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PIM Integration Increases Online Sales & Conversion Rates of an Apparel Retailer

Explore how we dramatically improved a clothing retailer’s eCommerce operations and boosted customer experience.

The Objective

An apparel retailer contacted us with the requirements of improving the overall efficiency of the company’s eCommerce operations. The retailer also wanted to enhance customers’ online shopping experience.

The Challenge Faced by the Client

The company had set up online sales with big sales goals. But clothing retailer was reporting sluggish online sales for several consecutive quarters. Conversion rates on the online their website and mobile apps were significantly low. The client wanted to overcome these roadblocks and achieve their desired business goals.

How We Approached the Problems 

A team of experienced business analysts, eCommerce developers, and industry experts put concerted efforts to understand the client’s business model. They also thoroughly evaluated the requirements. The team came up with a proposal for PIM integration into the client’s eCommerce solutions. They explained in technical details how PIM integration works and the benefit it will provide to the client’s online business.

The Solution We Provided 

Product Information Management (PIM) enhances eCommerce by creating a single place to collect, manage, and display product information. It also enables business owners to create a product catalog and distribute it to various sales and online commerce channels. PIM integration also makes product and inventory management faster and more efficient.

The client’s eCommerce infrastructure was built on Magento. Our eCommerce development team used the most suitable PIM integration solution. The development team ensured that the integration process accurately exports and imports data from different eCommerce channels. The integration enabled the retailer to push its product information catalog to the Magento eCommerce solutions. The integration reproduced the PIM architecture in Magento. It also synchronized product catalogs and using the REST API.

The Results 

After the PIM integration process was complete, the clothing retailer reported significant improvement in online business operations. Operational efficiency also triggered remarkable improvements in other areas of business.

  • The apparel retailer reported a 37% rise in online sales.
  • Conversion rates surged across platforms (a Magento website and an eCommerce mobile app).
  • The client reported a 30% reduction in product returns.
  • The time-to-market drastically reduced for all categories of products.
  • The retailer was able to seamlessly expand product offerings.
  • With the PIM integration in place, customers had a consistent shopping experience across channels.
  • Inconsistency in product descriptions and incomplete product descriptions were efficiently addressed.