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10 Hottest Trends That Are Going To Rule The Mobile App Space In 2019

mobile app trends 2019

Mobile phones have become an integral part of daily lives and it comes as no surprise that businesses invest in apps to build a presence across this channel. But the idea is not to just have an app, but have one that is impactful enough to drive the users to download, use, and retain on their devices. Additionally, it should cater something extraordinary vis-a-vis competing apps because this is the only way to capture the audience attention.

Whether you are looking to invest in mobile app development or want to revamp your existing app in 2019, you need to follow the latest trends and technologies. Unless you are willing and able to do so, the chances of making your investment a success are limited. Let us disclose the current and upcoming trends that are going to rule the app development space in 2019.

1. AI, ML and Virtual Assistants will dominate
Though technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Virtual Assistants have been around for some time, they will dominate in the New Year. The benefits that these technologies can drive are immense, with a few listed as follows.

  • Improving user experiences
  • Gathering valuable insights through advanced analytics
  • Delivering seamless customer support

2. Wearables and IoT will witness unprecedented growth
Smart wearables and the Internet of Things will march ahead with aplomb, both in terms of consumer acceptance and business value. This will bring an unprecedented growth in the demand for wearable apps and IoT-based apps in 2019. Various industries are already using these apps for the following purposes.

  • Delivering better customer experiences
  • Streamlining and automating operations
  • Tracking employees and inventory

3. Location-based services will gain precedence
Another mobile app trend that will come to the forefront in 2019 is that of adoption of location-based services as a part of the business apps. With this technology, the mobile apps will be empowered with location-sensing functionalities that bring extensive advantages.

  • Tracking customers nearby via Beacon apps
  • Enabling targeted marketing communications
  • Providing accurate GPS data for navigation

4. AR and VR will add value to apps
Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) are the technologies which already gained widespread acceptance in 2018. However, they will become even more popular this year, thanks to the fact that they are capable of transforming app experiences beyond expectations.

  • Virtual try experiences for retail apps (eg. Fashion, lifestyle, etc)
  • experiences for gaming
  • Branding campaigns for social media apps

5. Instant apps will be a preferred choice
Instant apps were first introduced by Google in 2016 and they were an instant hit. As the name suggests, these are the apps that can be used instantly without the need to download and install them. They will be preferred by users and businesses because of the wide range of benefits.

  • Offering better performance
  • Being convenient to use as they can be accessed instantly
  • Saving device memory as there is no need to install them

6. Accelerated Mobile Pages will be a norm
Another trend that you will be expected to align with is that of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), a technology that addresses the issue of slow-loading web pages on mobile devices. AMPs hold great promise for websites that want to capitalize on mobile sales as they empower them with incredible features.

  • Improving page rankings with better speed
  • Enhancing the click-through rate as well
  • Getting higher visibility for mobile ads

7. On-demand apps will witness booming demand
The concept of on-demand apps has taken over several industries such as taxi booking, food delivery, healthcare services, and more. This year will witness a booming demand for such apps as more and more providers will be keen about exploring this innovative business idea for higher revenues and better growth.

  • Accelerating growth by delivering better services
  • Saving money as there is no need to maintain inventory
  • Building brands with greater customer satisfaction

8. Mobile payments will be in widespread usage
The last few years have ushered massive changes in the shopping landscape, particularly in the context of payment modes. Mobile payments will find widespread usage in 2019 as mobile experiences become more secure and integrated than ever before. Here are some reasons that mobile payment integration will be in huge demand.

  • Providing seamless mobile shopping experiences
  • Driving convenience in m-commerce apps
  • Gaining user trust with secure payments

9. UX design will be the key to success
Undeniably, user experience design has always been the mainstay of mobile app development process but this year it will go a step further. Simplicity in navigation and display of elements will require the greatest attention as you cannot impress the tech-savvy audience with great features alone. Interactive interfaces and intuitive designs fetch the following benefits for the app.

  • Increasing the level of user engagement
  • Boosting the chances of conversions
  • Elevating the retention rates as well

10. Data security will be the biggest concern
With the increase in data breach incidents in 2018 and the introduction of some major data security regulations, security has become a major concern for apps and websites. It will continue to be a top priority for app developers and businesses in 2019 too. Focus on data security has several key implications for businesses as well.

  • Reinforcing user trust in the business brand
  • Ensuring adherence to data security regulations
  • Keeping pace with the industry trends

Let us summarize the main trends that are going to rewrite the future of the mobility landscape as we step into the last year of this decade.

  • The technologies of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Virtual Assistants will be an integral element of mobile apps.
  • Wearables and the IoT apps will be indispensable for businesses looking to explore new horizons.
  • Location-based services will be embraced by brands looking to elevate customer experiences via smarter smartapps.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will become a real value-addition to mobile experiences.
  • As consumers look to save space and time, businesses will have to get serious about including instant apps in their portfolios.
  • Those running websites will have to embark on the AMP route to ensure superlative performance on mobile devices as well.
  • More and more businesses will look to join the on-demand bandwagon by investing in on-demand apps.
  • Mobile payments will become one of the most preferred methods of shopping in 2019.
  • Unless your app UX design is Interactive and intuitive, you cannot expect success this year.
  • Data security will a major concerns for businesses and app developers this year.

Since such a lot seems to be lined up in the app space, businesses need to choose their development partner with care. Someone with the right skill set and technology expertise will be able to create a business app that aligns with all these trends.