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    We offer PPC Services in India That Work

    PPC or Pay Per Click is one of the most effective forms of online marketing as it brings instant traffic and facilitates business outreach to its customers. A PPC campaign drives targeted traffic to the business website and perks up the conversion rates for higher revenues. This paid form of online advertising is acclaimed for delivering faster results in comparison to techniques such as SEO and social media marketing. However, it requires in-depth understanding to craft a high-performance PPC campaign. From choosing the right keywords to putting them up at the right places, and making compelling landing pages, a lot is involved.

    At Orange Mantra, we offer reliable PPC Management Services in India to help your business engage its target audience and get high traffic. Our approach is to create tailored PPC campaigns that are based on the client’s requirements and fit into their budget. We cater end-to-end solutions, right from writing the ad copy to generating the analytics report for evaluating the campaign performance. With our expertise in PPC marketing, we make sure that every single click that you invest in drives effective results for your business. Avail our expert services and push your brand to the top.

    Scale Your Business with Smart PPC Management Services in India

    Being a PPC management company, we provide an extensive selection of PPC marketing solutions to propel your business towards success. These services include

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    Paid Search Management

    We’ll ensure your ads reach the correct audience by utilizing the right keywords in paid search management. Furthermore, we’ll maximize your click-through and conversion rates by optimizing both the ads and the landing pages.

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    Paid Social

    Our expertise can help you leverage the marketing potential of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to target the correct people. Our customized ads will draw your audience’s attention and will drive the desired outcomes.

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    Display Ads

    Our team can help create attractive and specialized display advertisements that cater to the specific desires of your customer base. Such ads will effectively spread brand awareness while allowing you to extend your reach to more people.

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    Our remarketing services help you reconnect with potential customers who have visited your website before. Our campaigns focus on those who have already expressed interest in what you have to offer.

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    Shopping Ads

    By using shopping ads, you can direct potential customers to your website, especially if you have an online store. We can support you in enhancing your product feeds and forming adverts that are successful in increasing your sales.

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    YouTube Ads

    By creating compelling videos which highlight your brand and products, YouTube video ads can be a brilliant approach to accessing a larger market. Our team will work to target these ads to the appropriate viewership.

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    PPC Landing Page Creation

    In order to generate successful conversions, it is essential to craft well-designed landing pages. Our team will assist in constructing landing pages that are optimally structured for conversion and tailored to your intended demographic.

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    PPC Campaign Review & Audit

    We offer an in-depth review of your current PPC campaigns, which includes analyzing your data and offering insights for improvement. Our goal is to ensure that your ROI is maximized.

    Supercharge your ROI with our PPC management services

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    Additional PPC Services

    Our experts do a detailed review of your PPC campaigns to identify areas for improvement. Following completion, we provide recommendations on how to improve your campaigns for the highest ROI. Our experts will assist you with improved PPC techniques, whether you require keyword analysis or landing page augmentation.

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    PPC Audit Services

    Our specialists provide a thorough analysis of your PPC campaigns to locate opportunities for development. Upon completion, we offer advice on how to enhance your campaigns for the best ROI.

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    Remarketing Services

    At OrangeMantra, we are skilled at developing impactful remarketing efforts to focus on people who previously visited sites and expressed curiosity about their offerings. Through customized advertisements and persuasive language, we can assist in transforming these people into paying patrons.

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    Facebook Ad Services

    We are an expert pay per click management firm that offers Facebook Ads services to assist businesses in reaching their ideal audience with accurate ads. From formulating captivating ad text to designing attractive visuals, we possess the skill to inspire clicks and purchases on this social media platform.

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    Geofencing Ad Services

    Our geofencing services provide businesses with a powerful tool for targeting customers located within a specified geographical area. By creating virtual boundaries, our ads reach those audiences most likely to convert, thus resulting in greater profits.

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    Addressable Ad Services

    Advertisers can use our addressable advertising solutions to zero in on certain homes or individuals with ads crafted specifically for them. Such personalization has been proven to enhance returns on investment (ROI) considerably.

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    Social Media Ad Services

    With our specialized social media advertising services, companies can maximize their visibility online. From crafting engaging content to designing a strategic advertising approach, our team is dedicated to helping organizations bolster brand recognition and boost website traffic.

    Remarkable 91% Client Satisfaction Rate

    With the help of these client case studies, you can discover how our PPC management and SEO services generate money (and a customer satisfaction rate that is 30% higher than the industry average).


    More than 156% Conversion rate increase




    Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

    OrangeMantra provides Unmatched quality, cutting-edge styles, and unrivalled comfort. Through the PPC service of OM our company is showing exponential growth.


