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Fast-track Your Growth with Advanced E-commerce Automation

Implementing e-commerce automation is an excellent way to simplify and boost the efficiency of your commerce operations and grow your e-commerce business. Automating your e-commerce systems and tools can significantly boost traffic to your online store, streamline your sales funnel, improve your lead nurturing process, and more while doing less work.

We, at Orange Mantra, unlock the potentials of all the prominent SaaS software like Zapier, Xero, and Tradegecko that can be easily integrated some of the giant e-commerce platforms and marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, BigCommerce, Woo-commerce and so on. We have years of experience and understanding of the nitty-gritties of e-commerce processes and other operations that are associated with the complete e- automation of your e-commerce business. We initiate our automation process by analyzing your existing manual and system-based processes. After the deep analysis, we recommend the right workflows and systems that cater to all your business’s requirements. We not only recommend but also go the extra mile to devise tailored workflows for your organization and implement it into your systems. At Orange Mantra, we leave no stone unturned in empowering your business with the right solutions to streamline your existing systems and save your money and time.

Make Your Work Easier with E-commerce Automation

Enjoy Multiple Benefits from One Solution

Enhanced Customer Service

Customer satisfaction drives more revenue. Make your customers feel valued by sending personalized and enticing content at every stage of your customers’ journey according to their preferences or behaviors.

Quick Catalogue/Listing Approvals

The product listing process encompasses multiple layers of internal approvals before going live. E-commerce automation boosts the efficiency and speed of your e-commerce store.

Efficient Inventory Management

E-commerce automation will update everything in your inventory management system whether you need to create a sales order or calculate the real-time valuation of your inventory.

Turn Abandoned Carts into Sales

Cart abandonment is inevitable in an e-commerce business. Customers may add items in the cart and then forget to place the order. Since your cart abandoners represent a huge potential of becoming customers, automating your remarketing efforts can significantly convert the abandoned cart into sales.

Super-easy Invoicing with Automation

Requesting order payment can be daunting especially when you’re creating and sending invoices manually. Integrating the right plugins into your e-commerce website will help you get automate invoices and receipts after order payment.

Smarter Segmentation Drives More Sales

Targeting the right audience is the key factor to boost your conversion rates, retain more customers, and earn greater ROIs.

A Few Smart Ways You Can Segment Your Marketing Campaigns

  • Average order value
  • Total dollar value of purchases
  • Number of orders
  • Items purchased
  • Cart abandonment
  • Purchase history
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Smart E-commerce Automation Hacks to Win Back Your Customers

Workflow management allows you to look at the business process in an entirely different way. You get more control over processes and better insights.

Automated Abandoned Cart Emails
Automated Abandoned Cart Emails
Nearly 75% of potential customers abandon their carts. Trigger automated abandoned cart emails to bring your cart abandoners back to your site and convert them into loyal customers.
Win-back Campaigns for Your Lapsed customers
Win-back Campaigns for Your Lapsed customers
You can send targeted and personalized win-back emails to your lapsed customers who haven’t bought from you in a while. This will re-engage your customers and prevent you from losing them forever.
Showcase Useful Products in Emails or Automations
Showcase Useful Products in Emails or Automations
Adding relevant products in your email campaigns and automation will entice your potentials customers and bring them back to your website to explore more about the product or make a purchase.
Reward Your Loyal Customers with Discounts
Reward Your Loyal Customers with Discounts
Your loyal customers are the ones who buy from you frequently. Create a segment with special discounts or offers using repeat order/purchase, average order value and the total dollar value of purchases and trigger emails to your loyal customers.
Send How-to Guide to Your customers
Send How-to Guide to Your customers
There are chances that your customer may not know how to use your product. Sending an automated welcome series proves to be beneficial to educate them on how to use their newly purchased items.
Track and Manage Order Fulfillment Automatically
Track and Manage Order Fulfillment Automatically
Track and fulfill your order automatically from a single dashboard. Using the CRM will help you to execute the complete process of order fulfillment from receiving, processing, packaging, picking, and shipping the order to customers.

Manage Your Marketing with the Right Automation Tools

E-commerce automation empowers your online store with the right tools to help you grow your e-commerce business and make more money.

Marketing Automation

Target the right audience automatically and manage your marketing efforts efficiently.

Email Marketing

Use targeted and personalized marketing emails to announce special offers or deals.


Use the CRM to track your customers, manage and fulfill order efficiently, and ensure that your sales team is on the right track.

Site Tracking

Learn how your potential customers interact with your website, and then follow up with targeted products or offers according to their interests or behavior.

Facebook Custom Audiences

Use Facebook Ads to target the right people automatically based on their behavior or interaction on your site.


Create a group of contacts based on their purchase history, average order value, or any other behavior and patterns.

Advanced Reporting

Use comprehensive reports to track which campaigns and offers drive better results. This will help you find new opportunities to grow.

Custom Forms

Use a welcome series and custom forms to capture leads and email addresses of prospective customers.


Track and identify where your best customers are coming from.

See How E-Commerce Automation Can Help You Grow


Using e-commerce automation software is a great way to simplify and improve the efficiency of your commerce operations and grow your e-commerce business. By automating your e-commerce operations, you can significantly drive more traffic to your e-commerce store, streamline your sales funnel, improve your lead nurturing process, and much more while doing less manual work. This will also save you from overhead costs.
Definitely. With our e-commerce marketing automation software, you can send every campaign and email, based on segmentation which helps you target more effectively. The content in each campaign changes as per the prospect engagement.
Yes, of course. Besides developing e-commerce marketing automation software, we can also help you with the complete installation and configuration of the software so that you can get started with your business without any delay.
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