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How Progressive Web Apps Are Transforming Customer Engagement

Progressive Web Apps

This pandemic, as per many pieces of research, has revolutionized the business landscape by putting a spotlight on digital media. There has been a subsequent rise in the use of smartphones. Furthermore, the methods of customer acquisition in the technical world have also advanced allowing businesses to engage, acquire, and retain their consumers easily. Several Mobile App Development companies are capitalizing on this moment introducing new ways to lure customers, widening their service horizon in industries like travel, FMCG, etc, and using new tech like React Native App Development or Progressive Web apps development.

The Pandemic has created a ripple effect in digital transformation, with new methods launching on a daily basis, it has accelerated the use of digitally powered devices. There has been a rapid increase in the use of PWAs also. PWAs are being used to make customer interaction with the application more meaningful and personalized. In this particular piece of information, we’re going to look at how PWAs can be helpful in transforming your journey post-COVID-19.

Brief Overview of PWAs

Progressive Web Apps or PWAs are a combination of the best bits of websites and the best of applications. Users don’t want to download and install large applications on their devices, creating app fatigue among developers. PWAs offer a website-based user experience with the look and feel of an application, eliminating the need of downloading the applications from the play store or app store. Its biggest benefit is that PWAs don’t depend on on-device storage and deliver high functionality over the web only.

PWAs are going to disrupt the mobile using pattern by closing the gap of web experience and native applications. And looking at the current technological environment it can be said that consumers focus more on the speed and performance of an app rather than the brands’ name. PWA is not just only a web app, it is a tool that can be leveraged to deliver an omnichannel experience across different channels.

How PWAs are transforming the Digital Industry?

Eliminating the Third-party dependency

One of the major benefits of using PWAs is that they don’t depend on any third-party marketplace, i.e. developers and business owners are able to publish anything or any type of app without complying or paying any amount to marketplaces and without worrying about creating different versions of an app for every Operating system.

Cost Efficiency

Since PWAs are independent of OS and marketplaces, they can be created using simple coding languages, eventually allowing businesses to save a lot of money in hiring professionals to build native applications. Moreover, it is built as a web-app, hence it’d be easier for you to completely revamp the whole application, even if your handling team is changed, or if there’s a change in management.


Since the PWAs are OS and Hardware septic, it can deliver the same performance across a range of hardware, even if the devices have bare-minimum compatibility as per other applications. Combining this with the caching ability, PWAs are a force to be reckoned with as it allows the app to load faster over the web faster.

Faster Development

Looking at all the above-mentioned points anyone can easily conclude that it is much faster to develop PWAs as these applications are not as complicated as the rest of the applications that we find on Marketplaces. It is easier for developers to fix the issues, modify, edit, or improve the user experience of a PWA whenever they want.  

Wrapping Up

Since the Pandemic happened, we are witnessing more and more technological advancements and enterprises need to take advantage of these improvements to gain a competitive edge in the market. PWAs are completely agile, flexible, and scalable technology that can be put to use in meeting and maintaining the user’s expectation. PWAs can be used as a faster method for developing applications and offering Retail Solutions on the go, like converting your eCommerce website into a PWA, enhancing your reach as well as revenue with little investment.

It is recommended that you get in touch with a professional Mobile App Development Company like OrangeMantra, that can help you in revamping some of your existing applications into PWAs. Start small, revamp a bunch of little applications, watch results, and then decide to use PWAs for the long-run.


Q1. What is PWA development?
PWA development is a software development practice mainly used to create a web with the functionality of a mobile or desktop application. These applications are faster and simpler than the traditional mobile applications.

Q2. Which Framework is best for PWA Development?
There is more than one framework that can be used for PWA development. However, ReactJS, AngularJS, and VUE are the most used and best frameworks as per the developer’s community.

Q3. What are some examples of PWA?
Flipboard is one example of PWA that delivers the news. Other PWA examples are:

  1. Housing.com
  2. Starbucks
  3. Digikala
  4. Uber
  5. Pinterest, etc.