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Accelerating Automotive Businesses With Technology

Delivering a comprehensive ERP solution for Automotive Client

An internal web portal to streamline and enhance the multiple processes and operations for world’s no 1 two-wheeler brand.


A robust internal portal for the enterprise to provide in-depth visibility into log-ins, operational activities, workflows, security configurations, customer insights, and several other core business processes.


A mix of technologies including PHP, Zend, MySQL, RESTful API and MVC to create a multi-functional portal with applications meant to fulfill the needs of different departments that ran different processes and operations.


With numerous processes and operations, the real challenge was to build separate applications that served different purposes yet worked in complete coordination. Another major challenge pertained to the size of the organization and the number of people it employed.


A comprehensive web portal to streamline the entire systems and processes of the organization, including Knowledge Management System, Document Collaboration System, Activity Tracker, Idea Sharing Application, and Visitor Management Application. The results were visible in all aspects.

  • Growth by 60% without additional labor resources
  • Reduction in maintenance costs more than 70%
  • Improved accountability across the enterprise
  • Better internal and customer communications,