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How IT Staff Augmentation Boosts Enterprise Profit, Growth, & Productivity

Posted By : Vaibhav
IT Staff Augmentation

With enterprises tech requirements evolving, IT staff augmentation has become a buzzword. As it attracts businesses at all levels to hire skilled staff remotely, approaches to implementing technology are getting more efficient. Given the pandemic-driven shift towards remote work, organizations require an affordable workforce to do more. Hence, many companies have prioritized cost-efficiency and agility as key areas to stay ahead of the competition. For most enterprises, staff augmentation is a real-time solution to acquire a modern approach to extend teams and increase productivity at a low cost. 
Most companies have already been on their toes due to cutting down operational costs and still providing quality services. One of the proven measures to ensure sustainability and profit is hiring talent globally by using the staff augmentation model.  

Now, the question is this: how exactly do IT staffing services help your organization meet business objectives? To get to the bottom of it, you first need to understand why your organization needs IT staff augmentation in the first place. That’s where this post will help you! Let us answer all of such questions. Read further below to have a better understanding.  

What Exactly Is IT Staff Augmentation? 

IT staff augmentation is a modern-day hiring technique, or you can say a highly advanced outsourcing model. By using this service, you can hire the skill set needed to work on and extend your development team. 

It is more about scanning your existing staff to see the gap between any of the resources or skills. Once you feel the gap, then outsource remote-based professional assistance and work as your augmented staff.  

At this point, you must be thinking, if staff augmentation is all about hiring staff on a remote basis. Then what’s the difference between this service and other hiring models.  

We will answer that also. 

Staff Augmentation: With this model of hiring resources remotely, you can scale up and down the requirements of the enterprise. Just like any other staff hiring model, you need not hire a resource on a permanent or long-term basis. Whatever skills you require at the moment, find the same in a professional. Moreover, pay only for the hours worked on your project with no such mandatory affair to retain the resource.  

Managed IT Service: It is another resource hiring model for enterprises. Managed IT service is more about making a contract with the service team. Hire a permanent IT staff and avail their technical output for a long duration. Under this model, it’s you, who has to manage this staff as your extended team.  

How Staff Augmentation Works for You? 

Understanding the working mechanism of IT staff augmentation is not that difficult. It all starts with your requirement for a particular skill set and that too for a particular project.  

Once you figure out the talent you require as part of your team, then start looking for staff augmentation professionals. Get in touch with IT staff augmentation experts to scan the profiles of talented professionals and hire accordingly.  

Why Your Enterprise Needs IT Staff Augmentation Services? 

The most common reason enterprises shift to staff augmentation is hiring skills that the company does not have. It’s like, your enterprise has a shortage of skill set from the existing pool of talent or needs an extra technical hand. So, in such circumstances, staff augmentation helps you find the right people at the right time. 

For example, you have a newly built start-up organization and have a limited budget for infrastructure, resources, and more. At times of scaling up the business, you need more technical experts, and that too at a low cost. Thus, staff augmentation helps you find the relevant talent temporarily.  

Apart from the above, there could be many situations when staff augmentations come for your rescue: 

  • When you want to increase your team of software developers, designers, and more. 
  • Fulfill the required need for specialized skills that your team does not have at the moment. 
  • Urgently work on a particular project that requires a highly professional approach. 
  • When your business moves to a new location or changes the line of business, you need staff augmentation. 
  • Get a competitive edge over competitors by having the right professional and talent approach.  

Key Benefits of IT Staffing Solutions 

Accelerate the Growth of Business 

The growth of enterprise relies on the successful and timely completion of projects while maintaining quality. It all depends on the staffing efforts to work on a particular project. Staff augmentation helps you find the talent remotely when you needed the most.  

The service gives you a flexible benefit to close the gap between demand and supply at an affordable price. Thus, find the rapid development and increase in project’s efficiency and improved enterprise’s growth. 

Gain a Competitive Advantage 

To stay ahead of the competition business needs to showcase talent, speed, and effective functioning. One of the ways to achieve the same is getting the assistance of certain skill sets.  

By doing this, firms can avoid the high incurring cost of employing in-house specialists. They can rely more on outsourcing yet remote professionals to develop an app or a website at a low cost.  

Complete Control Over Your Project 

Leverage the potential of outside staff augmentation service to control the project environment all by yourself. Staff augmentation allows you to take entire control of the project. The skillset you hire will work according to your timeline and requirements. Therefore, you have the power to take charge of everything. While the external staff member only uses the skill set to enrich your project. 

IT Staff Augmentation Services Before & After the Pandemic  

  • As per Statista, the global outsourcing market before the Covid-19 hit at the revenue of $92.5 billion. Post-pandemic, IT staff augmentation size grows to $132.9 billion. 
  • Most of the companies have incorporated Cloud Services for the employees and staff augmentation. It has led to a revenue increase from $214.3 billion to $249.8 billion. 
  • Global revenue of the Outsourced customer experience market in 2019 was $78.8 billion, and now it comes to $82.6 billion. 
  • The outsourcing industry’s recruitment process was $15 billion in 2019 and grew to $18 billion at the end of 2020.  

Adapt & Grow Swiftly with Staff Augmentation 

IT staff augmentation is ready to bring dynamic progress to enterprises. Rather than relying on long-term or full-time hiring models, get a skilled and remote-based team ready.  

Utilize the external recruitment and skilled workforce assistance of a company like OrangeMantra & drive digitally ahead. Capitalize on the ability of the greatest resource to work remotely and temporarily for you and meet the desired outcomes.  


  1. Is Staff Augmentation Important for Business?

IT staff augmentation is considered an important tool to save costs on resources. Businesses need robust, highly experienced, and tech-savvy professionals to assist on important projects in real-time. This model of hiring resources allows companies to set up a remote-based team to further save on infrastructural and management costs. 

  1. What is the Difference Between Staff Augmentation & Consulting?

Project-based consulting is a project-specific service that provides you with a roadmap to maximize time and productivity. Staff augmentation is diverse to have the professionals hired for whatever projects you want.   

  1. What is the Cost of Availing IT Staff Augmentation?

The price factor varies as per the skill set required, duration of the project, and productivity hours. First, you need to decide the requirement and then proceed further to find affordable assistance.