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We Enable You To Catapult Your Business With Product And Service Launching

Getting started with a new business is a challenge and bringing out new products is equally challenging. A great deal of research goes into developing a product idea as you would want to offer only what is likely to sell. Similarly, passing the message and introducing the product in the right way is equally critical. However, if done in the right way, it can catapult a business to new heights. While a successful product launch strategy can popularize the commodity and fetch high sales, it can also strengthen the brand. Thus, investing in an effective strategy is something that every business would want to do.

At OrangeMantra, we offer reliable product launch marketing services to help you propel the new products and services you plan to introduce. Our expertise encompasses the entire phases of a successful product launch. From ideation to implementation, campaign launch, multi-channel promotion, and review of the launch strategy, we make sure that you are able to create a buzz and make the offering an instant hit. We do not just open the market for your products, we leverage product launches as the opportunity to elevate your business brand.

Here Is The Comprehensive Range Of Services We Bring To Launch Your Commodity In The Market:

Research And Analysis
Extensive market research and competitive analysis are the pre-requisites of a successful launch plan. At OrangeMantra, we carry out a thorough research on the market trends and prevailing industry scenario to help you evaluate your product or service. We make an in-depth study of the strengths and weaknesses of rivals selling similar ones to come up with a strategy good enough to beat them.
Customer Identification
Knowing your target audience is crucial as it enables you to steer your campaign in the right direction. We are a team of expert marketers which helps you connect with the ideal audience who are most likely to buy the new product or service. We understand these prospective consumers and help you align the commodities accordingly. We also identify or create a unique value proposition that can be used to entice the customers as a part of new product launch marketing strategy.
Launch Strategy
After a complete analysis of the market, competition, and customer, we build a launch strategy to match. Our experts take care of every aspect of product launch marketing, from Press Releases to online blog posts, social media marketing, and email marketing to ensure maximum reach for the new commodity through multiple marketing channels. We believe in creating a viral buzz online so that you stay ahead of the competition. Our services encompass beta testing of the launch strategy so that it delivers the best results once launched.
Campaign Launch
Once a campaign has been conceptualized and tested, it is ready for launch. Timing is crucial because the product or service should be absolutely ready for market when you go public with it. At OrangeMantra, we help you decide the right time for the launch. We also help you discover the right mix of various marketing strategies to get your commodities the maximum coverage.
Monitoring And Review
A comprehensive new product launch marketing plan has the provision to maintain the momentum that the pre-launch activities bring. We consistently monitor the marketing campaign to make sure that it is capitalizing on the momentum and bringing optimal results. Our experts focus not only on popularizing the product but gaining brand loyalty too.
Customer Retention
The challenge of a product launch is not confined to finding buyers for it but it extends to retaining them too. We nurture retention strategies such as reminder emails, promotional webinars, free trials, and more to make sure that the customers come back for repeated purchases. Additionally, we train your sales team for propelling the new product or service for higher sales.

Why OrangeMantra For Product Launching Services

At OrangeMantra, we serve you as trusted digital marketing partners to help you grow your brand and products. We develop campaigns that align with the existing marketing strategy of your business and blend with it effortlessly.


We first understand specific requirements of the client and then design customized campaigns accordingly


Our objective is to deliver solutions that enable you to achieve your marketing objectives and build your brand


We are marketing experts and specialize in product launches, with hundreds of successful projects to our credit`


We serve end-to-end launch strategies to that help you launch them successfully on various platforms


Our expert team is dedicated to bringing affordable solutions that give high ROI along with 100% satisfaction

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