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Intelligent Enterprises: A Trend That Is Here To Stay


Algorithms have transformed lives and they will continue to disrupt the way we live and work. The smart technologies make lives easier than ever, with virtual assistants offering recommendations while shopping, operating automated devices at homes, giving traffic updates while driving, and more. However, you would want to leverage innovative technologies to drive productivity and efficiency at workplaces as well. This is still a distant vision as you have to face the challenges related to managing multiple systems and processes to get data that you need to make business decisions. The best approach would be to become an Intelligent Enterprise, an enterprise application development trend that is all set to become the future of business. Before answering the why’s, what’s, and how’s of the concept, let us try and understand what Intelligent Enterprises actually are.

Intelligent Enterprises: All That You Need To Know
Essentially, Intelligent Enterprises are the ones that are willing to let go of the traditional models, systems, and processes and embracing innovation proactively. In this process, they are investing in several web and mobile applications that are based on the latest technologies and empower them with the following features:

  • Automate tedious and repetitive tasks and processes
  • Facilitate agility and efficiency in overall operations
  • Uncover rich and actionable insights from business data
  • Render better experiences for customers and employees
  • Give your business a competitive advantage

Beyond these features, it is important to understand that such enterprises have not only embraced digital to transform themselves. They are tapping the potential of these applications to uncover new use cases and eventual prospects which might act as catalysts for exponential growth.

Why become an Intelligent Enterprise?
With the business landscape being digitally charged and competition being at all-time high, enterprises that fail to keep pace will be in a fix. Similarly, the ever-growing customer expectations is another reason that becoming intelligent does not remain a choice for businesses. However, this is going to be easier said than done, with typical enterprises being heavily dependent on legacy systems, lacking agility in embracing innovations, and struggling with cost burdens. To survive in such tough circumstances, organizations need to continually strive for achieving new levels of agility that drives seamless innovation.

What goes into building Intelligent Enterprises?
In the dynamic corporate landscape, adaptability is essential for enterprises. Success is assured if you focus on the customer, while being willing to embrace the latest technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data Analytics. At a basic level, an intelligent enterprise utilizes both, internal and external data in real time to understand the customers holistically and adapt the internal processes to be able to align themselves with customer expectations and market imperatives. Here is all that goes into building Intelligent Enterprises:

  • To start with, the entire organization must be connected, while the complex processes must be automated. To make this possible, you need to have a unified digital core which enables a real-time, event-driven business. Such an enterprise is powered by applications which facilitate the collection and orchestration of business data.
  • Once a digital core is established, intelligent enterprises can avail the advantage of structured or unstructured data sources, both internal and external real-time sensors. The data so gathered can be manipulated using machine-learning algorithms for bringing improvements in the processes across the organization.
  • Disruptive businesses are able to achieve success because they are capable of harnessing data to understand consumer expectations and deliver accordingly.

How business outcomes are influenced by Intelligent Enterprises?
Agility and stability coupled with holistic transformation are the key objectives of Intelligent enterprises. Achieving these objectives is all about exploring the ways to bring growth while managing resources and controlling costs. This is possible by innovating, adapting, anticipating, and leveraging data. Let us understand how such enterprises are experiencing better outcomes through innovation:

  • Simplifying the processing of data
  • Enterprises that rely on traditional systems for data processing fail to leverage Business Intelligence because these systems just do not work. Conversely, intelligent enterprises use enterprise applications that are tailored to store and process data more effectively. This enables businesses to take swift decisions and reduce time-to-value.

  • Harnessing data for useful information
  • One of the biggest challenges with enterprise data is that it is scattered, lying across multiple clouds. Such scattered data hinders access to the relevant information at the right time. Risks related to non-compliance and security breaches are heightened as well. With Intelligent enterprises, information access is standardized with the adoption of data platforms as the core technology. This eliminates the challenges related to data accessibility and security and non-compliance risks as well.

  • Delivering best-in-class user experiences
  • Intelligent enterprises are capable of getting rich insights from real-time data, which can be used for analyzing their behavior patterns, anticipating their needs, and creating offerings that are tailored to deliver the most amazing experiences. This speeds up the customer growth and enhances the level of customer satisfaction, thus leading to higher revenues.

  • Enhancing performance with actionable insights
  • Unless you have rich data that generates actionable insights, even the best efforts will not yield business growth. Intelligent enterprises utilize their data to unlock real-time insights that not only highlight customer expectations but also provide a comprehensive view of the operational chains. With this, enterprises can keep an eye on the service standards and address anomalies and risks at the earliest.

  • Driving innovation at all levels
  • The use of new-tech platforms assists Intelligent Enterprises in innovating at a foreseeable pace and drive agile returns on digital investments. Further, they facilitate visibility and accelerated insights, which make it possible to identify risks and opportunities and act on them to drive the best business outcomes.

    Now that the what’s, why’s, and how’s are answered, you will probably be able to visualize enterprise intelligence in a new light. Even though becoming an Intelligent Enterprise should be your top priority, you need to understand that it involves much more than simply the implementation of the latest technologies. In fact, this implementation should be tailored according to the specific challenges and needs of your business. Additionally, the current status of digital maturity of the business should be evaluated before moving ahead with the next step.

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