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Undoubtedly, voice interaction is poised to be the next paradigm shift in the technology which defines the human-machine interaction. The rise of conversational AI is one major step in this direction and the impact is not confined to homes but extends to businesses too. As the consumer adoption of voice assistants grows, empowering your business with Alexa Skills becomes a necessity.

We offer Alexa Skills Development with powerful voice command features that make your business operations faster and smoother. We understand your core service offerings and develop corresponding Alexa skills to deliver unmatched benefits to your customers with this new mode of accessibility. Let’s discuss your business needs and provide a smooth sail for your service in the Alexa world!

Why Choose OrangeMantra

Why invest in Alexa Skills for your business?


Automate the processes that are repetitive and labor intensive and free the resources for doing more important jobs.


Bring agility and flexibility in your routine operations by empowering them with specific Alexa Skills to handle them.

Conversational CX

Deliver conversational customer experiences and make your business stand apart in the competitive landscape.


Use your voice to control the smart devices that you use within your workplace and business environment.


Reflect your business as an innovative brand that embraces the latest technologies to woo its customers.

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Our Alexa Skill Development Services

Alexa Skills Kit

Using Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) to create a natural user interface that makes Alexa smarter and smoothens up the user interactions with any IoT device.

Alexa Voice Service Integration

Integrating Alexa into your products to empower them with the Alexa Voice SDK that creates a conversational voice experience for the users.

Smart Office Integration

Making workplaces smarter with smart office integration that facilitates multi-tasking and enhances productivity within organizations.

Business Opportunities Offered By Amazon Alexa

Alexa Skills development is truly capable of enhancing your business, irrespective of the industry you belong to. At OrangeMantra, our expert Alexa Skill developers create innovative voice-powered apps that unlock new opportunities and help your business to become smarter than ever. We implement relevant Amazon Alexa skill sets that are right for various business verticals:

Idea Valuation


Order tracking, reservation booking, menu option and price searching

Idea Valuation


Appointment scheduling, symptom monitoring, prescription ordering

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Transportation & logistics

Ride booking, navigation, traffic alerts

Idea Valuation


Movies information, live event updates, advertisement scheduling

Idea Valuation


Ticket reservation, hotel bookings, travel tips for consumers

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Supply chain applications, calendar management, workplace automation

Why Choose Us

Customers choose OrangeMantra to stay ahead with exceptional Alexa Skills.Here is what you get by choosing to work with us:

Smart Strategies For Voice-Enabled Products And Services
You can rely completely on our comprehensive experience with voice assistants. We will help you build the right strategy to embrace Alexa Skills for innovating your product and services.
Unmatched, Customer-Centric Design
Our focus is on delivering customer-centric Alexa Skills for your business. We design them based on your customers’ feedback. The objective is to enable you to enhance their experiences.
Lean And Agile Methodologies
We use an agile methodology with short software development cycles to enable your business to innovate fast. A quick release of your Alexa Skill means that you can gather analytics data for improvements.
Robust Engineering Approach
During the process of Alexa Skill development, we apply a robust and modern software engineering approach to build a software solution which is thoroughly reliable, scalable, and flexible.

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