Ensure Optimal Performance & Higher Conversions with eCommerce Audit Services

The need for a stable and flawless website has never been more crucial in eCommerce. As the unprecedented traffic and higher demands overwhelm merchants, user experience has emerged as a distinguishing factor, more than ever. Customers are likely to stay with your brand if you provide the desired shopping experience. The opposite is true if your eCommerce website is not stable. Visitors will abandon your site — and will never come back.

eCommerce audit services help you to identify the flaws and rectify them accordingly. Be it the site’s design, speed, security, or any other performance issue, OrangeMantra is here to help. We have a team of experienced software testers, quality analysts, and technologists to detect and fix issues on your site. With almost two decades of software development and testing experience, we are well-positioned to address your needs.

eCommerce Audit by OrangeMantra – How it Works

Our eCommerce audit services are thorough and are designed to find out every single flaw. We use a predefined process to ensure maximum efficiency within the minimum turnaround time possible.

Requirement & scope analysis

Different online merchants come to us with different kinds of audit requirements. The first thing we do is carefully listen to the client’s needs and determine the scope of the audit. Based on our analysis of the requirements, we determine what kind of audit will most suitable.

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Complete site audit

It analyzes all the aspects of an eCommerce website’s performance, including:

  • UX design
  • Website speed
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • SEO
  • Data security
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Bug fixing/ Targeted audit

During requirement analysis, if we find that only a specific area or bug needs fixing, we execute a targeted audit. Sometimes, the clients themselves approach us for a specific audit. This could include:

  • Bug detection & fixing
  • Speed testing & optimization
  • User experience testing
  • Security enhancement
  • Software version issues

Audit & reporting

Once we have decided what kind of audit to undertake, we create a project team. The audit team usually comprises senior quality analysts, software testers, design experts, and a project manager. Different areas of audit focus on multiple functional and design elements.

Website speed audit
Evaluates the loading speed of the home page, and response times of pages within the site, and other speed-related elements.
Performance audit
Analyzes how the site performs under different circumstances, such as higher traffic and when the traffic is comparatively low.
Multi-device compatibility
Effective and rigorous QA Testing to ensure that the product created works properly in a challenging environment and is compatible with the application’s ecosystem
User experience audit
Thoroughly analyzes whether or not the site provides the desired UX throughout the buyer’s journey, from product search and payment processing.
Code audit
Finds out any potential bug or code quality issues that hamper the solution’s performance. We run both manual and automated testing.
m-Commerce app audit
Runs app testing and quality audit to ensure that your eCommerce app runs flawlessly and provides users the desired shopping experience.
eCommerce ecosystem audit
From your digital storefront to payment gateways and mobile apps, we extensively audit the entire eCommerce infrastructure for optimal performance.
Security audit
Scrutinizes all the security elements of our website and/or mobile app to ensure robust protection in every area of your eCommerce operations.
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Our eCommerce Audit Portfolio

Our rigorous software testing and meticulous audit services have helped many clients overcome persisting issues while achieving optimal performance. We have worked with clients all kinds of online businesses, from fashion retailers to automobile parts sellers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A software audit comprises an internal or external review of a software program to check its quality, performance, or adherence to coding standards. Software audits may be conducted for a variety of reasons, including performance enhancement, bug fixing, and regulatory requirements, among others.
Performance and experience are two of the most important aspects of running an eCommerce solution. eCommerce software audit requires a robust test strategy, planning, along with advanced tools and technologies. The right testing approach helps you achieve optimal performance and profits from an online business.
Bugs and errors can be hidden anywhere on your eCommerce website. You cannot detect a bug without the appropriate testing. Choose the right software testing approach to detect bugs and fix them promptly.
Seeking professional help is the most effective way of testing your eCommerce solution. Since software testing is a sophisticated process, only experienced professionals can assure the right testing and bug fixing. OrangeMantra offers a comprehensive range of eCommerce testing services.