offers the enterprises with refined business models to reach the market at a faster rate. We, at Orange Mantra provide the best Pimcore Development Services for the aspiring entrepreneurs of today to digitize their business in a more integrated manner as a single stroke. We consolidate the Product Information Management (PIM), Digital Asset Management (DAM), Content Management System (CMS), and, commerce in a single framework platform, Pimcore.

Working with disruptive technology is our forte and exploring Pimcore for a digital transformation market is the go. With Pimcore, we meet and overcome the business constraints, reduce the time taken for catalog creation and management. We help your marketing team reach the consumers across mobile, social platforms, and, all the communication channels.

Why Pimcore?

  • Automate product master data management process
  • Minimise manual intervention and thus lessen workload
  • Integrate multiple legacy systems like SAP, Salesforce, and Sharepoint
  • Configure custom layouts
  • Design web 2 print templates and notifications
  • Ensure user-friendly search capabilities
  • Apply defined data structures, customized search grids
  • Full fledged omnichannel experience

We enable the organizations to transform their enterprise into a complete digital experience, increase customer engagement, push content across the channels and devices anytime.

Technical Expertise

Programming Languages: Our Pimcore developers are experts in Zend Framework, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and ExtJS.

Our enthusiastic and forward thinking team are skilled and experienced in these platforms.

Web Content Management: We establish your online presence with websites, microsites, mobile sites, responsive sites, mobile apps with multilingual support, intuitive interface, enterprise-class abilities, advanced and customized marketing tools, engaging custom content, and, etc.

Digital Asset Management: Our expert team incorporate widgets, responsive design, make upload of content convenient and rationale with built-in style editors,
built-in image editors. Thus make your digital assets streamlined.

Product Information Management: We connect each and every piece of data on Pimcore platform so that your business is easily managed from a central hub and also possess advanced product attributes, integrate API with the existing IT environment, and, so forth.

Multi-channel E-commerce: We help you gain increased visitors and converts with an impeccable catalog, shopping cart, search filters, marketing rules, pricing, user-specific recommendations, and more. We incorporate diversified UX, gamification strategies, multimedia content for continuous traffic growth.

Marketing Campaign Management: We help you personalize marketing for individual online experience, select targeted segments, social media reporting, manage QR code, integrate Google webmasters and Analytics, maintain compliance with data privacy policy, and, etc.

Why Us?

Your Business with Pimcore at Orange Mantra helps to:

  • Make a business model set to revolutionize the industry
  • Multi-channel experience and engagement management
  • Lower the total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Increase productivity with Business Process Reengineering
  • Consolidate all the data of products in a single catalog
  • Attain ROI goals with effective digital experience for the customers
  • Manage single/multiple channel publishing functionalities
  • Integrate and deploy enterprise-class interfaces

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Client’ s Testimonials

  • Team excels at quickly learning systems. They picked up my existing AngularJS project, and extended its capabilities in a matter of hours. Amazing!
    – Bryan
  • OM team did a great job. The problem has been completely solved in a short time! I liked the regularly communication so I was always informed about the working status and the next steps. Thank you again!.
    – Christoph
  • The project required moving one of my website pages which was showing on google second page to first page for a given keyword – they said this will take 2 weeks to reflect and in 2 weeks the page started showing up on the first page of google results – so excellent work done.
    – Omair
  • Orange Mantra has a good PHP developer’ s team and I enjoyed working with them. Communication and responsiveness were top-notch and his skills were reasonably strong. In any case where the work was beyond his ability, they were very forthcoming and we worked well as a team to find additional freelancers to support the core work. I enjoyed working with Orange and will likely have additional jobs for him in the future.
    – Cristiano
  • Orange Mantra & SEO team have done great work maintaining an upgrading our website. They were always on time and delivered the desired outcomes.
    – Louis
  • This has by far been our best experience on oDesk and we are glad we made the right decision by hiring Orange Mantra guys for our eCommerce website. The team was super responsive over Skype, there design skills were beyond exceptional and their professionalism was high class. I would continue to work with OM for future projects…well done guys!!!
    – Mick


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