    Revenue and Boost conversation by 62%




    Cost per Click (CPC)

    OrangeMantra discloses faultless construction, and unrivalled customer support. They provided us with their CPC service and our revenue is boosted by that.


    B2B 150% increase in Lead generation


    Automotive manufacturer


    PPC, Social Media Optimization (SMO)

    By the PPC & SMO service of OrangeMantra our Automotive company is showing growth far beyond my expectations.

    Why Pay Per Click Marketing Works For Your Business

    For any company wishing to increase their return on investment and amplify their online visibility, pay per click marketing services are a must. Numerous factors contribute to the efficacy of utilizing a pay per click management company.

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    Low Barrier to Entry

    Pay per click (PPC) campaigns require a minimal investment to get started, so businesses of any size can launch them rapidly and begin to experience the advantages of this type of marketing right away. Crafting ads and bidding on keywords to establish a budget only take a few hours.

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    Improved Brand Visibility

    When your website appears at the top of a search engine results page due to PPC ads, users are more likely to click on it. This provides immense benefits to businesses wanting to boost their online presence and strengthen their brand’s reputation.

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    Cost-effective Audience Targeting

    Through PPC marketing, you can target your ideal audience with pinpoint accuracy based on demographics, location, and interests. This approach guarantees higher conversion rates while also optimizing your advertising budget.

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    One-time Campaign Promotions

    For businesses looking to market a limited-time offer, PPC campaigns provide an ideal solution. Rather than dedicating resources to more long-term promotional strategies, companies can construct a precise PPC campaign to focus on their current offer.

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    Immediate and Consistent Traffic

    With a successful Pay-Per-Click campaign, your website will instantly receive more visitors, potentially leading to more sales and conversions. And as long as you sustain your budget, the steady influx of traffic to your site will continue.

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    Expansive Traction Channels

    Through PPC campaigns, companies have the opportunity to extend their promotional initiatives beyond conventional search engines to social networks like Facebook and Instagram. Doing so can potentially result in more exposure and conversions.

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    Reporting & Monitoring

    Through PPC campaigns, businesses can monitor and measure the performance of their campaigns accurately. The metrics provided allow them to fine-tune their campaigns in order to reach their desired goals. This data can help businesses make informed choices that will optimize the results.

    How Does PPC Marketing Work?

    Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing is a robust online advertising tool that enables companies to reach out to specific target groups, which leads to more leads and consequently, an increased customer base. Companies providing PPC Management Services are well-versed in managing and optimizing campaigns so businesses can reap the most out of their services.

    In PPC Marketing, businesses submit bids on terms that are associated to their services and products. And when the said terms are searched, the corresponding ads will be displayed on the search engine result pages, either at the top or bottom part of the page with a sponsored link annotation.

    If an individual clicks on the advertisement, they are then directed to the company’s website and the search engine will charge a fee for the click. This fee is determined based on the competitive level of the keyword as well as the quality score of the ad, which is determined by the relevance and usefulness of the ad content to the individual.

    Our PPC management services have been greatly accepted by clients for their highly rewarding ROI. By redirecting web traffic to the business’ website, increasing brand visibility, and resulting in conversions, PPC Management Services has proven to be invaluable. Partnering with a PPC Management Company allows businesses to develop and manage campaigns with higher accuracy, granting the highest returns. Collaborating with an external service provider is a cost-effective and time-efficient approach to attaining experienced knowledge.

    In choosing a PPC Management Company, it is essential for businesses to conduct research on their experience and cost, view customer reviews and testimonials, and evaluate the portfolio of the previous works they have handled.

    Businesses need to analyze the performance of their campaigns in order to gauge their ROI, measuring cost per click, cost per acquisition, click-through rates, and conversions. This can be done by making use of analytics tools, thus allowing businesses to fine-tune their strategies for higher returns.


    Our Approach and Process of PPC Managment

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    Your Control on Account

    Our clients have full authority and management over their PPC account. To ensure a successful outcome, we collaborate with them to come up with the most effective strategy, but ultimately, the responsibility lies in their hands.

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    Optimize for Conversions

    Our aim is to convert potential leads and amplify the return on investment. We strive to fine-tune all elements of a campaign in order to increase leads or sales, which includes altering the content of advertisements, setting more specific targets, or optimizing web pages.

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    Easy to understand reports

    Our commitment is to never leave our clients in the dark. Instead, we provide straightforward, well-explained reports that they can comprehend. Moreover, we’re ready and willing to respond to inquiries and elaborate on the data presented.

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    No Silos

    Our approach to PPC management emphasizes a comprehensive view, blending it with digital marketing services like SEO and social media. We strive to create a unified strategy that is in tune with every element of digital marketing.

