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Data & Analytics

Transform your Traditional or Big Data to give intelligence using AI/NLP/ ML for maximizing revenues, cutting costs, and working efficiently.


Enterprise Data Management

  • Data governance: Defining and managing the data policies and procedures for classification, organization, and communication of complex activities around decisions. Additionally, taking action on the basis of enterprise data.
  • Master data management: Analyzing the existing data management processes and establishing best practices for handling the data inside and outside the organization.
  • Data integration: Analyzing the existing data integration processes and coming up with guidelines which cover how data is collected, combined, transformed and stored.

Data Visualization Services

  • Data Assessment: Experts work to understand your landscape, assess business issues and drivers, and help you envision the future of the business you want to be.
  • Data Discovery and strategizing: In the second phase, our experts research IT drivers, map existing and planned projects to business issues, and prioritize short-term and long-term goals.
  • Architecting: In the third phase, our experts take a deep look at IT infrastructure to design the best strategies to integrate data and business processes with existing and new technologies and solutions.

New Age Data Science

Explore, mix and marry internal and external data on:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Robotic process automation
  • IoT
  • Blockchain data

We can help you derive intelligence from raw numbers.

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Consulting & strategy

Business Intelligence

Cloud analytics infrastructure

Data warehousing /Data lakes

Data visualization

Application integration/ Data integration & migration



Orange Mantra provides Data Analytics through the following methodology:

Think Cycle
  • Identifying the current gaps and pain points to define the Data Analytics roadmap.
  • Planning analytical approaches for your business situation/ perceived data problems.
Build Cycle
  • Setting up services to quickly and easily obtain, merge and manipulate data sets.
  • Cleansing and preparing data for analysis.
  • Creating powerful visual representations of data.
  • Integrating other sources of data, e.g. – social media data to find meaning, patterns and common themes.
Act Cycle
  • Discovering clusters in data, analyzing time-series and seasonal data for trends and pattern recognition.
  • Creating automated actions based on data discoveries using AI, ML and NLP.

Social media campaign analysis solution for a corporate client

A prestigious client wanted a unique social media campaign analysis solution to manage their digital marketing campaigns on different social media platforms from one place and analyze their performance as well. We created a powerful tool to monitor campaign performance on the basis of competitor analysis, sentiment analysis, ROI analysis, and more. These KPIs provide rich and relevant insight that can be leveraged to frame core business strategies.

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We can bring you powerful advantages in the form of an innovative data analytics solution.
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