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How Mobile Technology Is Opening New Opportunities For Businesses


The advent of mobile technology is perhaps the biggest and most positive thing that has happened for businesses in recent decades. It has brought the advantage of mobility for them, freeing them of the confines of desktops and laptops and empowering them with seamless connectivity from anywhere. No wonder, mobile apps are becoming an integral element of the technology portfolio of every business today. While discussing the impact of this innovative technology on business processes, it is to be segregated into two aspects. These include the market-facing consumer mobile apps and the enterprise mobility solutions that are meant to strengthen the core of the organization. Let us see how these apps open new opportunities for businesses in their own unique ways.

Consumer Mobile Apps: Bringing businesses closer to the customers
As the name suggests, consumer mobile apps are the ones which are built to enable a business to use mobile as a prime selling channel. Whether you are selling clothing, electrical appliances, jewelry, or books, you will need to invest in mobile app development to get connected with customers who shop via smartphones. Apps have gone beyond selling products as verticals such as healthcare, travel and hospitality, education, and more are also connecting with customers via mobile apps. Here are some ways in which having a mobile presence can add value to your business:

  • Driving better and seamless connectivity with the users as they can buy your products/services at any time and from anywhere
  • Boosting your business brand by making you visible on the mobile channel and establishing your presence on the app store
  • Strengthening your marketing efforts with personalized targeting based on mobile user analytics and location-based technologies
  • Providing better user experiences by using the device functionalities for image-based searches and voice searches
  • Building stronger customer relationships by being connected with the mobile shoppers and ensuring secure and seamless transactions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions: Driving efficiencies in business processes
Enterprise mobility is the latest innovation that has transformed the business scenario completely. The technology encompasses development of specialized mobile apps that are not launched in the open market but are meant to establish connectivity within the organizations. These apps are meant for the employees, partners, and other parties, according to the business-specific requirements. Whether you are running a small, mid-sized, a large enterprise, you can gain extensive benefits by embracing mobility. Let us explore a few of them:

  • Establishing connectivity with the employees and partners so that they can access the business data even from a remote location
  • Reducing the paperwork for the business as their data can be stored securely in the cloud and accessed therefrom
  • Making the workforce more productive and efficient as they get the flexibility to work from anywhere
    Streamlining the business operations by enabling the employees to control and manage devices from remote locations with IoT-powered apps
  • Enhancing the overall productivity and profitability of the organization with smoother operations and happier workforce

Considering these facts, mobility emerges as a key technology for businesses as it brings dual benefits of the external as well as the internal front. Undoubtedly, organizations need to ideate a complete mobility strategy with both types of solutions to strengthen customer engagement and spur business process transformation as well. The opportunities that the adoption of such a strategy can bring are immense, provided that you have the right application development partner to guide you and develop the right kind of apps for your business. At OrangeMantra, we specialize in creating feature-rich consumer apps as well as advanced enterprise-grade mobility solutions. Connect with us build a complete app portfolio for your business.