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Driving Desired Business Revenue through Effective SEO Strategies

Project Highlights

Tassenfuzzi, a distinguished multi-category gifting company, offers a meticulously curated collection of products. With a diverse range of glasses that can be engraved, including beer glasses, shot glasses, champagne glasses, and wine glasses, they provide customers with the opportunity to personalize their gifts with logos. When the business started, they had little to no competition, but with the expansion of internet services, they realized they needed a proper strategy to increase organic traffic for higher ROI. They consulted OrangeMantra for innovative solutions and an SEO strategy to meet these goals.

Project Highlights
Business Challenges

The client wanted to provide their target audience with the most relevant gift samples by keeping them engaged longer on their site. The resulting goal, then, became to provide relevant, high-quality products to customers at every level and become the trusted resource encouraging customers to return. In addition, achieving increased website sales in the face of fierce competition within the industry. Aiming to secure top rankings (positions #1-3) for major keywords while maintaining a high conversion rate. Reducing the cost of customer acquisition as much as possible.

Technology Solution

The solution involved an SEO strategy built around keywords both local and national for brand visibility, lead generation, and higher conversions. Moreover our SEO team performed comprehensive keyword research to identify opportunities for securing page one rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Optimized meta titles and descriptions to align with target keywords. Focused on enhancing internal linking structures and improving on-page SEO.

We reviewed their competitors to see what strategy was missing. We identified keywords with the lowest competitive metrics and included them into product descriptions. Added content on client website with a customization as per Google algorithms and new audiences. We conducted ongoing, on-page optimization, including backlinks and keyword development.

Value Delivered

The final outcome was a pixel-perfect website with eye-catchy product and their descriptions in it. The website served the business objective and customer engagement as per the stakeholders. The newly-built gift selling platform was a perfect blend of features and beauty.

Client experienced a substantial 40.5% increase in organic channel clicks, driving greater website traffic. Achieved an impressive 11.8% growth in revenue, with a majority of keywords ranking in top positions. Successfully reduced PPC operational costs by 20%, optimizing budget allocation.

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