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New Tech

  • cloud solutions

    How Cloud is Boosting the Operational Efficiency of Fintech Companies 

    Cloud is no longer just another tech word that created quite a buzz. It has become the driving force for distinctive industries… Read More
  • skilled workforce

    How Upskilled Workforce is Empowering Businesses to Grow Ambitiously 

    No one could have ever imagined a crisis like the Covid-19 pandemic. On a whim, it forced many companies to change the way… Read More
  • Hybrid Operational Model

    Hybrid Operating Mode-A New Norm for Businesses in 2021

    The pandemic has prompted the adoption of the remote working model across a wide scale of organizations. The unexpected… Read More
  • Evolve the Scale of Automotive Industry with Cloud Technology Infused with Connect Vehicles

    How Connected Vehicles are Using Cloud Technology to Make Driving Safe & Enjoyable?

    What if, we tell you that you can lock/unlock your car using a smartphone? Would it be convenient to receive advance repair… Read More
  • AI-powered smart gadget

    AI Is Paving a Fascinating Future for Smart Gadgets

    Artificial intelligence is likely to emerge as the most transformative technological force of this decade—or maybe this… Read More
  • healthcare IT solutions

    How AI Is Enhancing Digital Healthcare Amid New Normal

    Enterprise technology is increasingly leaning toward artificial intelligence and related digital capabilities. Amid… Read More
  • Telematics-Powered Smart Tires Hit the Road-thumbnail

    Telematics – Powered Smart Tires Hit the Road

    Goodyear and Bridgestone are rolling out tires with intelligent features that can predict flats. Using AI algorithms… Read More
  • Google Workspace Apps

    Google Workspace Apps Are Officially Free for Everyone Now

    Google announced that the company is making Workspace apps available for everyone. If you have a Google account—which… Read More
  • Fintech App Ideas to Launch Your Business in the Post-Covid Market

    With shopping and payments moving online at a dizzying speed, fintech got a renewed wave of innovations in 2020. Over the… Read More
  • WatchOS 8 at WWDC

    Apple Previews iOS 15, macOS Monterey, & WatchOS 8 at WWDC 2021 

    Apple made a flurry of announcements for different devices at the company’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2021.… Read More
  • Microsoft to Release New Windows Version on June 24

    Microsoft announced that it will unveil “the next generation of Windows” on June 24, CNBC reported. It comes a week after… Read More
  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud Launches New Analytics Tools for Enterprises

    Data analytics drive the most successful businesses today. With the world going on a digital overdrive during the pandemic,… Read More
  • Google-Shopify

    Google Partners with Shopify to Enhance eCommerce Operations

    Google and Shopify have joined forces to launch a simplified process for selling goods online. Both companies said the… Read More
  • 3D printing thumbnail

    3-D Printing Demands Surge Amid a Digital Manufacturing Buzz

    As the buzz around digital manufacturing swept industries, 3-D manufacturing companies saw a much-desired boost in 2020.… Read More
  • CIOs’ Job

    What CIOs’ Job Looks Like During the Pandemic

    Conventionally, chief information officers’ job has been to oversee the IT and computer systems in the organization.… Read More
  • Top Automotive Software Engineering Trends to Watch Out in 2021

    COVID-19 has perhaps been the most devastating blow the automotive industry has seen ever. With streets emptying and factories… Read More
  • Yahoo-Aol

    Verizon Sells Early Internet Pioneers Yahoo and AOL for $5 Billion

    Verizon sold Yahoo and AOL to the private equity firm Apollo Global Management in a deal valued at $5 billion, The New York… Read More
  • Cloud Computing

    Google Announces Its Largest-Ever Cloud Computing Deal

    Google announced one of its most ambitious cloud-computing contracts on April 26, 2021. The tech goliath has signed an… Read More
  • Yahoo-Answer-Thumbnail

    Yahoo Answers Is Shutting Down Forever Amid Lost Popularity

    Yahoo Answers dominated the world of online question-answer platforms. Its position on the internet as a pioneer in web… Read More
  • Meet the AI That Can Generate Text- and It’s Open-Source

    Artificial intelligence is getting more public attention than ever before- for good reasons, mostly. With machine learning… Read More
  • ways-office-will-transform

