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Leveraging the Power of Software for Result-Oriented Business Process Management

Business processes management is the key to achieving optimal outcomes from the operations of your organization. Whether it’s back-office management or front-office operations, with the right BPM practices in place, you can master everything. Business process management enables you to streamline different functional domains of an organization. It helps the organization to work towards achieving a common goal and deliver the desired customer service.

The deployment of BPM practices and solutions usually involved re-designing the existing technology infrastructure. It also requires changing the way an organization is operated and managed. With the right BMP solutions, you can seamlessly streamline and automate cross-functional processes. At OrangeMantra, we thrive to help businesses and organizations of all kinds achieve optional efficiency with the most evolved software applications.

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How Business Process Management Works

When you adopt BPM solutions, you embark on a more productive business journey. BPM simplifies even the most intricate processes. Custom-built solutions help you clearly understand business goals. The solutions empower you to analyze the processes and act according to the newfound insights. With our tech solutions in place, you can operate the business according to the BPM lifecycle.

Design and model
Design and model
A team of business analysts and tech experts thoroughly analyze your business and create a design that covers all your requirements. They create a workflow of all the processes shown in graphical diagrams.
Develop, test, and deploy
Develop, test, and deploy
Based on the design and the workflow, we develop the BPM solution according to your organization’s specific needs. The solution is tested rigorously before deploying it in your organization.
Execute BPM practices
Execute BPM practices
A mix of automated processes and manual effort are required to start the actual execution of the BPM solution. The solution now manages your workflows, operational processes, and team collaborations, among other things.
Analyze and optimize
Analyze and optimize
With built-in data analytics tools, you can analyze and monitor various business processes with incredible accuracy. You can also integrate external business intelligence tools to optimize performance.

Business Process Management Offerings from OrangeMantra

From strategy to deployment to tech support, we offer a complete range of BPM services that address all your needs.

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1. BPM Consulting

A team of business analysts, software development experts, and technology enthusiasts help you create a roadmap for your business process management.

2. BPM Development

We develop fully customized business process management solutions that are designed to serve the unique needs of your business.

3. BPM Implementation

We implement all kinds of business process management tools, ensure smooth execution, and address IT and security-related concerns with expertise.

4. Managed BPM Services

We have a dedicated team to monitor, manage, and streamline all your business process management practices and maintain your BPM infrastructure.

Key Benefits of Business Process Management

BMP practices turn around the operations and management of your organization. It overhauls virtually every process – from workflows to customer relationship management.

Process Mapping

Process Mapping

BPM requires you to document every major process of your business. We create a secure business process mapping solution for your organization that covers every unique need. The solution is hosted on the cloud to ensure seamless accessibility and data security.

Workflow design & management

Workflow design & management

An attractive dashboard gives you statistics, insights, and reports about transactions. Be it a failed transaction or refund, view everything easily.The BPM solutions have capabilities to completely automate workflows. You get the most relevant information for all kinds of processes like sales & marketing, customer relations, and tech support.

Optimized employee potential

Optimized employee potential

BPM solutions enable managers to flawlessly monitor employee performance. With different dashboards of different projects, managers can easily identify the areas that need improvement and tasks that can be scaled up.

Our BPM Solutions Portfolio

We have worked with large multinational organizations and early-stage startups alike. Our wide-ranging experience of delivering best-in-class software solutions makes us a leader in this domain. Have a look at our portfolio to get a clearer picture of our capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Business process management (BPM) uses the concerted power of software and I.T. services to enhance the efficiency and transparency of business processes. BPM helps organizations to streamline, automate, and optimize processes to increase efficiency while reducing operating costs.
Business process management is crucial to ensuring the efficiency of organizations’ operations. Whether it’s back-office or front-office business functions, BPM can improve wide-ranging areas of a business. These range from managing invoices and records to customer service.
The costs of implementing business process management depend on several factors. These factors are associated with both your business operations and the software development project. The type of your business operations, design complexity of the solution, development time, etc. play an important role in calculating the total cost.
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