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Technology-driven Automation For BFSI Clients

Banking lead management system for a reputed international bank

A powerful Lead Management System software application to facilitate the end-to-end management of leads for the loan services for an international banking client.


Automation of the process, from the stage a lead capture from Salesforce to its closure. It performs numerous functions such as reviewing the client’s profile, creating events, generating proposals, calculating revenue, and more. Additionally, the system evaluates the performance of the sales teams.

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Our approach was focused at empowering the sales team with the latest information from the customer data warehouse and making it accessible anytime and anywhere. For this reason, we started the project with the discovery sessions and discussions with the sales team. Once we understood their exact requirements, we developed a solution to match. Our business analysts also provided training for the team at the client’s location as part of the implementation and roll-out of the solution.


Since the lead data came from various sources, its integration was the main challenge. The client wanted the application to run in the offline mode so that none of the opportunities to convert the leads were lost. Application security to ensure secure data transmission was another challenge.


The application brought tremendous improvement in the operational efficiency of the loan disbursement process, which resulted in enhanced customer satisfaction. The client was also empowered with the ability to measure individual performances of the sales staff and calculate their incentives as well. The results were visible as follows:

  • 60%increase in back-office productivity
  • 80% increase in converson
  • 70%increase in upsell and cross-sell