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Connected and Automated Parking Solutions

Parking solutions pave the way towards better living as drivers, cities, and the environment benefit extensively from improved utilization of available spaces and reduced parking search traffic. OrangeMantra’s fully connected and automated smart parking solutions make parking safer, more efficient, and more convenient everywhere – whether at home, on the streets, or in public parking lots. We follow a holistic approach, with a comprehensive IoT solution to cover every aspect of parking. With our IOT-powered parking solutions, we contribute to the realization of the concept of smart city, which focuses on an enhanced quality of life and safe environmental conditions for everyone.

IOT-Powered Parking- Making Things Better For Everyone

Benefits for Civic Agencies

  • Improved parking policies for cities
  • Greater control over special permit spaces
  • Guidance and route optimization for drivers
  • Decreased costs through easy maintenance
  • Additional revenue and decreased cost
  • Considerable reduction in CO2 emissions
Emerging Tech Services
Emerging Tech Services

Benefits for parking operators

  • Implementation of flexible, demand-based pricing strategies
  • Improved customer experience and increased loyalty
  • Assistance to drivers to locate spaces for special permits
  • Save drivers’ time and stress looking for parking spaces
  • Offer a mobility solution to find parking spaces on-the-go
  • Generation of additional revenue and cost savings

How Our All-In-One Smart Parking Solution Works

Our intelligent parking solutions utilize the full potential of digitalization, from smart sensors, to intelligent software, to deep analysis of the available data. The objective of the system is to eliminate unnecessary parking-related traffic and ensure an optimal utilization of parking facilities. This saves drivers’ time, minimizes the environmental impact of traffic, and enhances the quality of life in cities. Our IoT-powered parking solutions make people, business, and cities smarter!

Smart Parking Sensor

Smart parking sensors are installed directly on the parking bays for detecting parked vehicles and vacant spaces.

Parking mobile app

A mobile app for both iOS and Android platforms guides drivers to vacant parking spaces in real-time.

Analytics management system

The system gives information on the parking occupancy, systems uptime, and historical parking statistics.

Parking behavior Analytics

Automated user reports are shared by the system on a weekly basis to track the parking behavior of drivers.

Transform your parking spaces with IoT solutions

Leverage advanced technologies like infrared and magnetometer bay sensors to manage parking and detect when vehicles park in the available spaces.

Easy deployment

Our connected IoT parking solutions deploy high-tech bluetooth enabled sensors that are quick and easy to install, yet powerful and cost-effective.

Real-time availability

With sensor-based solutions, drivers have real-time insights on parking spot availability, which translates into saving time, cutting mileage, and reducing congestion.

One-click payments

By syncing sensors with the driver’s app, the solution enables one-click payments and generates additional revenues by leading to longer parking sessions.

EV bay management

Get greater control of your EV bays. Sensors regulate parking allocation to ensure that EV vehicles that which require charging can use these premium charging spaces.

Disabled bay management

Leverage sensors to make sure that the accessible bays are allocated to the right vehicles so that disabled drivers can park safely and comfortably.

Mobile app for drivers

As a part of the solution, free parking spaces are detected and information is sent to the drivers via a mobile app and to the parking administrator through a dedicated platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

IoT-powered parking system provides data on parking space occupancy in real-time in a specific zone. The data can be accessed by drivers via selected media such as mobile apps and digital signage to find vacant parking spots.
The development of an IoT-powered parking system includes hardware design and architecture, development of firmware, and dedicated cloud software for processing vehicle detection sensor data.
With us, you don’t need to keep a specialist on the client’s side to perform any kind of maintenance work. Our support and maintenance team is always ready to help.
The cost of building an IoT application depends on several factors ranging from technology suite, app complexity, features and experience of mobile app developers.