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Salesforce Integration Services to Scale Up Enterprise Operations

In today’s competitive business world, successful customer engagement and interaction are critical factors that lead to business growth. To achieve this, using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an efficient way to combine diverse business operations to have a panoramic view of customers needs and fulfil accordingly.

Salesforce is a top-rated CRM platform that has attained global acceptance by distinctive industries, large scale enterprises, SMBs, and startups. It is a Cloud-based CRM for companies to integrate different departmental efforts and get a 360-degree view of custom requirements. Thus, Salesforce Integration helps enterprises to integrate the platform with the existing tools, software, and third-party apps to have a better view of operations. Moreover, integrating the efforts of Salesforce CRM with the existing business technology enhances productivity, collaboration, automation, marketing, and beyond all of these.

Salesforce Integration Services to Scale Up Enterprise Operations
Why Salesforce Integration?

Why Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce CRM integrates with your daily use of software, apps, and platforms to provide a holistic view of customers at large. It enables the data collected by different departments of the organization combined together on a single best platform that is easy to access by all. As a result, stakeholders belong to different departments, get to understand the unified data to analyse customer requirements. It further helps to automate several operations to enhance cost reductions, efforts, and improvement in customer reachability.

Salesforce CRM integrates with your daily use of software, apps, and platforms to provide a holistic view of customers at large. It enables the data collected by different departments of the organization combined together on a single best platform that is easy to access by all. As a result, stakeholders belong to different departments, get to understand the unified data to analyse customer requirements. It further helps to automate several operations to enhance cost reductions, efforts, and improvement in customer reachability.

How Do We Help?

We at OrangeMantra, a leading Salesforce Integration Company, understand the diverse requirements of enterprises. We know that companies rely on maximum customer engagement to nurture, convert, and increase business ROI. For this reason, we offer different ways to alter an enterprise’s strategy, especially in the form of Salesforce Integration. Using this, let there be collaborative and integrated departments that help to smoothen your daily workflow. Implement the profit-oriented Salesforce CRM that is secure, reliable, seamless, and scalable with enterprise’s apps, systems, and software.

Rely on the professional expertise of our Salesforce developers to seamlessly implement CRM integrated with your system. Get real-time assistance of developers also to migrate your data from current applications to Salesforce. Our team will develop a result-oriented Salesforce Integration strategy to give your business an easy way to access information, improve operations, and close more deals effectively.

How Do We Help?

Salesforce Integration and Customization Services

Stay ahead of the competition by showcasing technical superiority with our end-to-end Salesforce Integration services.

Customized Salesforce Third-Party Integration

Customized Salesforce Third-Party Integration

Take the help of our proficient Salesforce developers to create custom integrated modules that help to connect the Salesforce with third-party applications.

Custom Third-Party Integration with Web Services

Custom Third-Party Integration with Web Services

Our expert of Salesforce professionals help your enterprise to connect varying web-based solutions with Salesforce CRM. The team further helps to synchronize the data across the company.

Salesforce API Integration

Salesforce API Integration

We are here to connect your web apps with Salesforce via different adaptable and scalable solutions. Being a top-rated Salesforce Integration company, we also specialize in integrating your business API.

Our Range of Salesforce Integration Services

ERP Integration Services
ERP Integration Services
Align your sales with resource management processes by empowering the sales reps with a 360-degree view of customers and up-to-date inventory and sales information for better procurement and manufacturing planning.
Accounting Integration
Accounting Integration
Leverage Salesforce integrations with QuickBooks, Zoho Books, and more to share financial data with the sales team to manage invoices, enrich customer profiles, improve forecasts, and avail of financial data-driven insights.
Social Media Integration
Social Media Integration
Integrate Salesforce with LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to enhance visibility into social channels performance and enable sales reps to track social activities of the prospects and target them with personalized customer experiences.
Marketing Automation Integration
Marketing Automation Integration
Get synced with marketing systems like HubSpot, Marketo, MailChimp, and Constant Contact for availing established lead nurturing, re-engaging cold leads, improving marketing campaign performance, and delivering consistent customer experience.
Ecommerce Integration
Ecommerce Integration
Invest in Salesforce integration with e-commerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce to increase the revenue per customer, improve customer service, facilitate better inventory management, and more.
Collaboration System Integration
Collaboration System Integration
Integrate Salesforce with collaboration systems such as SharePoint and Office 365 to provide employees greater flexibility for collaborating on projects and reduce downtime caused by shifting between the systems.

