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High Roi with an Effective PPC campaign

  • Strategic keyword analysis and recommendations that bring the best results
  • Bid management to fetch an excellent Return On Investment for the business
  • Copywriting catchy and effective content for a successful PPC campaign
  • Monitoring of keyword performance, traffic, and ROI of the campaign
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pay per click management services

We Offer PPC Services That Work

PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most effective forms of online marketing as it brings instant traffic and facilitates business outreach to its customers. A PPC campaign drives targeted traffic to the business website and perks up the conversion rates for higher revenues. This paid form of online advertising is acclaimed for delivering faster results in comparison to techniques such as SEO and social media marketing. However, it requires in-depth understanding to craft a high-performance PPC campaign. From choosing the right keywords to putting them up at the right places, and making compelling landing pages, a lot is involved.

At Orange Mantra, we offer reliable PPC Management Services in India to help your business engage its target audience and get high traffic. Our approach is to create tailored PPC campaigns that are based on the client’s requirements and fit into their budget. We cater end-to-end solutions, right from writing the ad copy to generating the analytics report for evaluating the campaign performance. With our expertise in PPC marketing, we make sure that every single click that you invest in drives effective results for your business. Avail our expert services and push your brand to the top.

Here is all that we bring as a part of Pay-Per-Click management services:

Analysis And Strategy

A thorough analysis of the business website, the competition, and the market is required for framing a PPC strategy that works. Our experts make sure that they carry out an in-depth study of parameters such as the business goals, user metrics, and competitor strategy. We analyze key parameters such as cost per click, cost per acquisition, conversion rate optimisation, and revenue and create a campaign to match the client requirements.

Keyword Targeting

The choice of the right keywords is imperative to the success of a paid ad campaign. As a Google Certified PPC Adwords Agency, we carry out an exhaustive keyword research and pick the ones that drive targeted traffic to the client’s business. In addition to Google Adwords, we use Bing, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, and Yahoo ads for maximizing your business reach.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages play a key role in the conversion process as they are the first impression that a user gets as he comes to the business website. At Orange Mantra, we know our landing pages and design them to drive users to convert. Our PPC Services encompass designing of custom and campaign-specific landing pages, along with constant A/B testing, tracking and analysis, and CRM tagging.

Campaign Launch

Once the targeted keywords have been ascertained and the landing page has been designed, the campaign is all set to be launched. We design an optimal bid strategy, bidding on the best keywords to get your business on the top. Additionally, we help you create compelling copy that is optimized for display too. Our experts also work on campaign schedule to make sure that they run at the right time. We include retargeting and remarketing in our services so that your business does not lose valuable leads.

Audit And Analysis

A PPC campaign requires proactive management with constant keyword audits and data analysis. We consistently optimize and manage your campaign as a part of our PPC management services. We perform regular keyword audits, researching the business keywords as well as the competitive ones. Our experts tweak them for optimizing your campaign for a lower cost per conversion.

Advanced Reporting

Another feature of an effective PPC campaign is reporting as the client is entitled to know about the value it is delivering. Our marketing specialists provide advanced reporting about the progress of the campaign on a periodic basis. The reports contain all the relevant details about the campaign, such as the data related to total clicks, conversions, and more.

Why Orange Mantra For Pay-Per-Click Services

At Orange Mantra, we are a premier Pay Per Click Advertising Agency with a track record of hundreds of successful projects to our credit. We serve as a one-stop digital destination for businesses that want to achieve maximum growth and high ROI.

  • Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, we have customized solutions centered on your needs
  • Our expert team of certified digital marketing specialists has unmatched skill and vast experience in the industry
  • We utilize the latest and most sophisticated technologies in the industry to high ROI for all our clients
  • We believe that constant re-optimization is the core of result-oriented campaigns that always bring growth
  • At Orange Mantra, we create PPC campaigns that fit your budget yet deliver effective results.

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Client’s Testimonials

“The last year had been a troublesome one for my business as someone was out to sabotage my online reputation. Time and again, there were negative reviews that were damaging my brand’s repo. I was looking for someone to handle the issue and thankfully, I found OM. These guys are wonderful…..professional, dedicated, and supportive all the way. They literally salvaged my business and got it back to where it has always been……on the top!”

–Devine Vendell

“We were getting traffic and leads, but conversions had always been eluding our e-commerce store. That was when we tried OM’s services on a friend’s recommendation. These guys are just fantastic……they got us on track within months. Today, our store boasts a healthy conversion rate. All the credit goes to OM experts.”

–Victor Drake

“When it comes to digital innovation, Orange Mantra is a true leader. They designed an innovative strategy that helped our business take the digital leap. The best thing is is that these guys are so responsive…always there, always available to answer your questions. And they have a knack for simplifying the most complex things.”

–Monica Sarandon

“The digital ninjas at Orange Mantra have designed a wonderful email campaign for us that has propelled our sales this year. I am happy that I took their services.”

–Ian Esther

“Being a consumer brand, product launches are a routine for our enterprise. Over the years, we have been relying on Orange Mantra’ digital team for designing our launch strategies. Till date, we have launched numerous products with their help and all of them have done really well. Incredible work, team!!”

–Mitch Vincent

“Being a B2B enterprise, we had to have a marketing strategy that was focused on accounts rather than customers. Orange Mantra served a perfect answer with its specialized account-based marketing services. Thanks to their progressive approach, we are a flourishing business today.”

–Gordon Sanders

“Traffic, leads, conversions…..the digital game seemed too complicated till we found an expert partner in OM. From taking us on the top with smart SEO strategies to bringing in social traffic, they have helped us in every possible way. And recently, they suggested that we avail their content marketing services. These guys are too good…..they crafted an amazing content strategy that gave our brand a big boost. Just wow!”

–Patrick Whitley

“The online marketing experts at Orange Mantra are digital ninjas……after winning the SEO game for us, they designed a successful AdWords campaign that took our business to the top. Would definitely recommend them to everyone.”

–Gloria Tacker

“A true helping hand….the team at OM truly helped us grow. They continuously monitored our web store and app and analyzed their growth. These guys are experts as they helped us evaluate problems and resolve them too.”

–Patricia Carlsen

“Orange Mantra is one-stop tech destination. Initially, we took their services for developing our mobile app. But they also took the responsibility to market our app. A worthy investment, I must say as the team made sure that the app reached the user-engagement level we wanted and got great results for our business. Wonderful job guys!!

–Pete Henderson

“Now that we had already established our online presence, we decided that we needed to capitalize on social channels too. Orange Mantra has been our marketing partners for years and they designed an effective SMM campaign for us. These guys are absolutely great at their job and they did it once again for us, with our SMM campaign giving fantabulous results.”

–Ethan Atkinson

“It’s been years for me and Orange Mantra’s digital team now. After we achieved results with SEO, they suggested that we take up an SEM campaign to take a step further. The campaign’s performance was incredible, thanks to their expertise. These guys understand my business really well and have helped it evolve over the years.”

–Sam Baldwin

“Keywords had always been mind-boggling for us as we struggled with our SEO ranking over the years. But thanks to Team OM, they simplified the game for us and helped us get a place in the top searches. Great team….responsive and always on their toes.”

–Roger Cain

“We have been using Orange Mantra’s digital marketing services for a few months. We are absolutely impressed by the dramatic rise that our website’s ranking has achieved in such a short time span. We would continue working with them in the future too. They have an incredible team that excels at every single aspect of digital…..SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, email marketing, analytics, all at one place. What else could we have asked for!!”

–Elna Jacobs