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Integrate Your B2B Online Business with Social Media

Social media is not solely meant for personal interaction these days. It has become an important media for growing the business. It is greatly influencing the branders and the marketers to advertise their products. The B2C companies are able to advertise and sell their products directly to the customers, interact with them, predict sales, and so forth.

Social media is a boon for the business today with 50% reduced market expenses; enhanced sales of about 51%; growing business partnerships (55%); improved search engine rankings by 58%; lead generation increase by 65%; gives an insight into marketplace (68%); won loyal customers (69%); more traffic inflow of about 77% and increased exposure by 90%. The business reach is an indisputable attribute of social media.

However, when it comes to B2B business, the products are not sold directly sold to the average Facebook or the Twitter user. Till today, we witness that B2B rely on cold calling, attend business networking breakfast, and other traditional tactics. Though these strategies are effective, integration of social media promises even better results.

A general survey report states that

  • 54% of B2B marketers are generating leads from social media
  • 90% of enterprises respond to customer service inquiries
  • 72% followers of Twitter are likely to make a purchase in future

We find more B2B companies expanding their horizon beyond LinkedIn as witnessed below. Social media could be used for branding and also gaining leads in no time.The data is represented in the bar chart below.


Let us explore a few strategies that would help a B2B business to gain more traffic.

  • Each B2B services must make their products or services develop an angle which is applicable for a broader audience. For instance, a B2B e-commerce website involved in selling of vibratory leaching systems in mines may tweet about mine reclamation to draw interest of other people, the merchant involved in selling PVC caging may tweet on social media about animals survival in environment other than native ones, create research environment in order to help the scientists, and so forth. This would curtail the boring angle of selling the products and invites a larger audience.
  • Every B2B companies must humanize their brand on social media. The initial engagement, writing of updates, and etc., must be a real person instead of robotics. The company must hire someone who is an expert to create a movement on social media, shape the brand’s voice rather than the one who simply updates the status on regular basis.
  • Though the ultimate objective of social media engagement is gaining leads, engagement and presence on social media form the first and foremost step, whereas the leads will automatically follow.

The same good old proverb “Well begun is half done ” holds good here too. Making a crystal clear and strategic entry into the social media create wonders for B2B business in the long run.

If you are planning to develop a B2B e-commerce website or integrate social media or create a social community of your own on Social Engine platform, you may get in touch with digital marketing specialists and social engine developers at Orange Mantra. For more details visit our site at

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