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Android vs IOS :Which OS To Be Preferred For Making Your App

Android vs IOS

The iOS platform is a more user friendly and intuitive platform to use and on the other hand the android platform sees a larger number of app downloads and users in the Indian market and rest of the world except the US.Let us see which points you must consider for choosing the most appropriate platform for your product:

1)Reach -The percentage of android users in India and the rest of the world in general, is significantly more than ios users for the obvious reason that android is the custom operating system for a wide range of smartphones , some of them being cheaper than iPhones and ipads. So an android app ensures a wider reach.

2)Market Consideration -IOS is more popular among more affluent smartphone users.Thus, if the target customer is among the top rich , building an iOS app may be more beneficial.

3)Speed of Development -With the new language for iOS app development, Swift ,apps comparatively take lesser time to be built.On an average a typical app takes 2-3 times more time to be built for an android platform when compared to the time taken for the same app to be built for an iOS platform.

4)Cost -While an android app needs 25$ to be introduced on the google playstore, an ios app needs 99$ per year to be published in the iOS marketplace.

5)Frequency of Engagement – iOS app users have been found more likely to engage in a variety of apps as compared to android app users.So, if frequency of engagement is an important factor in monetising your app ,then using the iOS platform may be more beneficial.

So, go for an iOS app if your target customer is only the affluent class and you plan on to monetise your app through frequent engagement while you must go for an android app if your target customer encompasses all classes and you do not mind a slower pace of development.