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    No Long-term Contracts

    We trust that our services will speak for themselves and thus do not bind our clients with long-term contracts. We make it our goal to continually prove ourselves worthy of our clients’ loyalty, putting in effort each and every month to demonstrate our reliability.

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    Monitored & Planned Campaign

    To get the most out of a PPC campaign, we constantly monitor and adjust its settings to maintain optimal performance. We never ignore a campaign, instead making sure that we regularly optimize it. So, you can rely on us for guaranteed results.

    What’s Included In PPC Monthy Management

    To help businesses maximize their online marketing strategies, PPC management services are essential. Pay per click management is a process for optimizing and managing paid search advertising campaigns.

    Our pay per click management firm offers an extensive selection of PPC management services intended for further business development. Our experts collaborate with customers to design customized PPC campaigns that fulfill their individual business objectives and requirements.

    The PPC monthly management services we provide are the following:

    Keyword Research
    and Selection

    Through careful analysis, we identify and utilize the most applicable phrases and words that relate to your company, sector, and demographic. We make sure to pick terms that will bring in interested viewers to your site and improve conversion rates.

    Ad Creation
    and Optimization

    Our squad develops and fine-tunes ad text to guarantee it captivates and is pertinent to your intended market. Additionally, we observe ad performance and make necessary modifications to bring about improved outcomes.

    Landing Page

    Our mission is to craft and enhance landing pages that provide a positive experience for users while maximizing their likelihood of converting.

    Bid Management

    Constantly monitoring and making changes to bids, we guarantee that your ads will stay competitive and yield a desirable return on investment.

    Reporting and

    Our team of professionals generate monthly reports that illustrate the effectiveness of your PPC campaigns. We analyze the data to uncover areas of enhancement, implementing adjustments to promote positive results.

    Why Orange Mantra For Pay-Per-Click Services

    At Orange Mantra, we are a premier Pay Per Click Advertising Agency with a track record of hundreds of successful projects to our credit. We serve as a one-stop digital destination for businesses that want to achieve maximum growth and high ROI.


    Whether you are a small business or a big enterprise, we have customized solutions centered on your needs.


    Our expert team of certified digital marketing specialists has unmatched skill and vast experience in the industry


    We utilize the latest and most sophisticated technologies in the industry to high ROI for all our clients.


    We believe that constant re-optimization is the core of result-oriented campaigns that always bring growth.


    At Orange Mantra, we create PPC campaigns that fit your budget yet deliver effective results.

    What Clients Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Pay per click management companies provide businesses with a multitude of advantages. By leveraging PPC marketing services, your company can reach more potential customers, generate more leads and convert more sales, ultimately driving a higher return on investment.
    Furthermore, PPC campaigns permit you to target specific demographics and bolster your online presence. With the help of an experienced management service, custom-made advertisements tailored to meet your unique business objectives can be created.
    Altogether, PPC marketing services provide an economical and effective way to draw traffic and create new opportunities for your brand.
    The cost of a PPC management company may vary depending on the company and the services needed. Typically, many providers have a flat monthly fee or a percentage of your ad spend. Prior to deciding, ensure you understand what services are included and which are added costs.
    Finding a service provider within your budget that also provides the desired ROI is key.
    To ensure success with your PPC marketing efforts, it is essential to select the right service provider. Start by researching companies, analyzing their qualifications, viewing their portfolio, and checking their reviews.
    Additionally, consider their pricing, level of flexibility, and how closely their values align with yours. At the end of the day, pick the one that will produce the highest return on investment, optimized performance, and exceptional customer support.
    To benefit from OrangeMantra’s PPC marketing services, contact our team to outline your company objectives. We will collaborate with you to create a specialized PPC management plan to cater to your exclusive requirements.
    Our highly qualified team will provide every component from researching keywords to constructing ads and tracking, guaranteeing your campaigns create the utmost return on investment. Count on our experienced PPC management team to help elevate your business to the next level.
    At OrangeMantra, we pride ourselves on offering outstanding PPC marketing services to aid businesses in obtaining a high ROI. We are a renowned pay per click management firm and have a qualified team of PPC experts who are continually familiarizing themselves with the newest trends and tactics to ensure optimum results for our clients.
    Our customized methodology toward each project takes into account the fact that each business has distinct necessities and aspirations. Our comprehensive PPC management services such as analysis, optimization.
    And tracking of campaigns are designed to give our clients the maximum benefit from their investment. What sets us apart from other organizations is our clear-cut reporting and sustained assistance, making us the favored choice for those seeking to elevate their online presence.
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