    10 Ways Workplaces Will Transform in 2021 and Beyond

    Microsoft on Monday announced that it would begin welcoming employees back to the office on March 29. The company’s Redmond,… Read More
  • Hybrid-work-thumbnail

    How a Shift from Remote Work to Hybrid Work Is Redefining Offices

    Companies around the world are now gradually getting back to the office. With vaccinations rolling out, most countries… Read More
  • Google Bans Third-Party Cookies to Bolster Web Privacy-thumbnail

    Google Bans Third-Party Cookies to Bolster Web Privacy

    Google will no longer use third-party cookies, the tech behemoth recently announced. This move will have a significant… Read More
  • Microsoft-Mesh-thumbnail

    Microsoft Launches Mesh – Virtual Meetings, Mixed Reality, Holoportation And More

    What happens when you mix Zoom with Facebook and add some VR to it? Something exciting and futuristic, right? Well, that’s… Read More
  • Google And Facebook Are Fighting-thumbnail

    Why Google And Facebook Are Fighting with Media Companies

    Facebook reached a deal with the Australian government to restore news. The decision comes after the social media giant… Read More
  • IBM

    IBM Wants to be More Competitive in Cloud, Explores Sale of Watson Health 

    IBM is exploring a sale of its Watson Health business, according to The Wall Street Journal. The tech titan’s chief executive… Read More
  • How IT Staff Augmentation Enables Business Agility Thumbnail

    How IT Staff Augmentation Enables Business Agility

    Like so many things, the pandemic changed the way organizations operate and manage their workforce. With the vaccine rollout… Read More
  • Jeff Bezos

    Jeff Bezos to Step Down as Amazon Chief Executive

    Amazon founder Jeff Bezos recently announced that he would be stepping down as the eCommerce behemoth’s CEO later this… Read More
  • digital transformation

    Microsoft Reports Record Growth of Cloud and Digital Solutions Business

    Microsoft has posted record quarterly sales driven by pandemic-induced demands for cloud solutions and videogames,… Read More
  • Salesforce integration services

    Top Benefits of Magento Salesforce Integration

    The business of online product selling is on its boom these days. Especially, concerning the pandemic time of 2020, when… Read More
  • data analytics solutions

    CES 2021-Smart Face Masks, Next-Gen Wearables & Other Futuristic Tech Promises

    The Consumer Electronics Show 2021 took place on Jan. 11 -14. Like this years’ all-digital format of the tech show,… Read More
  • digital transformation solutions

    Top CIOs and CTOs Plan Big for Tech Investment in 2021

    Even amid the coronavirus-induced economic slowdown, companies worldwide increased their tech investment. Corporate… Read More
  • enterprise software solutions

    What Caused a Global Outage of Google Search, Gmail, & Other Services

    Towards the darkening end of a dark year, some of the world’s most widely used tech platforms faced darkness — for… Read More
  • Python development services

    Top 5 Python Development Frameworks for Building Web Apps in 2021

    Python’s popularity has remained high despite the emergence of dozens of similar development frameworks. It’s mainly… Read More
  • food delivery app

    Food Delivery App DoorDash & Home-Rental Platform Airbnb Go Public

    It’s been an encouraging week for the tech start-up world. Two of its stars, DoorDash and Airbnb, are becoming publicly… Read More
  • CRM Software Giant Salesforce Acquires Workplace Collaboration Platform Slack

    Salesforce announced that it would buy Slack for $27.7 billion, The Wall Street Journal reported on December 1, 2020. Slack… Read More
  • Top 7 Fintech Trends Reshaping the Digital Payment Ecosystem

    Digital payment trends were growing worldwide, even before the pandemic hit. But as the fear of COVID-19 drove people to… Read More
  • Progressive Web Apps

    How Progressive Web Apps Are Transforming Customer Engagement

    This pandemic, as per many pieces of research, has revolutionized the business landscape by putting a spotlight on digital… Read More
  • How AI in eCommerce Can be A Forerunner of Next-Gen CX (Customer Experience)

    The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way people understand eCommerce. Now, it is their preferred choice to buy… Read More
  • artificial intelligence

    How to Use AI as Tools for Detecting Counterfeit Products

    Counterfeit products are more prevalent than you might think. From common medicines to designer handbags, almost every… Read More
  • Fintech Solutions

    How Fintech Can Help in Boosting Small Businesses

    Small businesses are an important part of the world economy. In America only, small businesses account for 99% of the industry… Read More
  • EduTech solutions

