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From Designing or creating engaging email templates to building targetted email lists and forming B2B cold emails, our team knows how to take your business to the next level with our email marketing services. Rely on us and we do our best to generate more revenue, uplift engagement, and attain the marketing goals. Don’t let it fall when we are here thus let’s walk together towards success.

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We Provide Seamless Email Marketing Support For Your Business

Even as SEO and SEM make the most critical elements of a digital strategy, sending direct emails to customers continues to be the best way to connect with them. Email marketing, therefore, remains an integral part of a successful online marketing campaign for any business. These emails could relate to promotional ads, new launches, discount offers, and more. By sending personalized or group emails to existing and potential customers, a business can promote its products as well as expand its customer base.

An email campaign can unleash countless opportunities for a business and build it into a brand. OrangeMantra is a reputed digital marketing agency that offers a myriad of services including email advertising and marketing. Being a goal-focused agency, we ensure that the emails we craft are capable of engaging the customers and driving them to complete the conversion. We help businesses carve a niche online by creating email campaigns that enhance their relationships with their customers.

Our campaigns are designed to ensure that the right content is served to the right customers at the right time so that it makes a positive impact on them. Avail of our expert email marketing services to accelerate your sales cycle and connect with your customers.


What are our Email Marketing Services Encompass?

Gain a vivid understanding of our email marketing services in detail for your business!

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Audience Research

Having relevant information about the targeted audience is the foundation of a successful campaign. Audience research enables you to understand the key metrics such as the preferences, expectations, and attitude of the mail recipients. We create relevant email signup forms to fetch all the information required for research. At the same time, we make sure that too much is not asked as it may drive away the user.

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Analysis & Reporting

Periodic analysis of the performance of a campaign is a must to assess the value being delivered by it. At OrangeMantra, we thoroughly analyze the campaign results to learn all about the user metrics. Furthermore, our experts offer their insight as reports on the performance of the campaign and suggest improvements that can be made to it.

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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a significant component of an email campaign as it enables a business to establish a strong connection with its customers. We use powerful automation tools to deliver emails to the right customers at the right time. The automated emails may relate to personalized greetings, product recommendations, cart abandonment reminders, membership renewal reminders, and more.

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Enhancement of Emails

Creating engaging emails is not enough, they have to be optimized to deliver an impeccable user experience. We use smart tools such as user history, analytics, and segmentation to ensure that the audience gets the emails that address their specific needs. Our campaigns are subjected to rigorous A/B testing to optimize the click-through and open rates. We use email best practices to generate ones that are perfectly tailored for your business audience.

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Campaign Designing

A cohesive and compelling email design guarantees the success of the campaign. With their unmatched expertise and experience, our experts create tailor-made campaigns that grab the recipients' attention. We craft enticing and meaningful CTAs that have the power to drive the recipients to take the desired action. We structure emails to fulfill your objectives, whether it is targeting a new audience or retargeting the existing ones.

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Split Testing Strategies

We prefer to make the usage of the Split testing strategy to test the variation of the campaigns according to two different choices. Right next to this, we pick the best strategy between the available choices and then move further to send emails to people who might interested and can buy the products or services.

Our Email Marketing Services Success Narratives

See how our experts in email marketing agency reshape the entire sales and brand awareness of the business.

Use of Lead Magnet to Attract the Target Audience for Our Academic Customer

Our client is trying to make this world more sustainable or technical by providing programming courses to beginners. The challenge they are facing is to attract Facebook users who want to start their career in IT. So, our team provides them with a Facebook Leads ad campaign for them to generate leads or attract users. We collect the data through their query form and target those users along with some new that is already available on their Facebook profile. The results they seek in the month are 1200 new contacts, they can easily convert them to become their clients.

Enhancement of an Email Campaign for Our Manufacturing Client to Increase their Conversion

We came across the task of increasing the conversion rate of our client who is a renowned player in the field of manufacturing. Orangemantra’s team of expert marketers revamped the entire email marketing strategy of our clients to improve their results. We created an email design that reflects completely the client’s vision. Within one year of using our email marketing services, our clients have witnessed a 70% increment in the new email delivered and a 20% increase in the conversion rate.

Elevation in Technology Sales from our Email Marketing Services for Our Reputed User

Our reputed client is a foundation that facilitates other companies with their splendid software, hardware, and various solutions. However, they are facing forming a relationship with their consumers whom they are serving with new technologies and educating them on how to use them. Here, we come up with a solution of forming a newsletter consisting of all the necessary information to target the preferred audience. It will result in them having a 400% increase in order value.

Our Partner Technologies & Frameworks for Email Marketing Services

Attain optimum Email Marketing Services in India as Orangemantra relies on several technologies and frameworks.

