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A Healthy Future With IoT Solutions in Healthcare

IoT solutions to connect your healthcare infrastructure, staff, and patients and improve efficiency.

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Insights-driven Healthcare with Efficient IoT Solutions

The healthcare industry has been the pioneer in using the Internet of Things (IoT) for improving operations and service quality. Healthcare infrastructures and medical devices can be connected to desired software tools using suitable IoT solutions. As the world of IoT-enabled devices expands across industries, healthcare providers are upgrading their operations and services in innovative ways.

At OrangeMantra, we strive to equip our clients in the healthcare industry with the most advanced internet technologies. From patient safety management to asset utilization to environmental monitoring, we enable everything through IoT solutions.

Key Benefits of Healthcare IoT Solutions

patient care

Improved patient care

IoT solutions enable your healthcare devices to monitor patients and their conditions in real-time. Efficient monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, etc. dramatically improves the quality of medical care.

health monitoring

Remote health monitoring

IoT-equipped devices let you monitor patients even after they leave the healthcare facility. The devices will flawlessly collect data and keep you updated about the patient’s recovery.

healthcare infrastructure

Connected healthcare infrastructure

Healthcare IoT solutions can seamlessly collect data about the facility, staff, and patients and store them in a cloud environment. It creates a seamlessly connected virtual healthcare infrastructure.

Data collection & insights

Data collection & insights

Automated monitoring and data collection enable you to adopt insights-driven healthcare service management. Increase efficiency in areas like diagnosis, patients’ condition monitoring, treatment efficacy.

Security & staff monitoring

Security & staff monitoring

IoT solutions bolster hospital security and staff monitoring by connecting the processes to software tools. Smoothly monitor staff, patients, doctors, and equipment with IoT.

Quick emergency response

Quick emergency response

With comprehensive IoT solutions in place, healthcare providers can promptly respond to emergencies. A connected infrastructure allows you to promptly handle emergency cases coming to your facility.

Main Features of Our IoT Solutions for Healthcare

Real-time location tracking
Track and monitor the real-time location of staff and promptly know their availability.
Inpatient information
Make sure that the right patient is being taken to the right operating room or other areas of the facility.
Seamless communication
Inform patients’ relative about their condition or recovery by using real-time data.
Preventative maintenance
Inform patients’ relative about their condition or recovery by using real-time data.
Asset monitoring
Count fixed assets and medical equipment at the comfort of your control room, from a user-friendly dashboard.
Health record management
Get quick access to all the records and reports of your patients. Ensure the accuracy and safety of digital health records.


IoT enables healthcare providers to be more watchful and connected with the patients. IoT devices enable medical care professionals to identify the best treatment and accurately monitor recovery, among other things.
The cost of developing a healthcare IoT solution mainly depends on your requirements. It’s better to consult with experts to know the estimated cost of IoT solution development. OrangeMantra offers competitive pricing for all kinds of IoT solutions.
There is no predefined development time for developing healthcare IoT solutions. It depends on what kind of solution you need and the size of your healthcare facility. OrangeMantra has a track record of developing IoT solutions within shorter turnaround time.