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Enterprise Applications Development

Benefit from our global experience in creating consumer-facing, partner-management and employee-based Enterprise Application development.


Bespoke Development

  • Large suite of technology skills available for creating relevant enterprise software solutions
  • A full complement of Project Managers, Business Analysts, Programmers, User Experience designers, documentation writers and testers
  • Choice of development methodologies for enterprise software development – Agile/ Waterfall/ Hybrid, MAD to give best value to each development dollar spent
  • Our unique approach to Project Management, where every engagement is led by a Business Analyst, who understands what the application does and ensures the development team is aligned for 100% success.

Modernization & Migration Services

  • Application portfolio assessment and consolidation
  • Migrations to cloud and cloud strategy
  • Incorporation / rewrite of IoT, AI and Blockchain technology components into applications

Application Support and maintenance services

  • Leading Language support on German/ French/Spanish & Indian Vernacular team set-up and deployment advisory and capability
  • 24x7x365 Application support helpdesk support/ resolution abilities
  • Best practice ticket management & Knowledgebase experiences

Implementation and customization services

  • As-is and to-be studies
  • Standardized Implementation & Customization Methodologies
  • Expertise in Implementation of Navision/ Sales Force and Zoho

Get access to a dedicated team as a service

As a part of our enterprise applications development services, OrangeMantra offers a dedicated team of professionals to augment your in-house talent. We give you the opportunity to onboard development professionals, design architects, and project managers with proven experience in building complete solutions and deploying them as well.

With this model, you have the freedom to pick and choose resources that match up your specific requirements.

Our core strength lies in the ability to enhance the current teams of our talents or build ones from the ground up, depending on specific needs.

Want to understand how you can engage a dedicated team as a service?

You can share your requirements and we will suggest what works best for them.


One-person Team

An expert professional with the right expertise to complement your existing team and requirement.


Dedicated Team

A team comprising professionals to handle development or support depending on your needs.


Dedicated Team+ Project Manager

A dedicated team along with a project manager who takes full responsibility over your project.

We can help you build a truly modern infrastructure for your enterprise.

Connect with us to know how!
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Standardized Methodology

Project Drivers
  • Diagnostic view of why the system is being implemented
  • Cognizant of organizational demands
Existing Platforms, Systems and Data
  • Legacy systems
  • Interfaces, data conversion and configuration
Project Resources
  • Internal key subject matter experts
  • External consultants
Project Management
  • Project schedules
  • Logistics
Functional Modules
  • Business proceses fit
  • Integration
Cost Allocation
  • Budget
  • Funding

The Latest Tech

OrangeMantra is one of the leading enterprise application development companies that always keep pace new technologies to deliver advanced software solutions for businesses. Embracing the latest technologies has extensive benefits, ranging from reliable automation with AI to strong security with blockchain.

Enable unmatched security for your business data, create blockchain solutions for e-commerce, automate the key operations with Smart Contracts, and more.
Artificial Intelligence
Leverage AI-based algorithms to automate business operations, gain actionable insights from Big Data, deliver personalized customer experiences, and more.
Augmented Reality
Build 3-D prototypes in AR, hold meetings in AR and implement AR enterprise training software to drive efficiency and cut costs for your business.
Internet of Things
Utilize IoT devices for monitoring your operations constantly, gathering Big Data, gaining spot-on insights, and improving business decision-making.
Cloud Computing
Use our cloud solutions to build a flexible, scalable, and connected business environment that renders a stronger infrastructure with minimal spending.
Enterprise Mobility
Give your business and workforce the mobile advantage by investing in enterprise mobile application development

Custom Development

Off-the-shelf software which is not tailored to specific requirements of businesses might be feasible for cutting down the development time but may not yield the desired benefits. Bespoke software development emerges as a great choice for incorporating specific business use cases that match their unique needs and objectives. OrangeMantra offers bespoke development on a wide array of Technology stacks. We understand the needs of your business and build apt solutions with the right combination of technologies.

  • Java
  • Sql
  • .NET
  • C++
  • Python
  • C#
  • Javascript
  • R
  • Objective-C
  • PHP
  • MongoDB
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • mySQL
  • Oracle
  • AWS
  • SQLite
  • Flux
  • React/ Redux
  • jQuery, jQuery UI
  • D3JS
  • Angular JS
  • Xamarin
  • Spark
  • Node JS
  • Hadoop
  • REST
  • iOS
  • Xamarin
  • React Native
  • Android
  • Ionic
  • Phonegap
  • Flutter
  • Cross Platform Frameworks
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Illustrator
  • After Effects
  • Photoshop

We Build Solutions That Are Strategic to Your Organization


We engage at the VP/Director level.


Software Vendors & Consulting Companies.


We engage at the CxO level.

Taking a leading automotive brand on the road to success

A brand leader in the automobile domain, the client wanted an enterprise application development partner that could understand their needs and objectives and deliver advanced technology applications to match. Over the years, as the brand progressed and reached where it is today, we have served them technology solutions that have strengthened their core. From ERPs to custom tools, apps, and e-commerce, we have created a variety of applications for them.

Let’s get you ready for tomorrow…today!

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