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Marketing Automation Emerges As The New Business Buzzword

Marketing automation emerges as the new business buzzword

Technology has proliferated every business process today and marketing is no exception. Marketing automation technology is no longer reserved for large organizations but is now being embraced by small and mid-sized B2B and B2C enterprises too. The key benefit that comes with the adoption of this technology relates to business growth, but it has a lot more to offer. Let’s delve deeper into this innovative concept.

What is digital marketing automation?
Digital marketing is no longer confined to conventional strategies such as search engine optimization but goes much beyond. Today, marketers are concerned about effective utilization of time and efforts to capture leads and convert them faster. Marketing automation is a digital strategy they have devised to get leads, keep them engaged and convert them. As the name suggests, it encompasses the automation of marketing actions by combining campaigns across diverse channels such as emails, mobile, social, and more. Personalization is the mainstay of this strategy as it is not just about delivering the content to the potential customers but about delivering relevant content to the right customer at the right time.

How automation changes the marketing scenario?
This technological advancement is, perhaps, the best thing that has happened for digital marketers as it has opened them up to the power of personalization. With personalized messages to its contacts, a business can find new ways to bring them to action. Here are some ways the strategy can change the game for them:

Nurturing Leads
Primarily, automation is all about nurturing leads. A typical buying cycle begins with awareness stage, which encompasses identification of challenges for the customer; following this comes the consideration stage, when he looks for a solution to the challenge. Finally, comes the decision stage, when he evaluates the sellers bringing the solution. With this strategy, the business is able to identify customers who have the potential of becoming a lead at any stage of the buying cycle. The marketers can then target the leads with personalized email content to take them to the next stage.

Contact Re-engagement
It is capable of re-engaging contacts which have been out of touch for quite some time. A drip campaign can be used to automatically enroll contacts who have not accessed the site or opened the email in the past few months. It would also be a good idea to send them an email with a discount coupon or offer to get them back to shop.

Cross-selling and Up-selling
The strategy can also be used to cross-sell or up-sell products at the stage of lead conversion. The marketer can use signals to trigger automated emails with content to engage the customer, offer tips on using the products as well as promote products to be sold as a part of cross-selling or up-selling strategy.

In addition to these specific benefits, automation enhances the overall efficiency of the marketing operations and saves time as well. For this reason, it makes a worthy investment for enterprises. However, only expert marketers who have comprehensive skills and knowledge of the field should be trusted for the service. At the same time, certain trends should be followed to maximize the efficacy of the strategy. Let’s check them out:

  • Content marketing is the foundation of the automated model as the power of engaging the customers solely lies with the content. Automation ensures delivery of the right content to the right customers at the right time. Personalized messages enhance the customer experience and increase their engagement too.
  • Artificial Intelligence is another technology that feeds the strategy. The technology enables the marketers to track campaigns, forecast their outcomes, and predict consumer behavior to automate the delivery of relevant personalized content to the prospective customers.
  • Predictive analysis strengthens it by analyzing historical data for real-time customer targeting. It helps the marketers to identify potential leads and convert them into sales.
  • Account Based Marketing serves as an effective automation tool for B2B businesses as it enables them to target accounts (rather than individual customers) with personalized content delivery.
  • Integrated automation is another raging trend in this space. Marketers use this strategy to deliver better customer experiences by integrating multiple campaigns across multiple channels.

With such incredible features and capabilities, marketing automation is all set to bring in a new era for enterprises. It can rightly be called the future of digital marketing as it has the potential to improve the communication between businesses and customers without requiring additional efforts from the marketers. A business can avail the best benefits of such an automated platform by enlisting the services of dedicated professionals with expertise in this space.

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