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Discover the Power of Data with Adobe Analytics

As a certified Adobe Solution Partner, we help you track and analyze your real-time customer analytical data and insights, cross-channel attributes reporting, and integrated campaigns using Adobe Analytics for maximizing business revenues, cutting costs, and working efficiently.

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Effective marketing depends on comprehensive data analysis. Data Analytics helps organizations to make well-informed decisions and actions by providing valuable actionable insights into their target audience behavior, interaction, marketing performance, etc. Analyzing all the customer behavioral data in a single platform helps marketers to take crucial and customer-centric marketing decisions.

Adobe Analytics is one of the top industry solutions used for implementing real-time data analytics and comprehensive audience segmentation across various digital marketing channels, discovering profitable target audience, and empowering businesses with customer intelligence to deliver personalized digital customer experiences. You can use this powerful tool to improve customer engagement through application and location marketing, understand and nurture customer journeys across various digital channels and devices, address touch-points by evaluating the performance of marketing campaigns, and leverage predictive intelligence to make data-based marketing decisions.

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Understanding and deciphering your visitors’ data is crucial for reducing the bounce rate while improving customer engagement and the conversion rate. Therefore, your data needs to be meaningful, actionable, precise, and powerful to understand its true value. This is where Orange Mantra’s Adobe Analytics expertise prompts in.

Orange Mantra is a certified Adobe Solution Partner having vast experience and expertise working with Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager, Experience Manager, Campaign, Marketo Engage, and Magento Commerce. Our experienced team of Adobe Analytics experts evaluates online visitor behaviors to obtain valuable insights that can improve the growth of the sales funnel. Our Adobe Analytics consulting and implementation services empower you to gain a deep understanding of your valuable data and deliver the right digital experience to the right customers at the right time using Adobe Analytics.

Adobe Analytics Services
Why Should Businesses Use Adobe Analytics?

Why Should Businesses Use Adobe Analytics?

With the ever-increasing number of digital marketing channels and customer touch-points, collecting actionable data and insights has become more of a challenge for businesses, analysts, and digital marketers. Hence, they look for solutions that provide:

  • Predictive intelligence to discover the profitable audience segments to deliver personalized content and customer experiences.
  • Build a 360-degree customer profile to analyze customer behavioral patterns, visitor segments, and map the customer to a business’ online as well as offline touch-points.
  • Promote cross-channel attribution to identify sales leads and business KPIs attributing to specific market growths and optimize resources across various digital channels including email, search, social, display, etc.

With Adobe Analytics, you can address this business-specific needsby making more customer-focused and well-informed marketing decisions through comprehensive data visualizations, extensive multi-channel capabilities, and a robust predictive workflow.

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Core Features of Adobe Analytics

Centralized Dashboard Viewing

Comprehensive Analysis

Propensity Modeling

Cross-device Analytics

Audience Enrichment

Audience Analytics and Segmentation

Marketing Attribution

Correlation between Data sets

Flow Analysis

Intelligent Alerts

Real-time Data

Third-Party Integrations

Re-Marketing Triggers

Mobile Marketing

Adobe Analytics Services We Offer

As an all-encompassing Adobe Solution Partner, we offer a complete suite of Adobe Analytics services ranging from strategy building to implementation and integration to optimization and training.

Adobe Analytics Strategy Development

This is the beginning of your brand story. Adobe Analytics provides a better understanding of your customer behavior to improve your strategy and implement it appropriately. Reach out to one of our certified Adobe Analytics specialists to understand how you can implement Adobe Analytics and build an effective strategy for your business and marketing needs.

Adobe Analytics Implementation

As a certified Adobe Solution Partner, we have helped numerous companies to deliver distinctive digital experiences to their customers, which has helped us gain the trust and loyalty of our clients. Our team of Adobe Analytics experts has rich experience and strong expertise to help you and guide you throughout the implementation process. Over the years, we have achieved a 100% success rate with our Adobe Analytics implementation services.

