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A Proven Method of Infrastructure Modernization that Enhances Your Organizations Productivity

Whether you’re moving workloads from old hardware to new hardware, from one hypervisor to another, or from on-premises to the cloud, migrations come with a handful of challenges. They’re complex, time-consuming, and may cause several disruptions. They’re additionally an important part of modernizing your infrastructure. Realize the benefits of cloud throughout all your IT infrastructure, whether or not you’re running completely on-premises or in a mix of data centers and clouds. You may optimize cost, security, and management even as accomplishing agility and scalability by using the personal cloud as a platform to unify and automate your IT infrastructure and operational tactics.

OrangeMantra enables corporations to modernize to a fully scalable, dependable, and flexible hardware platform, one that is engineered from the top down for excessive availability and high overall performance. We take your applications and software program to the following stage of performance and manageability, assisting to force efficiency and agility. We can also rent DevOps and/or Infrastructure as Code (IaC) to help improve your infrastructure’s scalability, reliability, and protection.

IT infrastructure modernization Services

OrangeMantra has the knowledge, technology, and accomplice atmosphere to help you modernize your IT infrastructure, speed operations, and cognizance of innovation.

Application Modernization for Cloud

A verified method to modernization that transforms your application for the most efficient cloud operation and speeds time to marketplace.

Container Platform

A Kubernetes-based software platform for deploying and coping with containerized programs in the enterprise at scale.

Container Platform Services

A service to help define your container method throughout your hybrid cloud and decide which container management systems to use.

Modernize your SAP environment

Liberate the agility promised by using SAP’s intelligent organization software suite to comprehend your vision for digital commercial enterprise.

Hybrid Private cloud

Modernize and automate your IT infrastructure to convey cloud-like pace and economics to on-premises infrastructure.

VMware Services

A complete assessment and report assessing your VMware landscape, dependencies, and challenges, as well as tips for transformation.

Benefits of IT Infrastructure Modernization

Whether or not you want to increase capacity with the aid of migrating to virtual servers or the cloud, maximize productivity with enterprise mobility techniques, reap uncompromised cybersecurity, or take on any similar venture, we will let you:

  • Reduced operating, administrative, and renovation prices
  • Allocate, set up, and initialize sources more unexpectedly
  • Permit important commercial enterprise applications on any kind of device
  • Enhances productivity and “quality use” of internal sources
  • Worldwide monitoring and support for infrastructure technology
  • Increased Infrastructure Uptime (99.95%) and Capacity

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Modernize IT and Build True Resilience

lessen the Complexity of Legacy hardware

A software-handiest platform offers you utility consistency and gets rid of the need for programs to be offline when you refresh.

Multi-hypervisor help and Storage Agnostic

Use any garage or hypervisor to keep safe while you pass between or across technologies.

Move to Any Cloud

Circulate to and from any public cloud or cloud provider vendors. Whether or not it’s Azure, IBM Cloud, AWS, or other cloud service providers.

Computerized Automation

Make sure recoverability without an effect on your production surroundings.

Our Technical Expertise

Why Choose Us?

  • Workshops

    Through discovery workshops with a consultative approach across the migration assignment lifecycle

  • Easy Migration

    Comprehensive Migration method related to the entire accomplice eco-system to attain organization’s transformation targets

  • Secure

    Fail-proof, cozy, and chance averse migration framework proper only for the corporation’s needs

  • Faster Deployment

    Leveraging cloud-native and underlying era certified migration gear with automation for a faster go-to-marketplace (GTM)

  • Expert Technology

    Sturdy industry, geography, and compliance precise OrangeMantra Migration factory approach for faster migration

  • Experience

    Expertise in Hybrid digital Infrastructure Management (HDIM) to handle the scale and complexity of managing Hybrid Cloud Infra and cope with the primary control issues

Frequently Asked Questions

Modernization refers to a version of a modern transition from a ‘pre-cutting-edge’ or ‘conventional’ to ‘modern-day’ society. The modernization concept suggests that traditional societies will increase as they adopt greater modern-day practices.

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