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Embark on your industrial IoT journey with smart factory automation

Smart factories have transformed the traditional manufacturing arena completely, with technological advancements such as IoT-enabled smart machines, sensor intelligence, robotics and additive manufacturing emerging as the key drivers. Manufacturers are fast embracing industrial internet of things (IIoT) to automate their factory operations and processes, so that they can be ahead of the curve. Going forward, innovative smart factory automation solutions will become the norm, as they have the potential to empower industrial companies to manage industrial operations in a cost-effective manner, while adhering to timelines and without compromising on quality. OrangeMantra’s Smart Factory Automation solutions offer cutting-edge manufacturing IT services for end-to-end manufacturing automation services. These solutions are designed to cover shop floor to the top floor, so that you can concentrate on other mission-critical aspects of running your business. Discover the power of industrial IoT and smarten up your factory operations with our smart solutions.

Core Features Of Our Smart Factory Automation Solutions

Intelligent Operations With AI And ML

Intelligent Operations With AI And ML

  • Demand forecasting and production capacity planning
  • Detection of sudden and unexpected equipment failures
  • Identification of bottlenecks in supply chain and logistics
  • Real-time demand visibility for better decision-making
  • Predictive maintenance with advanced algorithms
  • Digital twins to regulate the production process

Performance Monitoring & Predictive Analytics

  • Real-time and interactive dashboards with KPI graphs
  • Monitoring performance of each production line
  • Collection of data for improving operations with ML
  • NLP to derive the requested reports quickly and accurately
  • Predictive equipment failure and efficiency degradation
  • Predictive modeling for proactive maintenance scheduling
Performance Monitoring & Predictive Analytics
Smart Ticketing Solutions For Issue Tracking

Smart Ticketing Solutions For Issue Tracking

  • Intelligent organization, prioritization, and routing of tickets
  • Availability of predictive insights for service management requests
  • Equipment failure prediction and auto-assignment of tickets for maintenance
  • Auto update for ticket status when changes in the status of machinery
  • Accurate classification-model based on historical ticket information
  • ML algorithms for accurate estimation for task completion

Anomaly Diagnosis And Precision Assurance

  • Machine-first solution for leveraging industrial IoT data
  • ML algorithms modeled to make accurate predictions of failures
  • Detection of misuse of industrial systems or suspicious events
  • Instant mobile notifications to immediately act and resolve anomalies
  • Self-learning algorithms to continually improve efficiency
  • Increased accuracy and precision in anomaly detection
Anomaly Diagnosis And Precision Assurance

Our Range Of Industrial IoT Solutions

 AI and IoT
AI and IoT
By bringing together the power of IoT and AI, we create a 360-degree view of how your factory is running right now and how things can be improved in the future. We connect objects across the entire manufacturing operation for automating processes and building better products.
Predictive Maintenance
The Intelligent Engineering approach we take makes us capable of delivering proactive support which is focused on business outcomes. We utilize analytics to predict potential problems and address them even before they become major issues.
Intelligent Dashboards
With our smart factory dashboards, we provide a virtualization of manufacturing optimization. The dashboard gives a single real-time view of the entire factory operations, along with management reporting and complete drill-down to processes and machines for root cause analysis.
 Digital Supply Chain
Digital Supply Chain
We also offer advanced digital supply chain solutions that ensure reliable end-to-end visibility, traceability, efficiency, and security across the supply chain, right from the goods in stage to customer delivery.
SAP Manufacturing
SAP Manufacturing Solutions
We offer comprehensive experience and expertise in design and implementation of SAP platforms for factories and global manufacturers. Our SAP manufacturing solutions can help you with monitoring, control, and optimization of your production processes.
Workplace Solutions
Workplace Solutions
With Workplace solutions, we connect people, applications, processes, data, and devices seamlessly and securely. We provide a managed service that blends together access to the traditional, virtual and mobile platforms for building an agile and connected workforce.
Security Solutions
We create reliable industrial security solutions that are capable of safeguarding systems, processes, and operational data. The key objective is to manage the assets, equipment, and materials, while preventing threats related to their theft and unauthorized use through the manufacturing cycle.
Wearables For Worker Safety
With our wearable solutions, we empower factory owners to better manage workforce safety. These applications enable monitoring of the workers in real-time and collection of biometric data to deliver safety improvements.
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Our Robotic Process Automation solutions are designed to enhance operational efficiency, drive productivity improvements, minimize operational costs, eliminate human error, and improve your customer experience.
Digital Business
Platform for Digital Business
With our digital business solutions, we aspire to build and consolidate end-to-end digital systems that connect applications, people, and things to bring a complete digital transformation for your manufacturing operations.

Key Elements Of Digital Factory Transformation



Ensuring the highest levels of automation to increase productivity and uptime



Enhancing visibility across all operations to facilitate real-time decision making



Creating configurable factory layouts and implementing product changes in real-time



Taking a proactive approach with automated fault detection and safety monitoring



Connecting people, machines, and processes to improve efficiency and productivity

Why Choose As Your Factory Automation Partner

As a world-class digital transformation company with two decades of experience, we understand the challenges you may face on the road to factory automation. Our team blends our own and partner technologies to create connected solutions that optimize your manufacturing and operating environment.

We understand how to leverage new technologies such as IoT, ML, AI, RPA and Cloud services to connect industrial machines and devices for seamless automation. The sole objective of our smart solutions is to ensure higher productivity, eliminate bottlenecks, and deliver extensive cost savings.

Our solutions are holistic, covering every single aspect of factory automation. From sourcing to procurement, processing, distribution, warehousing, sales, and customer service, we enable you to manage the entire operations for improved efficiency, increased throughput, transparency in processes, and addressing bottlenecks.

Factory Automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The implementation of the smart factory automation solution depends on the preparedness of your infrastructure and the business use case. However, if you have been collecting and storing data in any way, it would not take much time to install and set up. In case you have any specific customization requirements for the user dashboard and reports, then it may take more time.
Yes, our smart factory solution can allow you to add multiple factories located in different places. Each factory can be divided into particular floors, stages or processes, production lines, and more. You can always view the common dashboard along with the combined KPI values or the individual KPI values for each factory. Our smart factory automation software developers can customize your dashboard or reports according to your requirements.
The security of your data is our top priority. We ensure that all communication is secured with SSL and TLS protocols for secured device management and connectivity management. Our smart factory solution uses OAuth2 authentication that enables third-party applications to access user accounts on an HTTP service.
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