Adobe Analytics Integration

We understand that every business has its own unique requirements and therefore, it needs unique and personalized marketing strategies. Our Adobe Analytics specialists are proficient at integrating the Adobe Analytics software with a diverse range of Big Data platforms and reporting suites like Power BI or Tableau to help you extract, visualize, and understand real-time actionable insights in a simple, yet effective way. With third-party integrations, you can get the most out of your business-critical data and investments.

DeFi DApp Development

We employ a unique and proven approach to audit the entire existing data analytics implementation to identify and eliminate redundant setups to produce authentic reports as well as optimize the usage of data collected using Adobe Analytics. We offer optimal and result-oriented solutions tailored to your unique business-specific needs and adhering to best practices.

Adobe Analytics On-site & Off-site Training

As a reliable Adobe Solution Partner, we provide hands-on Adobe Analytics training programs on-site, off-site, and on-demand. We customize our training programs based on the industry-specific goals, requirements, expectations, and other key parameters for organizations. Get in touch with us to know more about Adobe Analytics and stay in touch with your potential customers using technologies that drive a new wave of digital transformation.

Adobe Analytics Consulting

We have a team of experienced Adobe certified analytics consultants that are readily available for all of your Adobe Analytics needs such as Adobe Analytics audits or strategy, implementation, optimization, and training needs for Adobe Analytics Select, Prime, and Ultimate to help you boost your Adobe Analytics investment.

Adobe Analytics Migration

If you’re planning to migrate to Adobe Analytics from any other analytics platform to leverage the benefits of this innovative platform, our Adobe experts can help you with fast, smooth, and secure Adobe Analytics migration services, ensuring zero-data loss and disruption. Get in touch with our Adobe Analytics experts today!

Adobe Analytics Dashboard

We help you build custom Adobe Analytics Dashboards to help track your online campaign and marketing initiatives. We provide you with a real-time Adobe Analytics dashboard to monitor and measure the performance of your website, mobile apps, IoT, etc. Reach out to our Adobe Analytics experts for building powerful, user-friendly, and effective Adobe Analytics Dashboards.

Key Benefits of Using Adobe Analytics for Your Enterprise


Advanced and Actionable Web Analytics

Web analytics is the core part of the decision-making process. Adobe Analytics is infused with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and other cutting-edge technologies that allow you to go beyond page visits, page views, interactions, and bounce rates to identify high-value customer insights for better results.


Digital Cross-Channel and Marketing Analytics

In today’s technologically-driven world, customers use mobile devices, wearables, and the Internet of Things, move-in connected cars, and other devices. All these can be used as an opportunity to deliver the right digital experiences using the right channel and marketing analytics system. Adobe Analytics integrates data from all of your digital channels including web, mobile, IoT, social, video, app, etc. You can analyze data in real-time to gain a deeper understanding of your customers.


Cross-channel Attribution

Spending on content and campaigns is good but spending on the right journey is what matters the most. Adobe Analytics empowers you to better understand the impact of every customer’s touch-points through paid, owned, and earned marketing channels. Based on the rules-based and algorithmic attribution models, Adobe Analytics leverages machine learning and advanced statistics to help you make the right investment in your campaigns and content.


Predictive Analytics

While companies use data to evaluate their past performance, the predictive capabilities of Adobe Analytics can help them use data better. Predictive analytical tools, infused with AI and Ml, are the strengths of Adobe Analytics. By integrating with Adobe Sensei, your in-house teams can incessantly take full advantage of Big Data Analytics.

Monitor Key Digital Analytics Parameters for Your Website and App

  • Customer Segments
  • Bounce Rate
  • Sessions
  • Sessions
  • Average Session Duration
  • New Sessions
  • Pages Per Session
  • Goal Accomplishments
  • Goal Conversion
  • Page Views
  • Page Views by Page
  • Traffic Referral
Monitor Key Digital Analytics Parameters for Your Website and App
Why Choose Us for Adobe Analytics Services and Solutions?

Why Choose Us for Adobe Analytics Services and Solutions?

  • Certified Adobe Analytics Partner
  • We Understand the Significance of Data
  • 20+ Years of Excellence in Digital Transformation and Market Technology services
  • Large Pool of Certified Digital Analytics Professionals with Vast Experience and Expertise
  • Global Services to Cater to Global Clients
  • Cross Industry-specific Experience and Expertise

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