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Streamline your e-commerce process workflow or achieving your business objectives

A robust e-commerce process workflow strategy is a mainstay of running an online store successfully. An effective process workflow hinges on your ability to build a strategy that addresses key operational elements, such as product management, order logistics and fulfillment, customer management, inventory management, domestic and global shipping and more. These are challenges related to selling across multiple channels, liaisoning with a large number of vendors, managing the inventory, and more. We offer fully managed e-commerce services and support to simplify and streamline the entire operational flow from start to end. We help you to meet all the business regulations as well as keep your customers satisfied by delivering them unmatched shopping experiences across all the selling channels.

Why Invest In A Process Workflow Strategy

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Opportunities For Growth

An in-depth e-commerce strategy propels your brand and drives its growing by increasing the sales volume and ensuring higher order fulfillment. It enables you to scale your business to match the growing demand and serve fulfilling customer experiences.

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Greater Backend Efficiencies

Having a proper plan to manage your process workflow helps you in addressing every single detail of the entire e-commerce operations to facilitate high efficiency in the backend processes as a whole

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Improved Customer Relationships

Well-defined e-commerce processes go a long way in delivering flawless shopping experiences. On-time orders and high-end product quality foster loyalty and improves customer relationships.

Product Management

  • Product Development
  • Product Information Management
  • Product Catalog Management
  • E-commerce Personalization
  • Product Merchandizing
  • Multichannel Distribution

Order Management

  • Global Inventory & Sourcing
  • Warehousing & Store Fulfillment
  • Multichannel Order Fulfillment
  • Logistics and Shipping
  • Backorders and Returns
  • Centralized Customer Servicing

E-commerce Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Pay Per Click Marketing
  • Content Marketing
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Let’s start by understanding your business

Every business is unique and so are its processes, challenges and objectives. When you run an e-commerce store, your operational journey gets complex over time as the business grows and the number of customers, orders, and products increases simultaneously. Streamlining your processes becomes a necessity to sustain and grow as the market is full of competition and customers will be more than eager to switch to a better alternative if you are unable to match their expectations. The e-commerce experts at OrangeMantra make their best efforts to understand your business and its operational challenges and design solutions that open new opportunities to become more efficient and experience extensive growth.

Why Choose Us

Your business can benefit extensively by choosing OrangeMantra for process workflow management services.

E-commerce Experts

A team of seasoned e-commerce experts with rich expertise and experience makes us a name to trust. We have delivered hundreds of successful projects and helped hundreds of clients to established and manage their e-commerce businesses with aplomb.

Comprehensive Services

Our service coverage is extensive as we provide for all your operational management needs; from order management to product management, marketing operations, customer support and more, you can depend on us for every service you need.

Reliable Support

We offer reliable support that enables you to run your business processes seamlessly while delivering exceptional experiences and managing operations in a glitch-free manner, anytime and across multiple channels.


Not only is our service quality flawless, but we also bundle flexibility and scalability into them as our services are tailored to match your requirements. Our aim is to help you cope with the ever-changing business dynamics and customer expectations.

Let’s simplify e-commerce for you

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