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On-Demand Business Trend Making It Big With Smart Mobile Apps

Posted By : admin
On-Demand Business Trend Making It Big With Smart Mobile Apps

Patience is one virtue that is lacking in the millennials. Perhaps, this is the one big reason that has driven the booming success of on-demand service providers. These smart enterprise ideas have totally disrupted the traditional business model, invading almost every activity you can think of. From booking a cab to ordering your favourite food online, reserving movie tickets, getting specialised services, and more, on-demand service providers have come up with some amazing ideas.

Challenges Associated With On-Demand Business Model

On-demand, as the name suggests, is the concept of delivering goods or services as the customer requires them. The role of the enterprise is that of a link between the consumer and a third-party service provider. The foundation of this concept rests on convenience and mobility and a smart mobile app formulates its core. Another integral fact about such an enterprise is that it keeps nothing in inventory. The goods/services are procured only when demand is raised for them. Integration of technology and inventory management are the two challenges that are associated with this business model.

Mobile Apps- The Cornerstone Of A Successful On-Demand Business

The basics of such a business are very different from those of a conventional one. It all begins with the identification of a challenge and developing a mobile application that addresses it. For instance, there are healthcare apps that immediately connect patients to doctors as and when they need medical assistance. These apps need to be reliable and high-tech to ensure easy accessibility, seamless transactions, and convenience benefits for the end users. Advanced technologies such as iBeacons and GPS for real-time tracking and chatbots for impeccable customer support can add to the value of these apps. While the consumer-side is one aspect of these apps, the supplier-side is equally significant. The ability of the enterprise to furnish reliable and timely service to the consumer also depends upon the app technology. Such an app uses a matching algorithm to connect a service-provider with the customer. The performance of the application, thus, determines the user-experience, which has a direct influence on the reputation of the business.

Building successful on-demand business calls for creativity and a passion for technology. The right use of technology brings enormous opportunities for the customers as well as sellers who want to make lives better with these amazing mobile apps.