    How Virtual Classrooms Create Safe and Engaging Learning in the Pandemic Era

    The pandemic upended education systems worldwide. As policymakers, educators, and parents try to figure out how to restore… Read More
  • How to Automate Your Business Processes for Better Productivity & Profitability

    Business executives worldwide have become bullish about using automation as a means of competitiveness. The virus outbreak… Read More
  • Tips for Planning and Implementing Effective Pharma Marketing

    The pharmaceutical industry was rapidly changing even before the pandemic struck. Be it technological shifts, mergers… Read More
  • Blockchain is Reshaping Business Communication – Good News for You

    Blockchain has been a fascinating phenomenon for both businesses and the tech world. Whether it’s the decentralized nature… Read More
  • AWS cloud service provider

    Google’s Big Cloud Computing Plan: The Tech Giant Gears Up to Take on AWS & Azure 

    Google has planned to invest heavily in cloud computing. The tech giant is particularly focusing on cloud services opportunities… Read More
  • Hospital Management System

    How Hospital Management Systems Transform Healthcare Facilities

    Hospitals around the world are getting overcrowded as the novel coronavirus takes a heavy toll on society. Most healthcare… Read More
  • IoT Healthcare Solutions

    Unlock the Potentials of IoT Healthcare Solutions to Redefine Your Healthcare Infrastructure

    Before the influx of IoT healthcare solutions, people’s interaction with doctors was only confined to scheduling appointments,… Read More
  • Fitness tracking apps 

    How Connected Fitness Solutions Make Workouts Safe & Engaging

    In the pre-virus world, fitness meant working out at the gym or playing outdoor sports. The pandemic has changed the way… Read More
  • IoT development

    How IoT is Reshaping the Way Web Solutions Are Designed & Developed 

    The Internet of Things, more popularly known as IoT, is reshaping web development. As demands for web solutions skyrocket… Read More
  • Healthcare Solutions

    Contactless Healthcare Solutions for a Post-Coronavirus World 

    As soon as the coronavirus pandemic ends, the healthcare industry, like all other sectors, will face a new kind of world.… Read More
  • machine learning development

    How Microsoft Applications Use Machine Learning to Make You More Efficient

    If you use Microsoft Office, you must have lately noticed several changes in almost every application of the software suite.… Read More
  • How Fintech Solutions Development is Reshaping Financial Services

    Fintech, or financial technology, has become a buzzword not in just banking and financial services, but across all major… Read More
  • Artificial Intelligence

    How A.I. Is Enhancing the Fight Against Coronavirus

    The entire world is anxiously dealing with lockdowns and social distancing caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. For the tech… Read More
  • rapid application development

    When to Use Rapid Application Development for Your Software & Why ?

    Rapid Application Development, or the RAD model, is the most dynamic and responsive way of developing software. RAD stands… Read More
  • smart city solution

    Why Dashboard Solution is perfect for your Smart City Technology?

    As countries across the world are facing rapid urbanization, government officials, real-estate developers, business… Read More
  • Salesforce Implementation For Enterprises In 2020: A Complete Guide

    Sales are the lifeline of any business, which is the reason that businesses make their best efforts to boost them. Measuring… Read More
  • SharePoint Online Migration- All That You Need To Know

    Secure and seamless collaboration is essential for running any business smoothly, no matter how large or small it is. As… Read More
  • Is SharePoint a Wise Investment for Startup Organizations?

    Business structures all over the globe are changing at a rapid pace. The advancement in internet and technology have made… Read More
  • Blockchain And E-Commerce: How Do They Make A Winning Combination

    E-commerce selling has been around for decades now and the evolution of the industry has been exemplary. Over the years,… Read More
  • How to Choose the Best Javascript Framework Among Angular, React, & Vue.JS?

    JavaScript is a popular multi-paradigm language. It supports several programming styles including event-driven, functional,… Read More
  • IoT In Automotive: The Beginning Of A New Era

    The Internet of Things technology is no longer out of reach as IoT devices are more common than ever. They are being used in… Read More
  • Android 10 Is Here: Everything That You Need To Know About The New Version

    The hottest news on Google’s circle is the release of Android 10, a new version which has some amazing facts and features… Read More
  • What Is Quantum Computing?

