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Manage Business Sales with a powerful Lead Management Softwares

Get quality leads with OrangeMantra’s lead management system software. The company provides efficient leads quickly and help clients get more business as well as increased ROI. Clients are provided with effective lead management software which give users seamless alliance between marketing and sales. With the services offered, the clients get complete access on lead generation, tracking of sales and closure of sales in efficient way.

Through the effective lead management software, our company makes clients’ work streamlined and focus them to concentrate on other important works and attend sales calls. The complete lead processing work starting from lead capture to analysis, assignment, closure and reports are handled by qualified team.

OrangeMantra has a professional team, which first understands clients’ businesses and based on this, it comes out with suitable suggestions. The team has years of experience on designing different lead management software for small business and big enterprises both. The team uses different technologies including internet, web, social media and mobile apps to create more value for you. Lead Management System Software developed can be customized too as per varied requirements of different businesses.

Challenges with Lack of Lead Management Software for Businesses

Manually searching for leads, updating database, typing out emails, and following up is a challenging job, especially when you are planning to expand your business. Without a robust lead management system, it is not possible to identify lead leakage.

1 Lack of leads visibility- Businesses often have poor experiences because sales and marketing teams cannot view customers as a total of their touchpoints.

2 Manual lead qualification- Your team doesn’t have a methodology like ranks and scores to qualify and reject leads, thereby losing desired business productivity.

3 No insight into lead’s activities- You aren’t tracking the target audience activities on your website, product, and email; losing your potential buyers.

4 Difficult to convert leads- Your sales and marketing teams miss follow-ups, send delayed responses to queries, and loss potential business.

Our Range of Lead Management System Software Services

Retail Lead Management System

A Retail Lead Management Software is a beneficial solution for retail companies to manage leads, engage with potential customers, and encourage them to get converted. The software helps to keep complete monitoring of converted and non-converted CRM leads and further provide relevant responses to enable conversion.

Fintech Development Solutions

FinTech is slowly pushing itself into the mainstream, however, generating leads and converting them into customers still remains challenge for most FinTech firms. To meet these customer acquisition challenges, FinTech vendors need to work on the buyers and their buying habits.

How Lead Management System at Orange Mantra helps clients?

1 Time saving- With the help of Lead Management System clients can get quality leads faster with improved sales execution and short sales cycles.

2 Automated process- Lead Management Software automates lead processing and eliminates the requirements to cut down each individual record which in turn saves time, and money.

3 Lead capturing from different sources- The software system captures leads from different sources and assign the leads to right sales representative quickly and efficiently.

4 Measure results – Get insights into the lead funnel activities, including demographics generating the most leads and each sales response time? Analyze which lead source is bringing right, & quality leads to maximize your efforts to increase your marketing and sales ROI.

Exceed Your Sales Target with Lead Management System Software

Track Leads’ Journey in the Sales Process

Complete Lead Tracking

Track each and every interaction your leads have with your business website, blogs, telephony, chat systems and salespeople in a clean manner.

Sales Notifications

Notify salespeople whenever their lead performs an activity or moves down the sales funnel. This makes sure your salespeople reaches the prospects on time and never misses an opportunity.

Role Based Permissions

All users are given access to the system with some restrictions. Their access can be restricted to the leads based on customized permission templates.

Features of Lead Management System Software


Lead Capture

Capture leads from all sources including website, social platforms, Google, lead providers, referrals onto one platform with zero leakage.


Quality Score

Auto-qualify marketing leads as per the quality score criteria before passing them onto the sales team.


Lead Distribution

Easily track and distribute leads between your teams depending on the requirements or other dynamic criteria.


Engagement Scoring

Score a lead’s engagement in real-time based on actions prospects take. It includes website visits, email opens, link clicks, and inquiries.


Built-in Dialer

Track and record conversation your agents have with prospects to ensure high compliance and productivity.


Email & Landing Page Builder

Build appealing email templates and landing pages to drive high conversions using drag-n-drop designer feature.

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Our Lead Management Software Development Process

Our development team follow agile approach to ensure that the customers get best software solution within the given time frame.

  • 1. Requirements Gathering
  • 2. Project Discussion
  • 3. Select Hiring Model
  • 4. Project Design & Development
  • 5. Testing & Delivery
  • 6. Deployment & Maintenance