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The Best E-commerce CMS for your Online Business

The Best E-commerce CMS for your Online Business

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Presently, e-commerce has become a necessity more than a passion due to the expansion of today’s tech-oriented business world. Also, E-Commerce CMS platforms are energizing the evolution of online business with parallel tech evolution. Now, merchants have several choices of elaborative e-commerce platforms and CMSs that are allowing them to create wonderful web & UX/UI experiences.

Moreover, these CMSs are helping them keep up the pace with modern web and mobile app development trends. With such a long list of choices, it is high time that merchants make an informed choice so that they can figure out the apt platform for their business requirements.

In this blog, we will take a glance at top CMSs for eCommerce web development that can help you create exclusive and powerful online stores. So, keep reading.

Top 5 Ecommerce CMSs For Creating Splendid User Experience

#1. Magento

It is one of the most reliable & trusted platforms as it enables an appreciable level of customization and functionality. The Magento eCommerce platform is also appreciated for enabling ease in building an SEO-friendly online store. Also, it offers an abundant number of extensions and receives constant assistance from a hyper-active community.

Besides, it is scalable and futuristic in such a way that it enables merchants to scale features like order management, shipping cost calculation, data analytics, and much more. Moreover, you don’t need to hunt for a new platform in the future with regard to upgrades or flexibility.

Another characteristic of Magento is platform compatibility as it supports all business sizes’ needs for B2B, omnichannel, and mobile commerce. An extensive library, plugins, and extension support make it incredible eCommerce CMS to leverage in the contemporary era.


  • Offers drag and drop for eCommerce store development
  • Enables content and promotions personalization
  • Develop a personalized shopping experience
  • Create, preview, and schedule content with ease
  • Leverage SEO friendly & responsive built-in themes
  • Update & Manage data seamlessly
  • Enables multi-channel marketing
  • Provide smart inventory and order management
  • Establish a solution for easy engagement and sales with relevant product recommendations

Why Choose?

  • Full of features for customization
  • SEO friendly and swift loading solutions
  • Users can customize their store
  • Detailed information access to store owners
  • Features for documents, FAQs, orders, customer, product, and reporting

#2. Woocommerce

It is one of the major WordPress plugins that allow you to build intuitive e-stores on the WordPress platform. It is a cost-effective eCommerce CMS suitable for both small and large businesses. You can easily set up and learn this CMS even without prior tech exposure. Also, it offers best WooCommerce Development Services.

Moreover, you don’t need a powerful server as it runs on WordPress and receives extensive community support. Also, you can convert your enterprise WordPress website to an e-store with ease. It has a huge user base that enables access to numerous extensions and themes.

Being one of the best eCommerce CMSs, WooCommerc also offers various features to make online store development seamless.


  • Easy store set-up
  • Flexible and secure payments
  • Compatible credit card, payment gateways, and support deposits
  • Seamless management system for orders
  • Platform compatibility (iOS and Android)
  • Extensive free and paid extension collection
  • Seamless product category management

Why Choose?

  • Multiple free features
  • Simple and use to use
  • Customize themes with ease
  • Faster websites even with complex features
  • Ass unlimited product
  • SEO compatible

#3. Drupal CMS

Being one of the commendable open-source CMSs, Drupal enables you to capitalize on user experience, content marketing, and flexibility. Using it, you can easily implement an SEO strategy and add an incredible range of functions.

It is the best e-Commerce CMS with exquisite user-friendly features. However, you need some technical experience to build a store on it. Furthermore, it offers a wide range of extensions and plugins to expand your online store functionality.

If you want a self-hosted solution, Drupal is the best eCommerce CMS you should choose.


  • Allows store experience improvement
  • Offers proper web experience management system
  • Create customer-centric and personalized user experiences
  • Provides higher extensibility via apis
  • Integrate popular marketing tools
  • Offers ease in metadata and taxonomy infusion

Why choose?

  • SEO-friendly content
  • Clear & concise data
  • Reach a global audience
  • Exclusive site user experience
  • Customer-centric features

#4. Shopify

Who doesn’t know about Shopify today!!! It is recognized as the best eCommerce CMSs due to its comprehensive range of features. More than 800,000 businesses worldwide are using Shopify-based online stores, per a Shopify report. It makes it most reliable and trusted.

Succinctly, it is an all-in-one e-Commerce CMS that caters to all your development needs. Whether you are a small merchant or a large enterprise, it enables you to set up your store with ease. Also, you can simply manage products and handle orders on a single dashboard.

Also, it offers free integration with eBay and Amazon without any coding to attract more customers and generate sales.


  • Seamless storefront customization via templates’ intuitive settings
  • Complete access to the HTML and CSS files of your store
  • Simple mobile eCommerce cart integration
  • No domain name limitation
  • A full-featured system for content management
  • On the go store management
  • Effortless gift card, discount, and social media integration
  • Easy product import/export via CSV files

Why choose?

  • Easy to develop an eCommerce store
  • Access to several professional, mobile-friendly, & splendid themes
  • Apps covering marketing, accounting, shipping, and other aspects
  • 24/7 support

#5. PrestaShop:

Due to its easy-to-use features, it is always appreciated as the best eCommerce CMS for creating large/small-scale online stores. With countless numbers of functionalities, it makes eCommerce development cost-effective and flexible.

Along with SEO benefits, it also removes the language barrier by enabling 40 language support. Moreover, a massive community of PrestaShop Developers is ready to help everyone at any time. Per the PrestaShop report, more than 300,000 merchants & e-businesses are using it.

You can easily store and customize e-solution as per your need. Also, you can select the full-hosted and self-hosted versions as per your vantage.


  • Swiftly create products and bunches with sleek menus & layouts
  • Easily enable sellers to upload files to sell products
  • Seamlessly add product and related attributes
  • Full control over purchase quantity
  • Seamless checkout page configuration

Why choose?

  • Easy to install & configure
  • Free open-source shopping cart
  • Best for non-technical users
  • Seamless customization
  • Secure & reliable payment methods

If you are stuck with the choice of e-commerce CMS for your online venture or any related e-commerce issues, OrangeMantra is here to help you. We are a well-renowned web design and development company providing the best services for regional and global clients. Our approach is client-centric as we bear in mind the unique requirements of each client and help them choose the right CMS platform to create a visually appealing and functionally robust e-commerce store to represent their business online.


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