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Extend continuous testing abilities with Selenium

Improve Software Application Abilities with Selenium UI Testing

As the complexity in the IT industry grows, QA becomes more important than ever for making intelligent decisions. At OrangeMantra, we very well know the relevance of automated software testing for building applications that deliver the top-rated quality within minimal time frame and at least price. Further, automated testing complements the prevailing agile software development approach that guarantees faster time-to-market, improved test coverage, and greater customer satisfaction.

By leveraging Selenium UI testing services, diverse web applications are tested on different Operating Systems (Mac OS, Windows, Linux), platforms and languages (Java, Python, C#, Perl, Ruby, Groovy, VB Script, and Java Script), and browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer). Our team uses Selenium test suite WebDriver for communicating straight with the browser, running the same tests on different browsers, overcoming the potential challenges of Automation Testing, executing regression tests, and more.

Leverage the Power of Selenium UI Automation Testing to Boost Application Performance

Our team of Selenium testers offer innovative solutions to meet client requirements.

Assure top quality

Accelerate time to market, reduce operational costs, and know your quality vision.

Testing solution for Web and Mobile

Robust testing solution for web & mobile applications.

Minimum test execution time and testers meet short deadlines

Suitable to teston a number of languages, browsers, and platforms.

apt for different OS, Platforms and Browsers

Reduces test execution times & helps meet short deadlines.

Our Selenium Testing Services

Our Selenium test automation experts are proven thought leaders in offering strategic consulting services to businesses for implementing test automation with Selenium. Our core service offerings includes.

Test strategy design and implementation
Our experts test the designs and layouts of the application on a wide range of devices to ensure their functioning and responsiveness according to client specifications and expectations.
Cross-browser testing
We leverage Selenium to test web and mobile applications across diverse OS, platform, and browser combinations to deliver the best benefits of open source software to your app.
Mobile web testing
Using a range of sophisticated tools, we verify if the web applications run on the latest iOS and Android devices with instant access to simulators, emulators, and real devices.
Continuous integration
Our team integrates Jenkins and other open-source tools for continuous integration with remote machines like Windows or Linux where selenium webdriver automation is run.
Framework development
We excel at creating ideal frameworks for selenium UI testing services, mobile automation testing using selenium, or any other type of automation testing using selenium.
Defect reporting and governance
Our services also include the discovery of anticipated risks and defects. We also conduct governance for critical path working, integration, robustness, and flow correctness.

Our Core Expertise – The Selenium Testing Tools We Leverage


Why Selenium?

Selenium brings a set of software tools, having a different approach to support test automation. The main features of using this tool is the support it offers for the execution of tests on multiple browser platforms.

  • To accelerate the time to market, cut down operational costs, and assure top quality.
  • Comprehensive testing solutions for both web and mobile applications
  • To minimizes the test execution times and enable testers meet short deadlines
  • Apt for testing on a number of OS, platforms, languages, and browsers

Why choose us for Selenium UI testing?

  • A team of seasoned testers with relevant skills and experience in implementing test automation with Selenium
  • Enterprise-grade framework which has been built with hands-on experience and best-in-class components.
  • Mature and proven test automation framework which has been refined over the years and across successful engagements.
  • Lower cost of Selenium testing implementation with pre-built platform integrations already in place.
  • Intuitive and detailed reporting for ease of business users who are able to understand them better.
  • Use of best practices with Selenium UI testing to ensure valuable results and insights for the business.

Looking for Selenium UI automation testing services for your business?

Our Selenium UI Testing Process

Our technical team can test complex, multi-technology and multi-disciplinary web application. Just hire Selenium UI Automation Testingwith flexible engagement models personalized to your business requirements.

Project Requirement
Business Analysis
Testing& Quality Assurance
Support & Maintenance

Serving All Major Industries

Our Selenium Testing Servicescover all the major industries. Here are some of the top industrial domains.

  • Healthcare
  • Travel & Tourism
  • E-commerce
  • Social Networking
  • Banking & Finance
  • Media & Entertainment

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is Selenium and how does it work? arrow up icon
Selenium WebDriver is a set of open source APIs used for automating the testing of a web application. It is used for the automation of web application testing with the objective of verifying whether it works as expected. Further, it supports multiple browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and IE.
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