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Common Challenges of Enterprise Mobility & Ways to Overcome

enterprise mobility solutions

Businesses are leveraging the importance of enterprise mobility solutions to bring operational flexibility. Mobile apps for business organizations are responsible for eradicating limitations of the workforce and increase flexibility. Using the power of Cloud mobile applications, web apps, process, and management software, one can enhance organizational IT-infrastructure to implement work from home scenarios.

Enterprise mobility acts as a catalyst to enhance employees’ performance by giving access to business data on mobile, laptops, tablets, & personal computers. It leads to improve productivity, capability, operational efficiency, and collaborative efforts.

Despite the many advantages of enterprise mobility solutions, many organizations face few security challenges during the implementation of such solutions.

To make you look at the same, we bring forth common enterprise mobility development challenges and ways to overcome them.

Top Challenges of Enterprise Mobility

1. Device Theft or Loss

Enterprise mobility brings the flexibility to utilize personal devices like smartphones, laptops, or tablets to access business information. It helps in decreasing the operational cost of an enterprise. On the other side, loss or theft of such devices leads to a big business loss. Imagine the amount of data to be compromised after the loss or stolen device.

According to Ponemon Institute, a single loss of device comprising of business data can lead to a loss of $250. Thus, the solution lies with installing applications and file management software to control the efficacy of devices & regain control over the loss of data.

2. User Experience Concerns

Enterprise mobility solutions bring the flexibility of end-to-end user-experience. It drives different users to access business information from any device at any point in time. The purpose is to get data access to all and start delivering more while performing work from home.

Now, the major security challenge that comes across an organization is having no idea of tracking usability factor based on time & device. This could lead to leakage of sensitive information from Private Data, Public Data, and Classified Data systems. Thus, an organization needs to find a viable solution to track user’s activities and bring security protocol of case-sensitive information.

3. Enterprise System Integration

An organization needs to integrate multiple systems with enterprise apps to access the information & automate workflows. It is required to allow employees to connect laptops with mobile devices to access enterprise data and share the same whenever required. Also, employees working from home can share crucial files or data via mobile devices or laptops to the organizational system without creating an information silo.

Any point of break in the interconnected system leads to data loss and non-functional activity. Thus, it is essential to obtain advanced technical means to integrate systems for data processing and network workflows.

4. Mobile App Development

Mobile application development is a complex and cumbersome process. Mobile developers need to implement high-end technology tools for coding, testing, designing, and removing bugs from an app. Also, developers have to create specific apps for Andriod and iOS operating systems that allow permission to access the device’s camera, location, network, and contacts.

The main issue lies with mobile app development is the number of apps developed on a wide basis. This is because on average a single device comprises 80 apps. Thus, business leaders need to be informed about several security protocols.

Best Enterprise Mobility Solutions to Overcome Challenges

Organizations need to collaborate with a leading enterprise app development company to overcome all the serious challenges. It is required to get the assistance of a large pool of enterprise mobile app developers and curb the issue of cybersecurity and data-hacking.

1. Implement Advanced Security Protocols

Hire skilled cybersecurity professionals who will collaborate with developers to ensure effective safety protocols. Doing this helps to encrypt all the data with a cryptographic hash. It allows a digital signature for all the files that need to be verified before opening the same. Thus, counter the cases of unauthorized access to sensitive data and secure the important data.

Also, enable blockchain cybersecurity solutions to simplify the authentication process. This will help in change access privileges based on the network and location of an employee.

2. Cloud-Based System Integration

Enterprise mobility solutions layered with Cloud mediation helps to interconnect apps and software with a centralized system. Using the same developers can create multiple apps for Android and iOS platforms that can function both online and offline.

Now, what needs to be done is restricting the data accessibility as per the user type. There is where you can seek the professional assistance of an enterprise app development company and segregate internal and external APIs.

3. Improvement in Mobile App Development

Business leaders need to decide whether to hire in-house mobile developers or outsource mobile application development services. Whatever the choice is, better to focus on creating native apps for having wide accessibility. Also, need to consider UI for bringing a user-friendly approach to all the customers.

Over-the-air updates are major consideration to increase the efficiency of enterprise mobile apps. The apps should receive automatic updates for managing security protocols and enhance features to deliver a great user experience.


Enterprise mobility solutions have changed the landscape of business operations. The rising trend of work from home has initialized organizations to develop enterprise apps to increase productivity, ensure project quality, and enhance growth. Now, business leaders need to know the real challenges with enterprise applications and overcome them by hiring an enterprise app development company. In this relation, rely on OrangeMantra as a leading enterprise app development company, to bring efficient security standards to protect business data.


1. What is an Enterprise Mobile App?
An enterprise mobile application is an internal app for an organization that allows the employees to access data via smartphones, laptops, or tablets. The application helps manage the business from remote locations and provides round the clock service to ensure maximum customer engagement.

2. How to Secure Enterprise Mobile Application?
There are different ways to secure enterprise mobile app against common issues like loss of devices, user access, app development, and more. Hire the cybersecurity experts at enterprise app development company to overcome security challenges in a hassle-free manner.

3. What are the Benefits of Enterprise Apps for Business?
Implementing the virtues of enterprise mobility solutions helps an organization to create a flexible work environment. By developing apps, you will allow employees to work from any preferred location by having direct access to information. It brings benefits like enhancing operational efficiency, data analysis, customized approach, better customer service, and more.