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Automate your manual-extensive tasks with our smart factory automation solutions

We have served many reputed clients across the verticals. And offered automation services to industries to help cut down manual tasks. Our smart factory automation solutions help attract more users optimise resources and increase efficiency.

Our solutions help to increase the success of your business.

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Some of Our Clients

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Enhance Manufacturing with Smart Factory Automation Solutions

The industrial manufacturing space is constantly upgrading with the integration of smart automation, cloud technology, ERP systems, and more. So, IoT-integrated smart factory automation solutions help the manufacturing industries build a tech-driven and optimized working space. 

We at OrangeMantra offer automation solutions to allow connected and resilient systems for Industry 4.0 solutions. Our RFID Factories services execute system-wide management, warehouse management, and asset management for a future-forward approach. 

Our smart factory solutions help to increase flexibility by decreasing the process downtime for higher ROI across the smart system. We ensure to offer solutions that support industry-wide support and leverage smart tech stack to present result-driven solutions.

Digitally Competitive

Explore our range of smart factory solutions

Our team of experts gathers your complete requirements and develops customized solutions to increase automation results.

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Specialized smart solutions

Our smart factory solutions help to address the challenges with flexible and specialized services. So, to create robust asset and order tracking to streamline transparency and supply chain management. Our solutions aim to eliminate the problem caused by tech-driven integrations.

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Operational Technology Management 

We offer live performance with a strong agile methodology to offer service packages to help manufacturers in sustainable operations. It integrates remote monitoring and field tracking services to increase reliability to leverage Industry 4.0 tech innovations for redefined automation to improve performance.

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Prepackaged solutions

Get the off-the-shelf ready prepackaged solutions to accelerate business growth with smart factory technology integration. Tools such as Quarterback and Pandora Box serve as smart automated system to keep analytics and insights in check for evaluation.

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Customized factory solutions

We integrate smart factory integrations to identify the client's unique needs with the manufacturing services. We help to customize solutions for manufacturers to easily remove the loopholes present in their factory services with smart tech integration of AI, ML, IoT, data analytics, and more.

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Machine vision automation solution

Smart factory automation solutions at OrangeMantra help to integrate the new-gen Machine vision of computers, cameras, and software for gauging, OCR, monitoring other purposes. The smart embedded solutions we present offer higher speed and great precision which was not possible with human eye vision.

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Intelligent energy management

We ensure our tech-forward solutions are environment-friendly and automated to help the manufacturers. So, we integrate the smart energy management process to fasten productivity and optimize production. The unified platform will oversee the load of the system to keep management in check.

Our Client Success Stories

Witness how our dedicated developers played a critical role in shaping the success journeys of our clients across various industries

Cloud Infrastructure for Magneti Marelli’s Connected Vehicle Technology

Magneti Marelli is an internationally acclaimed Italian-based manufacturer of automotive equipment. It’s one of the world’s leading independent manufacturers and suppliers to the automotive sector. The automotive equipment giant already had tech-driven connected vehicle parts under its arsenal. In addition, they were exploring ways to integrate safe driving solutions with Cloud infrastructure. OrangeMantra’s client-centric and strategic tech-driven initiatives assisted the client with an improved collaboration of Connected Vehicles to share vital information on road conditions, traffic, congestion zones, accidents, etc.

Open Charge Point Interface Protocol to Bring Personalized EV Charging Experience

As more people are switching to electric vehicles, the demand for uninterrupted communication between charge points and EV drivers is on the rise. Our client operates the largest EV charging network soon realized the need for a management system (OCPI) that could exchange information about charge points between the charge point operator and EV owners. Currently, owners of electric vehicles face challenges if they can’t find an operating charging station compatible with their cars. OrangeMantra collaborated with the client to develop an OCPI that improves their charging station services.

Open Charge Point Protocol to Remotely Manage Charging Station

Reliability and uptime are dominant aspects for all EV charging point operators (CPO). Our client is a renowned EV charging point operator looking for a management system (OCPP) to streamline the communication between the back office and chargers. They want to expand their service offerings by mixing and matching hardware from multiple vendors. They needed a centralized back office to manage payment, authentication, error management, and smart charging. Instead of charging all vehicles at the maximum capacity of the charge point, the OCPP ensures central system applies intelligent decision-making.

Truck Fleet Management System Powered By Hitech Robotics

Our client is a leading cooking equipment installation service provider. With state-of-the-art technology and a vast inventory, the company has a large fleet of trucks. They were looking for a technology solution to gain real-time insight into the operation of each Truck and its driver. They want to make improvements in both driver safety and fleet sustainability and want to achieve with one integrated solution. Client partnered with OrangeMantra for Hitech robotics solution to improve truck fleet management operations.

Tech stack we use

As one of the leading smart factory solutions providers, we ensure to leverage the best and latest technology tools for your business.

  • Cloud   

  •   Google Cloud    Google Cloud  
  •  Microsoft Azure  Microsoft Azure 
  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Web Services  
  •  Digital Ocean   Digital Ocean   
  • Frameworks 

  •  Angular   Angular 
  •   React Native   React Native 
  •   Vue.js   Vue.js 
  •   Java RFID frameworks  Java RFID frameworks
  •   .NET RFID frameworks   .NET RFID frameworks
  • Databases

  •  MySQL    MySQL  
  •  Oracle    Oracle  
  • Cassandra  Cassandra 
  •   PostgreSQL    PostgreSQL  
  •  Azure SQL database    Azure SQL database  
  • Services integration

  •   Asset management  Asset management
  •  Warehouse solutions  Warehouse solutions
  •  Inventory management  Inventory management
  •  IoT integrated services  IoT integrated services
  •  Support services   Support services

Modern technology we integrate into your smart factory solutions

The manufacturing industry is under constant revolution to match up the latest market trends. So we ensure to offer the solutions that elevate your business growth. Our smart factory solutions help to leverage the best tech stack to offer the best tech solution.