    When it comes to life-changing technologies, quantum computing is poised to emerge as the number one in the list. Once it… Read More
  • Is Blockchain The Right Solution The For IoT Security Challenge

    The Internet of Things has emerged as one of the most powerful technologies for businesses today. With its potential to… Read More
  • How AI Is Capable Of Enhancing The Efficiency Of Your Sales Team

    Artificial Intelligence is one of the most powerful and innovative technologies that are making it big on the business… Read More
  • 5 Tech Trends That Will Impact The Industrial Landscape In 2019

    The last few years have been transformative for industries as they have witnessed several new technologies at a dizzying… Read More
  • 7 Industries That Are Witnessing The Impact Of Voice Technology

    Voice recognition has surfaced as the tech trend of the decade, with voice-based digital assistants becoming part of homes… Read More
  • 5 Tech Trends That Are Transforming Software Development In 2018

    The software development domain is a dynamic one, with trends coming and going at a deafening pace. Every passing day brings… Read More
  • Java Plays An Evolutionary Role For Big Data And The IoT

    Over the last few years, businesses have realized the unmatched potential that data holds. With this, more and more of them… Read More
  • Blockchain and Big Data: The Potent Combo That Drives Business Growth

    The past few years have been eventful for businesses as disruptive technologies have ushered revolutionary changes for… Read More
  • Blockchain Technology Will Rewrite The Future Of Mobile App Development

    The inclination towards adoption of innovative technologies has been increasing with the passage of time. It is so because… Read More
  • 5 Futuristic Technologies That Will Rule Enterprise Mobility In Future

    The impact of technology on human existence is immense. Undoubtedly, the futuristic technologies like the Internet of… Read More
  • How Big Data And Artificial Intelligence Serve Each Other

    The business scenario has changed a lot in the past few years, with disruptive technologies making inroads into it. Big… Read More
  • How Blockchain Spells New Opportunities For Mobility And Commerce

    The human existence is based on mutual trust, particularly when it comes to financial transactions, as there is the involvement… Read More
  • 7 Disruptive IoT Trends That Are Going To Make It Big In 2018

    The Internet of Things has become a term of common knowledge in the past year as even non-technical people have become comfortable… Read More
  • How Big Data Is Opening New Frontiers For Businesses

    As digital becomes the way of life, businesses have opened up to the idea of leveraging Big Data to achieve their target growth.… Read More
  • How Chat Bots Are Poised To Revolutionalize Digital Marketing

    The rise of e-commerce has changed the way things are bought and sold. It has also led to an immense increase in the use of technology… Read More
  • 6 Ways The Blockchain Technology Is Poised To Impact Lives

    Amongst the most disruptive technologies of the present times is the blockchain technology, which goes much beyond distributed… Read More
  • Software Testing Is Geared Up For The AI Revolution

    As technology has proliferated business in every possible way, every enterprise is looking to invest in business applications.… Read More
  • Digital Transformation Is Truly Transforming The Hospitality Industry

    As the world becomes a smaller place, the hospitality industry is going through a period of booming growth. More people… Read More
  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies That Will Reshape The Future

    Artificial Intelligence is perhaps the most trending technology of today’s times. However, the idea is not so new… Read More
  • How IoT Is Driving Growth For Various Industry Verticals

    The Internet of Things is a disruptive technology that has touched the human existence in every possible way. The IoT brings… Read More
  • Trends That Will Be Shaping The IoT Industry in 2017

    The Internet of Things refers to the huge network that connects devices (“things”) to the internet. These devices are embedded… Read More
  • Discover the Futuristic Technology For Hybrid App Development

    Hybrid apps have attained huge popularity because they bring together the best of native and web apps. They serve as a perfect… Read More
  • 6 Industries That Are Experiencing The Amazing Impact Of AR

    Augmented Reality is truly a disruptive technology as it is changing the way the human race interacts with the world around.… Read More
  • Tagging Artificial Intelligence to E-commerce for Enhanced Customer Experience

    Shopping has raised higher from a simple barter system where the needed things got exchanged between the concerned persons… Read More
  • A Peek Into the Strategic Technologies of 2017

    Businesses are becoming hi-tech by quickly embracing the new technologies. The innovations are ruling out the old app… Read More
  • The Benefits of VR and AR Apps for the Business

    The last few years have seen the emergence of disruptive technologies that have totally transformed the business scenario… Read More