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How AI in eCommerce Can be A Forerunner of Next-Gen CX (Customer Experience)

AI in eCommerce

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way people understand eCommerce. Now, it is their preferred choice to buy goods. As choosy consumers keep browsing through these online portals, the only platforms that provide the best consumer experience will retain them and earn good profit in the long term. In the eCommerce world, AI (Artificial Intelligence) is set to perform an important role in delivering humanized and personalized shopping experience at scale.

eCommerce and retail enterprises are using AI to deliver better customer engagement. Consequently, this artificial intelligence-driven approach provides a seamless shopping experience to customers at scale. The concentration is towards – an intuitive, quick, and efficient process with an effective checkout. If you are looking for a robust eCommerce solution provider that can enable AI in your product, you can get in touch with the best AI development company.

Worldwide eCommerce sales are expected to reach $4.8 billion by 2021. According to a Gartner study, around 80% of all consumer interactions will be handled by artificial intelligence technologies by 2020.

Robust eCommerce is a Reality

The utilization of AI helps demonstrate the shopping behavior dependent on ‘what’ and ‘when’ of a product. For example, if an online buyer purchases rice weekly, an e-tailer can send a customized offer to the buyer. Machine Learning (ML) suggestions can help in cross-selling by recommending a product that works well alongside the rice dishes.

Digital native eCommerce support organizations are taking the prime position leveraging AI to anticipate trends, set prices, and customized promotions. Several AI-based digital assistants i.e. Google Duplex are building functionalities like making grocery lists and placing online orders for them. IoT solutions like Amazon Dash Button ease daily purchases alongside simplified re-ordering solutions.

Where AI is Augmenting eCommerce Consumer Experience?

This new trend of eCommerce is diverting the way brand-consumer engagement takes place. eCommerce is the quickest rising medium and requires a machine to derive insight and give suggestions on a real-time basis. Let’s understand how AI upsetting numerous aspects of consumer experience by providing real-time insight, unifying data, and integration of significant business contexts.

Consumer Services Experiences a Massive Change

Indeed, the biggest impact of AI is making consumer service swift, automated, and hassle-free. Enterprises can pre-empt buyer expectations by knowing past behaviors and delivering quick solutions to boost service experience.

Conversation AI is now utilized in numerous aspects of customer engagement. They are structured to pretend human-like interactions and instant responses 24/7. It has minimized the overall turnaround time and issues in managing complaints of customers. Virtual Assistants utilize Conversation AI to follow directions or answer queries. For example, Sparing was the first online retailer to use FB Messenger Bot store for delivering personal shopping support. It automates the journey of a buyer and helping them to find their desired product. The originality of the assistant is that it does so by interacting with them in a formal conversation. Same as the integration of WhatsApp-Chatbot is acquiring fervor amongst e-tailers.

Analytical Personalization

AI is helping businesses follow experiences that usually integrate with consumer’s daily lives. Smart customizations and predictions make customers feel as if every brand or product experience was personalized only for them.

eCommerce associations can effectively measure buyer inventories and customer patterns to forecast and deliver goods automatically. Prompt shopping switches any page into a checkout area. Also, it can accelerate the process of purchase for a dedicated consumer. This is possible as AI-empowered brands to turn shopping into a one-click experience alongside an instant checkout button. Artificial Intelligence can also adapt this checkout preference and transform new users into genuine clients, regardless of their devices.

Utilizing Analytics to Find High-End Consumer Insights

Optimum consumer experience is possible only if enterprises remember their consumers and treat them alongside consideration. The AI-empowered analytics has the potential to sift through big datasets comprising such details to uncover business opportunities. So, you can invest your time arranging these insights as an option of taking out this crucial data.

Predicting Consumer Need – Even Before the Consumers

Artificial Intelligence can help forecast and simplify the decision-making process of re-tailers in real-time. By learning and identifying the patterns from big datasets from various sources like the weather forecast, past transactions, online viewing history, special media trends seasonal patterns, facial expression analysis, etc.

AI can help businesses adapt and have a grasp on an ever-rising market environment. By evolving foretelling accuracy, computer vision and ML can help better anticipate customer demands while automating and optimizing supplier negotiations.

Better Inventory Management

Effective inventory management is all about managing the optimal stock. This can satisfy the market requirement by neither going understock nor including SKU wastage. Though a customary form of inventory management, AI-empowered predictive analytics is allowing control based on data associate to:

  • Traditional data across consumption
  • Predictable or Estimated Changes in Product Requirements
  • Possible Supply-related Problems such as Logistics That Impacts Inventory

Instead of this, AI is additionally empowering simplified warehouse management with the advent of robots.

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Simplifying Experience

Artificial Intelligence can be used to evaluate price vigorously. This implies that it can diminish the cost to bring more sales when required. Robust AI-based algorithms take complete care of optimum sales on their own.

Wrapping Up

The eCommerce business will be completely driven by intelligent consumer experiences. Although, it will see a notable rise in personalized options and shopping recommendations. To assure smooth sailing in the New Normal, enterprises should deliver unmatched consumer service backed with hi-tech advances at the same time. Artificial Intelligence empowered technologies are helping concrete loyalty by balancing rationality. At OrangeMantra, we are a leading AI development company that specializes in a full range of chatbot development platforms. You can connect with us to hire a professional AI developer or team and get started with your journey.


How AI can help eCommerce?

The utilization of artificial intelligence is changing the E-commerce industry by predicting shopping trends based on the items that customers purchase and when they purchase them.

With the evolving benefits of AI in eCommerce, customers are leveraging simpler and smoother shopping experience on the web than ever before.

How Retailers are Using AI?

AI has become a primary element in the digitization of in-store retail by customizing the consumer experience and building a more engaged business-to-customer interaction. For retail organizations, AI makes an opportunity to fill the gap amid virtual and physical sales channels.

What will AI be used for in the future?

In the AI-empowered future, humans can communicate and enage with each other in the native language of choice. They don’t need to think about miscommunicating intentions. Machine learning or ML models have the ability to understand nuance, context, and colloquialisms that allow to bridge the gaps of human interaction.