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Why Software Development Leaders Should Know the Impact of Artificial Intelligence 

Posted By : Vaibhav

Artificial Intelligence has exerted a game-changing impact on software development and has enhanced the way to develop apps. Today, more than 80% of IT companies find it imperative to invest in AI to bolster product development.

Artificial Intelligence has been around for a while now. It has impacted the way we collaborate with websites, apps, and devices. Just like increasing penetration of intelligent assistants on smartphones like Siri and Google Assistant becoming our virtual assistants. The rising acceptance of smart speakers like Alexa to follow persuasive voice commands and even to enterprise-level, like Amazon’s delivery drone. AI has enhanced people’s interaction with software and products in many ways.

From a business perspective, Artificial Intelligence technology improves development, automation testing, agile testing software, etc. Moreover, software development services are also on the verge of a remarkable transformation due to rapid AI evolutions.

In this blog, we will be looking at the substantial role of AI in software development, including key impacted areas and top benefits.

But before we start the discussion, let’s check out some noteworthy facts and figures.

* Studies show that AI is a key driver in custom software development that will hit 61 billion US dollars by 2023 from 47 billion in 2018.

* As per Gartner, 37% of the organizations have already implemented AI into software development.

* 80% of the IT companies find it imperative to invest in AI for improving software development.

* Implementing AI into custom software development helps to increase the 10x productivity of software developers.

* It is predicted that AI tools will create an incredible 2.9 trillion in business value.

You can adopt the amalgamation of AI into software development to witness a result-oriented impact. But first, understand the role of AI in software development and other necessary details.

Areas Where AI Impacts Software Development the Most 

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in designing, generating code, and testing the software. Let’s check out the substantial role of AI in different areas.

Gathering Requirements

It is the initial process of SDLC that requires maximum human intervention to gather imperative data. Artificial Intelligence can intervene using an advanced tool like Google ML Kit to automate the requirement gathering process. It helps to minimize human dependency to collect useful software information. Most importantly, AI detects the common flaws in the early stage of development and before moving to design. Ultimately, it helps to save a considerable amount of time and effort.

Software Designing

Designing the projects requires specialized learning and skills to follow a hit and trial method to propose a definitive solution. Designers make dynamic changes to the design after much investigation and resources before taking final approval from the client. Now, AI can automate some complex design procedures like using AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant). The tool completely understands the desired requirements of the client and gains knowledge to design accordingly and quickly.

Assisting Code Generation

The most time-consuming and labor-intensive task of software development is creating code as per the requirements. Using AI assistants, developers get access to the most recommended code-specific documents and perfectly used cases to create codes. Even Natural Language Processing will understand the documented requirements and convert the same into executable code in no time.

Automating Testing

The biggest impact of AI in software development is enhancing the testing process. Quality Assurance is the most important software development phase to check the quality of a product that must be error-free. AI opens a new dimension of software testing from analyzing codes, error fixing, and doing sanity checks across the ecosystem. The best part is AI-enabled tools that help to transform testing into self-sustaining exercise. And, ultimately, prevent several bugs and errors along with making software ready for deployment.

Top Benefits of Implementing AI in Software Development 

  1. Manage Data Security: Artificial Intelligence helps in the safe collection of data from network sensors and software installed. It further enables to separate irregularities from the information using Machine Learning and avoid false notifications & alerts.
  1. Fast Error Identification: Make significant usage of AI-driven tools to code better and no need to struggle for examining executable files. AI makes it simple to identify and eliminate possible bugs and errors.
  1. Strategic Decision Making: Build better software by using the virtues of Machine Learning to learn from past projects & analyze current ones. Furthermore, it enables better results, and the development task goes simple.

Wrapping up

Artificial Intelligence is the future of software development by turning mundane tasks into strategic decision making. From gathering requirements, designing, prototyping, and testing, AI makes widespread contributions to software development. It is a central pillar to every IT organization’s needs that help customers move in the right direction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Does AI Help the Software Development Process?

AI helps build software faster than the traditional approach. It becomes a tool for software developers to acquire development intelligence that can be used to gain new knowledge, streamline the process, and write better code with efficiency. It redefines the developer’s work and focuses more on speed and quality to develop efficient software.

  1. Is Coding Knowledge Required for Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, software developers need to know programming to understand the requirements and develop solutions using AI. It is because AI-based algorithms are used to create solutions that imitate human behavior closely.

  1. Do All the Software Developers Use AI?

No, not all use AI for developing software. Here, an extensive team of software developers utilizes Artificial Intelligence to write and review code, automate the test process, detect bugs, and optimize other functionalities in a hassle-free manner.