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How the collaboration of a bank and a telecommunication giant in Canada brought happiness to business owners amid COVID-19 lockdowns

An all-in-one digital solution for business owners to help them sustain the lockdown period.


The world is suffering its biggest pandemic of the century. The group that has been affected most are business owners, especially small and mid-size businesses. The key challenge here was to develop a website and a mobile app for both customers and business owners within a month. This timeline couldn’t be changed since the client wanted to use the solution to help the business owners deal with the COVID-19 crisis and get financial support. The project requirements included:

  • A dynamic website and an Android mobile application with attractive designs.
  • Centralised one-stop place where customers can create their accounts and purchase certificates to redeem them later.
  • A platform where business owners can sell their product or services related certificates.
  • Functionalities that allows any user to make donations. Users can decide whether they want to share their details or stay anonymous.
  • Features that let customers check trending deals.
  • ‘Buy Now and Redeem Later’ feature for customers.
  • Enable business owners to make investments in their business.
  • ‘Review’ buttons that allow customers to review the services offered by the business owners.
Our Approach

With a detailed discussion of the concept and understanding of the business model in the Canadian sectors, the OrangeMantra team initiated the project. The team worked closely with the client, thoroughly understanding the concept and concerns. With our in-house design team, we started conceptualizing the design. The development team investigated the system of creating certificates and redemption options. The team worked meticulously to develop a feature-rich website and mobile application.

our approach
Our Solution

OrangeMantra provided a comprehensive solution with the following features:

  • A dynamic and fully responsive website with a solid backend for managing the super admin to update content, images, etc.
  • Integration with Google APIs to fetch the user location and display all the nearby deals in both web and mobile apps.
  • Admin portal to manage customers, business owners, blogs, certificates, etc.
  • On-boarding platform for business owners where they will get a seamless system to get onto this website/mobile app.
  • Donation module where anyone can come and donate for the benefit of the society and your favourite business.
  • Features that let customers purchase the certificates and redeem later.
  • Button to share the website/app with friends and family.
  • In-built recommendation option for suggesting more certificates and outlets offering them.
  • Extensive ‘search’ option for customers to look out for their favourite retailers and offers.
  • Exclusive blogs for users to read and understand everything about how the product works.
  • Share reviews about the customer’s favourite service providers on the platform.
The Outcome

OrangeMantra successfully developed and launched the system with a great design. The solutions helped the client to promote their websites and application that increased sales. The business owners were able to reduce the adverse effects of the pandemic. Business owners got the money they needed in the challenging times. They were able to sustain their business and support their employees and business partners. Customers also got the benefits and they are easily planning for their future events and occasions. 

There was a significant boost in the business for small and mid-size businesses. More and more businesses got onboard onto the web and app. The local bodies and government officials started giving donations. These financial aids helped them in showing their CSR efforts. The solution benefitted the entire community. The OrangeMantra team, in a way, supported community development and brought hope to the life of people involved.

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