The AI-integrated technology streamlines the sales funnel and provides a success-driven marketing plan. Using smart technologies offers user-focused support for smart factory automation solutions. And predictive analysis helps to wisely scaling up or down sales and automate decision-making in manufacturing business. 

Intelligent automation 

Intelligent automation 

Smart automation helps businesses manage their factory automation system and optimize inventory operations. We are the top provider of smart factory automation services, and we can intelligently automate your sales operations. So, to help your enterprise excel with fast-changing market trends.   



Smart enterprise solutions help to keep your business a step ahead of the fierce market competition. Our expertise helps to integrate tech-driven ERP solutions for your business with resource management tools like SAP for better management and improving the manufacturing solutions.



Smart automation technology uses optical character recognition to automate jobs and streamline corporate processes. As it will aid in scanning the data for any gaps or inconsistencies. Furthermore, you may quickly describe, recognize, and transform methods for delivering the optimum answer.



IoT integrates smart factory solutions for the manufacturing industry with connected devices like sensors and machine vision. So, it manages to increase the essential to check status, precisions, and other optimized operations for a dynamic landscape.



Data analytics systems gather both historical and current business data for more effective strategy development. Smart factory solutions are still in-trend while designing a manufacturing strategy. Analytics is a technique used by high-performing businesses to study and act on market trends.

Smart automation solutions we offer across the verticals

OrangeMantra not only focuses on manufacturing, instead, we have multiple years of experience helping industries across the clients.

 Customer value

Smart school solutions

Get a simplified school management system to automate attendance, fees, communication, and other aspects. We ensure to offer IoT-integrated smart factory automation solutions to easily simplify complex processes.

Automate data entry

Smart parking solutions

Our smart parking solutions involve cities, users, and spaces that reduce parking hassles. At OrangeMantra, follows a holistic approach to offer a well-defined space for your vehicles to contribute to the development of the smart city concept.

 Predictive maintenance

Smart Office solutions

Transform your office space with tech-forward services to increase efficiency and streamline productivity. Our solutions help to streamline the workflows to increase employee productivity. And help to drive effective business growth.

 Bolster cybersecurity

Smart fleet management

We aim to reduce risk and save costs in every domain via our effective smart factory technology platforms. Our fleet management services help to maintain efficiency and improve the supply chain that complies with the market regulations.

Financial analysis

Smart asset monitoring

Our team of experts ensures to integration an intelligent and remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions. We ensure your enterprise solution has a competitive edge and makes the smart investment move in the trading space.

Customer Satisfaction

Smart retail solutions

The retail industry is under constant revolt from the disruptive tech stack. So, we complete smart factory automation solutions to offer seamless cross-sell and up-sell retail processes. It further supports in 360' user experience.

How smart factory solutions improve business growth

Automation in industries helps firms stay relevant to the market trends and we serve them with the best automation-driven solutions.

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Efficient workflow

You get automated workflow management because of the latest tech stack integration to your solutions.

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Reduced overheads

Get optimized operational costs with smart factory automation solutions to utilize various tech innovations.

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Improved engagement

Effectively improve employee satisfaction and engagement on various RFID services to streamline productivity.

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Seamless process

You don’t have to worry about small processes, the automation will help to control daunting processes from a unified space.

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Optimal security

OrangeMantra ensures security and risk compliance for every smart factory automation solution for your business.

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Quality-focused solutions

Automation with the latest tech integration works to improve the overall quality of the processes involved in the services.

Industries we cater to

We ensure to offer industry-focused and tech-centered solutions to support our clients with smart factory automation solutions for an excellent experience.

Strategize your business roadmap with smart factory automation solutions

Our asset-based services at OrangeMantra, involve offering a comprehensive set of processes for your business.

  •  analyzing

    Identify your requirements 

    Firstly we start to identify your vision & requirements for the in-depth analysis of your business needs.

  •  analyzing

    Build custom design

    Our team of experts studies and designs the customized aesthetics of your business solutions.

  •  design

    Customise development

    Then our development proceeds to craft customised solutions that fit your unique needs as per market.

  •  Planning

    Quality assurance

    We ensure to strictly test your solutions effectively under the testing tools and platforms to assure quality.

  •  testing

    Support & maintenance  

    Our team of experts offers ongoing support and maintenance to ensure qualitative solutions for business. 

Want to Automate your Time-Consuming Tasks to Increase Efficiency in Solutions?

Why choose OrangeMantra as your smart factory automation solutions provider?

We at OrangeMantra, offer IoT-integrated solutions to increase business efficiency and ROI.

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Frequently Asked Question

When machines, robots, or automated systems are used to do certain tasks, they do so faster and with more precision than humans.

Manufacturing automation may help save costs, improve worker safety, shorten factory lead times, deliver faster ROI, make your operation more competitive, increase production output, and so much more!

Factory automation oversees the machines that make items, whereas process automation is in charge of the bigger systems that manage these products.

Within the modern, digital enterprise, process automation is employed more in firms where software programs/apps execute a set of tasks.

The growing desire for lower production costs, higher quality, and increased productivity drives up the demand for industrial automation. 

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