Comprehensive Salesforce Integration Process

While offering Salesforce Integration services to your organization, we take care of your potential requirements. Our team of experts create a defined and structured implementation plan and train your existing team to utilize Salesforce integration successfully and efficiently. So, this is how our Salesforce Integration process works for your benefit.

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Requirement Analysis

Our team of experts are not just proficient in Salesforce, but also understand business strategy and process. To gain a successful advantage of Salesforce Integration, the team first does the requirement analysis of your business. They understand your business technologies and examine current requirements to whether you need custom application integration or not.


Salesforce Configuration

Once we gather requirements from your side, our Salesforce Integration team starts implementing the plan and create a successful strategy. Our experts believe the fact that it is more than just integrating your business applications with Salesforce. The team also takes care of building objects, fields, dashboards, and automation processes.


Migration of Data

A successful Salesforce Integration is incomplete without migrating your data. Our experts will follow a strategic plan of sourcing, integrating, and transforming your data for the migration process. Here, we define what form of data with what frequency will come in. Moreover, we act as your reliable integration partner to collect, prepare, and migrate data in the shortest possible time.


Training Process

Once we complete the Salesforce Integration process from our end, we will do the review of the solution. The review is necessary to make sure the fact that you understand the process from where the data is moving and to where. We will make sure you understand how to manipulate and use the integrated data for the benefit of the enterprise. In the end, Salesforce integrated CRM helps you access all the business information of different departments in a streamlined manner. Do better analytics, offer strategic services, and increase the overall ROI.

Our Expertise

We offer reliable and result-oriented Salesforce integration and customization services.

  • Business Analysis:
    We do the analysis of your business to ensure the fact that Salesforce is customized to suit the unique requirements for your enterprise.
  • Change Management:
    Assisting in making a smooth transition while integrating existing systems with Salesforce.
  • Mobile Readiness:
    Offering powerful Salesforce mobility solutions to provide cutting-edge to the enterprise.
  • End-to-End Solutions:
    Delivering end-to-end Salesforce solutions that empower business processes and systems.

Why Choose Us?

At OrangeMantra, we assure high-quality software and products with reliable SAHI automation services

  • Skill and Expertise
    A skilled team of testers who are adept at the most advanced testing and automation tools and technologies including SAHI
  • Rich Experience
    Rich experience in the field of testing, with an excellent track record of delivering flawless solutions every time
  • Focus on Perfection
    Consistent focus on perfection with the commitment to delivering well-tested applications within the stipulated timelines
  • Flexible Hiring
    Flexible hiring models to engage testers on an hourly, part-time, or full-time basis, to work on-site or off-site
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Why Choose Us for Salesforce Integration?

With having years of experience and an extensive line of clientele, OrangeMantra is the right partner for leading brands and innovation-driven companies like you. We provide our result-oriented Salesforce Integration support from the hands of our certified experts and consultants meeting your diverse requirements.

Reliable Service & Fast Delivery

As a trusted Salesforce CRM integration partner, we provide full credence in qualitative and consistent deliveries. Our endeavour is to build the finest and technically advanced product for your enterprise to scale up operations and optimize profits.

Skillful Workforce

OrangeMantra’s team of Salesforce developers and consultants are industry-led experts and seasoned professionals. Enterprises will get the support of certified sources to optimally meet their objectives on time.

Scalable Solutions

We support the growth of your business with changing times and technology. Thus, we provide scalable solutions to enhance the reach of enterprise and service offerings at a large scale.

Salesforce Integration Empowering Businesses to Seamlessly Collaborate, Connect, & Cultivate


Salesforce integration is an end-to-end process of integrating the feature-rich CRM into your business. It helps to coordinate and integrate well with your enterprise’s existing software, application, and websites. Thus, the integration of CRM helps to collaborate the data of different business systems to experience operational efficiency.
Salesforce CRM integration has become a rising trend among enterprises to improve their customer relationships. Integrate the CRM with the existing system enhance sales operations, offer innovative products & services, boost productivity, improve communication, access data of different departments easily, better reporting, and more. Overall, integration of Salesforce CRM into your business helps to streamline operations and find improvement in every department.
Salesforce Data Migration is a process to migrate the Salesforce CRM data to other platforms of the enterprise. It helps different departments access the right data to make possible actions ahead. The benefit of data migration is to have complete accessibility of business information, validity, reliability, and accuracy of information.
The time duration of integrating Salesforce CRM into your existing system relies on your requirements. Things like several websites, apps, and software, features, and complexities are kept in mind before deciding a particular integration timeline.
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