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Moms' community focused on child nutrition

Moms’ community focused on child nutrition

We built India’s first consumer brand-based community of mothers. The award-winning community aims to answer all queries related to child nutrition. The digital community is built on a mobile-first web platform. It transforms how mothers cook, feed, and raise their infants and young children. The members have access to a growth tracker to monitor their kids’ growth and health. Learn more about the community.

Sports-lovers' community

Sports-lovers’ community

We developed an online community of sports enthusiasts. The platform enables sports-lovers to connect with other individuals who share their interests and enthusiasm about sports. Members can create their profiles and join different groups according to the sports of their choice. The digital platform also offers picture galleries and news about different sports events and tournaments. Know more about the sports-lovers’ community.

Yoga & meditation community

Yoga & meditation community

We build digital and social media communities of people who want to engage deeply with yoga and meditation practices. The platforms connect people with yoga teachers, meditation experts, and spirituality advocates. Such digital platforms have fostered remarkable positive changes in people’s lives. Whether you want to build the community on social media or a custom-built platform, the choice is yours. Know more about the community solutions.

Community for trainers & life coaches

Community for trainers & life coaches

We built a social media platform for a community of trainers and life coaches. The community trains aspiring life coaches and allows them to connect with fellow coaches and domain experts. The community has already trained thousands of corporate trainers and life coaches around the world. The digital community runs a globally-leading training program for aspiring life coaches. Know more about the community.