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  • Ruby Ruby
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  • Frameworks

  • Rubyon Rails Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby Meteor
  • Laravel Laravel
  • SymfonySymfony
  • Django Django
  • Django Flask
  • Databases

  •   Oracle Oracle
  •   Redis Redis
  •  Couchbase Couchbase
  • PostgreSQL PostgreSQL
  • MongoDB MongoDB
  • Apache Cassandra Cassandra

Why Email Marketing Service is Crucial for Your Business?

With the myriad of opportunities that email marketing services offer, you can take a step ahead to have more conversions for your business. Not convinced? Get to know why email marketing is essential.

How do Orangemantra Email Marketing Solutions Ameliorate Your Business?

With so much to offer, our Email Marketing services will enhance your business to reach the expected objectives.

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Targeted Campaigns

Orangemantra’s solutions permit you to segregate your email lists depending on several factors such as purchase history, demographics, and user behavior. It enables you with the upper hand to send them personalized and targeted email campaigns that will lead to more engagement and conversion rates of potential customers.

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Automated Workflows

With the assistance of our automation expertise, you can set triggered or customized emails depending on such events or actions. For instance, you can devise welcome emails for all the new customers who are on board or alert for cart abandonment. It all streamlines your marketing efforts and ensures a timely connection with your preferred audience.

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Effective Design

Our experts know what exactly people are looking for or find attractive. We design the template or structure of the email to be mobile-friendly so that it functions well and leaves a good impact on the masses. It is quite an essential thing to keep in mind to reach the mobile-centric audience and to enhance engagement through your email content.

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Integration Capabilities

Orangemantra’s email marketing services in India are quite exceptional. Their solutions are so apt that they can integrate effortlessly with other platforms and tools. It consists of CRM Systems and E-Commerce platforms. All in all, you can streamline your marketing process with this and can gain consumer data from multiple sources.

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Analytics & Reporting

We in our email marketing services offer you robust analytics and reporting tools that permit you to inspect the performance of your email campaigns in real-time. You can keep your eyes on all the metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. You can use this data in your email campaigns to achieve better or desired results.

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Compliance & Deliverability

We as a forerunner in providing email marketing services take care of the laws, rules, and regulations. We adhere to or remain under ideal practices and industry standards to make sure that your email campaigns rely parallel with regulations like GDPR and CAN-SPAM. We employ various techniques to refine email deliverability such as maintaining sender reputation and tracking spam complaints.

Industries We Offer our Services to

No matter what industry or domain you belong to, we with our top-notch email marketing services are ready to cater to you to elevate your brand visibility and boost your revenue.

Tactical Plan for Imparting Our Email Marketing Services

Orangemantra always starts with the analysis of the demands or needs of the business to revert with them the services they are expecting. Our End-to-end plan is highlighted here.

  • discovery

    Research & Development

    Identification of their business needs and preferences and analysis of the competitors to offer them the ideal solution.

  • development

    List Creation

    Before sending the email to anyone, it is necessary to find the appropriate audience. We proceed to either gain data from your form present on the website or use the existing mailing data.

  • deployment

    Template Designing

    For better outcomes, we use analytics and segmentation as we are aware that only an improved broadcast can give you the expected results.

  • deployment

    Content planning

    We focus too much on content as the success of your email campaign depends on how compelling your CTA or follow-up content is.

  • deployment

    Campaign Scheduling

    Once the template is ready and you are satisfied with it, we proceed further by scheduling the email campaign as the timing is quite apt.

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    Results Tracking

    Our team constantly tracks metrics like delivery rate, bounce rate, and more. It will help us in altering the campaign for effective outcomes.

Drive Engagement, Traffic and Conversations through our Efficient Email Marketing Services

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Stay top of the competition by seeking end-to-end solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and suitable for diverse businesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An email marketing agency can benefit any business by providing its expertise in creating apt email campaigns that drive customer engagement, amplify brand awareness, and boost sales. Besides this, they can enhance their email strategy, guarantee compliance, and take the help of analytics to alter the campaigns for better results.

Our team relies on KPIs like open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, and engagement metrics to measure the results of email campaigns. Regular inspection will provide insights that will indicate the needed changes to acquire desired results in the future.

Yes. our team is well-versed in managing large-scale email campaigns for businesses of every size. We have a robust infrastructure through which we ensure that your bulk email marketing efforts will executed smoothly and maintain high engagement rates.

Elevate your email marketing campaigns to drive growth and make customer relationships rigid through these 7 strategies i.e., personalization, crafting engaging subject lines, automation, A/B testing, content marketing, mobile optimization, and data analysis.

B2B email marketing services target promoting the products and services directly from business to business. The vision behind this is to form relationships with potential customers and generate brand visibility to escalate sales.

Exploring to Reach the Right Audience with the Right Email Marketing Campaign at the Right Time? Orangemantra’s Email Marketing Services is the Ideal Way!