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Banking Lead Management System

We were contacted by a reputed international banking client with the requirement of a Lead Management System software application. The basic purpose of this Tablet (iPad) application is to facilitate the end-to-end management of leads for the bank’s loan services. It automates the process, right from the stage a lead is captured from Salesforce to that of its closure. In this process, it performs numerous key functions such as reviewing the client’s profile and industry trends, creating events, and generating proposals, calculating bank’s revenue, and more. Additionally, the solution evaluates the performance of the sales team in terms of client engagement and lead conversions.


The key challenges related to this project were:

  • Integration of customer lead data from various data sources and data warehouse.
  • Availability of the application in the offline mode so that none of the opportunities to convert the leads are lost.
  • Application security to ensure secure data transmission during the critical processes such as static analysis and penetration testing.

Our Approach

The main objective was to automate the process of loan disbursement, right from fetching the lead to converting it. Here are the significant aspects of the approach we took:

  • Empowering the sales team with the latest information from the customer data warehouse and make it accessible anytime and anywhere.
  • Giving them additional capabilities such as flexible scheduling and contextual conversations to enhance their efficiency.
  • Enabling collection of documents in scanned forms and sending them directly to the bank server to reduce the paperwork and expedite the process.
  • Facilitating offline functionality for the application so that the team can work irrespective of the internet connectivity.

Technologies Applied

Once we had identified the challenges and worked out our approach, the next step was to find the right technologies to craft the solution.

  • Swift for Ios
  • Java
  • MySql
  • Salesforce

Key Features

  • Targets Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as the prospective clients for bank loans.
  • Presents an interactive dashboard that offers a complete overview of the journey from lead allocation to client acquisition.
  • Once the lead is established, the LMS collates data from data warehouse to evaluate its eligibility with parameters such as client profile, credit rating, etc.
  • Calculates loan metrics such as rate of interest, tenure, and loan amount on the basis of data fetched from data warehouse.
  • Considers various scenarios to generate a final proposal for the lead.
  • Automates a list of required documents that have to be submitted by the potential customer.
  • Prepares two copies of the Pitchbook, one to be shared with the client and the other for internal use.
  • Processes and disburses the loan to close the converted lead.
  • Appraises the sales team’s performance with respect to the targets set for them.
  • Calculates the commissions for individual members of the sales team.


The LMS automates the entire lead management process, from procurement to conversion. It enables access to leads, at any time and from anywhere. The application offers the benefit of improvement in the operational efficiency of the loan disbursement process, which results in enhanced customer satisfaction. The client is also empowered with the ability to measure individual performances of the sales staff and calculate their incentives as well.