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IoT-Powered Hospital Workflow for Innovation & Speed

OrangeMantra’s IoT-Powered hospital technology optimizes the use of material, assets, and personnel resources to bring operational efficiency and care facilities.

  • Patients, visitors employees, and management benefit from the smart IoT and location-based services such as asset tracking, person tracking, and indoor navigation.
  • Additionally, intelligent emergency call systems no longer remain a remote concept and can be easily integrated as a part of futuristic hospitals.
  • People in need of assistance can be located in real-time with automated ward management, while nurses and doctors can be guided to reach them on the move.
  • Navigation within the buildings becomes easier for patients and visitors who struggle with finding their way.
  • The utilization of medical equipment and machinery is increased and an effective theft protection system is installed for smart hospitals.

IoT-Powered Hospital System For Healthcare Service Providers

Our health tech portfolio offers an IoT-enabled hospital system that focuses on creating a safe environment for patients and personnel. They also enable organizations to prevent potential loss of on-site assets and optimize their efficiency as well. Here are some ways these solutions can deliver real value.

  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

    Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

  • Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

    Ultra-Wideband (UWB)

Our IoT-Powered Hospital Solutions Deliver Real Value

Our healthtech portfolio offers innovative solutions that focus on creating a safe environment for patients and personnel. They also enable organizations to prevent potential loss of on-site assets and optimize their efficiency as well. Here are some ways these solutions can deliver real value.

Monitor individuals

The IoT-enabled staff solutions enable personnel to be monitored as they move across floors and departments of the building. By tracking patient activity, it becomes possible to monitor individuals across the stages of care being provided.

Staff protection

Beyond just locating personnel, these solutions also facilitate staff protection. Should they find themselves at risk, the notification solutions quickly identify their precise location for immediate and relevant action to be taken.

Safeguard Assets

Loss prevention of expensive medical equipment and assets is perhaps the biggest concern for clinical establishments. This becomes possible through our solutions that are capable of monitoring and tracking the locations of highly-valued assets.

The right solution for every room

Each of the hospital rooms has its specific requirements. Specialized applications are required to handle the unique needs and manage the critical environments of operating rooms, intensive care units, and laboratories. Our IoT solutions are designed to assist the caregivers to work more efficiently and the patients recover faster in a comfortable environment.




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Why Choose Smart Hospital Solutions By OrangeMantra

  • Our IoT-Powered hospital solutions are customized to optimize operations in real-time, so that you can gain control of your healthcare organization.
  • We aim to create IoT solutions that significantly increase patient satisfaction, eliminate operational inefficiencies, and save more lives.
  • Our applications let you streamline the hospital’s workflows for rapid patient care with reduced waiting time once and for all.
  • We empower you to respond faster and mobilize just the apt team of caregivers right when a patient requires attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Adopting IoT-Powered technology can really help healthcare systems to streamline the work process, improve healthcare decisions with greater data, help in patient’s abilities to interact electronically with their doctors or physicians, and ensure that machines are operating optimally and effectively.
Bringing AI in healthcare can put consumers in control of health and well-being. Besides, AI helps healthcare professionals to better understand the day-to-day patterns and needs of the people they care for. Using that comprehensive understanding, the professionals can provide better feedback, guidance, and support for staying healthy.
A standard feature-rich software includes features like inventory management financial administration, clinical investigations, payroll, and advanced reporting. Other standalone features include automated data backups, payment integration, multi-lingual support, a unique dashboard, and many more. It provides everything you need to manage your clinic or hospital from a single system. We, as a leading IoT hospital solution provider, incorporate all the required features and functionalities to deliver a powerful, user-friendly and secure smart hospital software to our clients.
The development cost of IoT application depends on multiple elements including technology platforms suite, complex features, and hiring model of mobile app developers.