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Redefine care and treatment with wearables
Redefine care and treatment with wearable solutions

The healthcare industry is fast embracing innovation and wearable devices and technologies are making their mark to a major extent. Connected wearable medical devices empower providers to offer an enhanced standard of care to the patients while improving efficiency and cutting down operational costs. Investing in wearable solutions is a must for clinicians and organizations that want to stay connected with their patients and gain better and constant visibility into their health, even from remote locations.

Improved Health Outcomes With Wearables

IoT-enabled wearable healthcare devices provide the vital information that patients and providers can leverage to have greater control over their health outcomes.

Fitness monitoring

Fitness monitoring

Wearers can monitor different fitness metrics wellness factors for tracking their progress toward holistic fitness and health goals.

Health tracking

Health tracking

Patients with serious conditions that need to be monitored closely and continuously can use a wearable to track key health indicators on a minute-to-minute basis.

Patient connectivity

Patient connectivity

Wearable devices let patients share data with their healthcare providers to provide detailed understanding and updates of their conditions.

Community motivation

Community motivation

Consumers can even connect their wearable devices to social networks, where they can create communities and motivate each other toward fitness and healthier living.

Wearables For Everyone


Smart wearables serve as a virtual nurse that constantly monitors the patient, but is far more affordable than a real one.

Patients can avoid hospitalization or cut down the duration of their stay as there is a smart device assessing their health metrics continuously.

Wearers experience better health and quality of life, with assistance always being at hand in case of medical emergencies.


Clinicians can closely monitor every patient continually, while the vulnerable ones can be monitored without being moved to the ICU.

The possibility of human error factor from diagnostic and treatment regimens is eliminated, thus improving the quality of patient care delivered.

Access to real-time, actionable data empowers the clinicians to make informed decisions before serious complications could arise.


Wearable-based monitoring relieves the nursing staff of the tedious task of logging vitals repeatedly and they can focus on patient rehabilitation.

Hospital staff can be tracked continuously and their efficiency and accountability are improved to a significant extent.

The health care delivery is transformed, with a considerable reduction in operational costs and provision of quality care on time.

Insurance Companies

Wearables can significantly reduce the cost of care per patient of those requiring hospital-based treatment

The technology can be used to incentivize behavior which reduces hospital visits and readmission due to aversion to personal health

Access to use patient data generated fitness trackers enables insurance providers to manage claims with better insights

Innovative Healthcare Wearable Solutions We Have Delivered

Effective pain management with VR

Effective pain management with VR

An immersive VR experience that distracts patients from pain, while triggering pain-relieving endorphins which last even after removing the headset

Senior health monitoring with Smartwatch

Senior health monitoring with Smartwatch

Smartwatches can be used for reliable health monitoring for seniors, assisting providers and family members with ailment prevention and disease management

Employee wellness solutions with wearables

Employee wellness solutions with wearables

Specialized wearables wellness solutions for organizations that are willing to go the extra mile for ensuring the health and wellness of their workforce

Why Choose OrangeMantra For Healthcare Wearable Solutions

Solutions that deliver value

We provide pioneering IoT and wearable solutions that empower patients with good health and organizations with better care delivery, optimal asset utilization, and lower costs.

IoT expertise

With an industry presence of more than two decades, we know technology like the back of our hand. A team of IoT experts makes us capable of creating innovative healthcare wearable solutions.

Holistic approach

We follow a holistic approach that revolves around an effective collaboration for connecting devices, processes, sensors, data, and people to enhance the quality of patient care.

Why choose Orangemantra for Wearable solution

Looking to join the IoT wearable revolution for taking your business to the next level?