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Robust Bitrix Development Solutions for Effective Management, Collaboration & Communication

Effective communication and tuned workflow are the major challenges faced by businesses to ensure an enhanced business experience of your team and your company. Due to the ever-growing complexities in the business field, business leaders are looking for effective solutions that can efficiently manage business activities and communication within the teams. Bitrix is a free collaboration suite that comes with communicative and management-oriented features and tools to bring seamless operational management and collaboration within your company. Bitrix 24 enables the managers to organize, assign, manage, and implement their everyday tasks in a fastidious and professional manner. This software has the power to keep your clients and your employees on the sale page which definitely ensures higher levels of accuracy and business efficiency.

Are you struggling to manage the daily chores of your business? Are you looking for effective Bitrix development solutions to ensure an impeccable business experience for your employees? Then look no further for you’ve landed the right place. Orange Mantra is the pioneer in empowering businesses with the well-managed Bitrix development services and solutions. With Our vast knowledge of this complete collaboration suite, we provide Bitirix installation and tailored module development services to our clients. Our fine-tuned Bitrix solutions enables to manage your business online or implement it as self-hosted software.

Robust Bitrix Development Solutions

What Are the Features of Our Bitrix Development Solutions?

Are you wondering what is making our Bitrix development services the premier choice of many business leaders? Here are some of the salient features of our Bitrix solutions that will fine-tune your business operations effectively.

  • CORRECT SIGN Affordable and user-friendly interface
  • CORRECT SIGN Calendar, planning and other reminder features to keep you informed of the events or tasks
  • CORRECT SIGN Data synchronization – Sufficient online storage, file transfer, and multiuser editing options for groups
  • CORRECT SIGN Unlimited space for your official email protected with antispam and antivirus applications.
  • CORRECT SIGN Social Intranet for direct and easy communication
  • CORRECT SIGN Group chat and video conferencing for real-time communication
  • CORRECT SIGN 24/7 dedicated technical support
What Are the Features of Our Bitrix Development Solutions?

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What Makes Our Bitrix Projects Loved by Our Clients?

hat Makes Our Bitrix Projects Loved by Our Clients?

Our comprehensive Bitrix collaboration management suite is thoughtfully designed to provide a unified workspace to help you monitor and manage all your operations. With our well-architectured Bitrix development services and solutions, we tweak your company’s information exchange and collaboration patterns by integrating a set of the best management and communicative tools into one centralized and highly-intuitive platform. We also hold expertise in developing a mobile-responsive Bitrix system so that you can manage your business operations on the go. Our Bitrix development solutions feature 35 unique tools that are seamlessly integrated by our top-notch Bitrix developers, tailored to your business requirements.

Fine-tune Your Business Operations with Our Wide Spectrum of Bitrix Development Services

We offer a wide array of Bitrix development services and solutions to enrich your business experience.

Managed Business Processes

Managed Business Processes

With our extensive collaborative and management suite, you can effectively enhance a wide variety of documentation associated with different teams or departments to ensure excellent business experience.

Flawless Bitrix Development

Flawless Bitrix Development

We are backed by top-notch Bitirx development professionals who have vast knowledge and strong expertise in developing cloud-based Bitrix CRM solutions for a variety of businesses or use cases.

Custom Theme Integration

Custom Theme Integration

Our advanced Bitrix solutions feature the best custom themes for your unique business. By integrating these personalized themes, we make your CRM interface more vibrant, branded, and text-exclusive.

Full-fledged E-commerce Development

Full-fledged E-commerce Development

Our Bitrix development specialists build full-fledged CRM solutions that serve as your premier communication channel and provide regular e-commerce notifications.

Calling Facility

Calling Facility

Our Bitrix solution comes with a convenient calling facility to help you make national and international calls without using any separate IP or equipment for calling.

Simplified HR Management

Simplified HR Management

We leverage the amazing Bitrix tools and features to deliver the best CRM solution that simplifies HR management processes perfectly and effectively.

Custom Module Development

Custom Module Development

Whether you’re looking for CRM solutions to manage your documents, employees, or digitize workflow, we build custom modules to increase the efficacy of your Bitrix solution.

Social Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Our seamless social media integrations give you the liberty to boost the operational functionality of your business management system by easily connecting with direct Bitrix users.

Standalone App Integration

Standalone App Integration

Whether you’re using a standalone application or business management platform to run your business, our robust Bitrix development solution can be seamlessly integrated with any running system.

Why Are We Acknowledged as the Best Bitrix Development Company?

As a prominent Bitrix development company, we deploy world-class strategies and Bitrix solution development methodologies to enhance business experience and opportunities.

Best Bitrix Development Company

1.Our custom Bitrix development services have proved to be best for business leaders, managers, employees, and clients. Our Bitrix solutions perform flawlessly on any platform and offer incredible business monitoring ways to deliver the best experience of your team members.

2.We have a pool of highly-qualified and experienced industry veterans who are expert at building both server-based and self-hosted business management solutions for our clients. Besides, business owners can own the source code once we deliver the end-product.

3.We have an excellent track record of complete client satisfaction thanks to our technically-sound Bitrix solutions that provide the best-in-class management of projects and tasks, documentation, video calls, instant messages, reminder features, calendars, file sharing, social intranet, email, workflow, employee directory, timeline and a lot more.

Why Choose Us for Bitrix Development Solutions?

Agile Approach

We aim at providing high-quality Bitrix development services for every project where we work closely with our clients to understand their business requirements, design the best strategies, and deliver solutions that are deemed to fit in their business. At Orange Mantra, we not only focus on quality but also establishing long-term relationships with our prestigious clients.

Top-notch Skill Set

With us, you’ll be assured of the best Bitrix solutions designed to enhance your business web-based CRM experience and give you a competitive edge to cater to customers’ growing demands. Our custom Bitrix development services combine the best strategies, technology, and expertise together to deliver first-rate solutions to our clients

Adroit Professionals

We have a dedicated team of dexterous and experienced Bitrix professionals who utilize their knowledge and expertise to build flawless and industry-standard Bitrix solutions for our clients. Our professionals work closely with our clients to understand their unique business requirements and offer them personalized Bitrix solutions that fulfill their business objectives.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We have a proven track record of 100% customer satisfaction with our effective and timely Bitrix solutions that ensure seamless business operations management. Availing our custom Bitrix solutions, clients can efficiently manage their business operations and connect with direct users on the go.

Some of the Major Bitrix Projects that We’ve Worked On

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to ask questions before diving into Bitrix development? We have enlisted some of the Frequently Asked Questions by our clients.

Bitrix24 CRM is communicative and operations management system that is available as server-based or self-hosted software and can be easily installed on your personal server. If you’ll opt for this option, you can own the source code as well.
Bitrix24 CRM is a complete suite of tools that are used for management, collaboration, and communication. The reason why you need Bitrix24 is that it offers a unified platform for managing your tasks, files, projects, messages, and contacts. You just need to register for a Bitrix account and then invite your employees or team members.
Bitrix24 is available as freemium and premium versions. Bitrix24 Cloud comes in 4 subscription plans namely – Free (no fees), CRM+ (paid), Standard (paid), and Professional (paid). If you’re using the free subscription plan, there are no explicit or hidden charges.
Bitrix24 is widely used by enterprises as it is the most secure management and collaborative cloud solution. It offers higher levels of data security and gives you the power to control the accessibility of data to you, your employees, and clients.

Have More Questions? We’ll Be Pleased to Answer Them All.