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At OrangeMantra, we are a leading enterprise digital transformation partner that has carved a niche for itself in the dynamic landscape. We deliver innovative solutions that accelerate digital transformation for organizations of all sizes. An industry presence of two decades, along with an impressive list of a global clientele speaks volumes about our capabilities and expertise. We enable businesses to leverage futuristic solutions for enhancing their operational efficiencies and taking customer experiences to the next level.

Enterprise Solutions

Strategy & Consulting

Orange Mantra offers expertise in strategy and consulting to assist enterprises get to their future, digitally-enabled state, both in the way they operate and serve their customers. We believe that the future of business is going to be underpinned by some significant developments and trends that greatly influence technology decisions around the world.

Enterprise Applications Development

Our Enterprise Applications Development offerings are designed to help technology leaders deal with challenges of creating, running, and migrating application stacks that keep the wheels moving for enterprises. We excel in creating innovative new offerings with IT and new exciting technologies of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and more.

Infrastucture Security and Compliance
Managed IT

Data & Analytics

Business Analytics solutions establish seamless connections between businesses, operations, customers, employees, and partners by integrating data and offering insights across the global digital ecosystem. We enable the implementation of data and analytics solutions that render powerful business insights to drive intelligent decisions for enterprises.

eCommerce, Mobility & Digital Enterprise Services

The combination of e-commerce, mobility and digital initiatives is providing new markets and creating bigger wallet shares of the consumer spend for the companies that are capitalizing on the power of these three initiatives. OrangeMantra is a leader in this space and helps businesses explore the boundless possibilities with eCommerce, mobility, and digital.

Startup Solutions
Mobility Solutions

Product Engineering Services

OrangeMantra brings together a blend of in-depth technical expertise and domain experience to assist product companies in rapidly delivering feature-rich products that fit within budget and delivery timelines. Our expansive portfolio of services and solution accelerators is a match for customer expectations and requirements during each phase of the product life cycle.

Cloud Technology

Our end-to-end cloud solutions are designed to help enterprises leverage the full potential of the cloud. From consulting to migration, operations, optimization, modernization, monitoring, maintenance, and management, we offer a complete range of services to get your business on the cloud and make it more agile, efficient, and profitable.


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