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Get Real-time insights from connected assets

Global enterprises encounter numerous challenges in tracking and managing their assets, with aspects such as asset location, usage, configuration, and maintenance requirements over the time. A business that is able to manage its assets efficiently has a competitive edge along with several other advantages. An IoT-enabled asset monitoring solution, therefore, makes a smart investment as it helps a business to gain a complete control over equipment and machinery. Further, it can drive increase in asset efficiency and productivity, reduction in operational costs, and enhancement in customer experiences. Beyond these benefits, the solution enables the business to gain real-time visibility into the health and utilization assets, while predicting future events and planning to address them even before they happen.

Are you facing any of these challenges with managing your assets? You probably need an IoT solution to set things right!

  • You have limited control over assets, equipment, or machinery located in remote or multiple locations
  • Sudden and unexpected machine breakdown is a common occurrence and translates into losses for your business
  • Inefficient asset performance tracking is leading to bad decision-making and expenses in the long run
  • It appears that your business is unable to meet maximum asset productivity standards despite the best efforts
  • Since you are not able to keep track on assets and equipment, there is extensive loss of job-critical data
  • Lack of sophisticated reporting system means that management cannot access relevant data for planning and forecasting

A Smart IoT-Enabled Asset Tracking Solution Can Help

With Smart Asset Tracking solution, you can utilize sensors and IoT to connect every single asset and receive real-time transmissions from each of them. Let’s highlight the capabilities of this advanced solution.

ETrack and locate your assets any time
Track and locate your assets any time
  • Get real-time location of your assets remotely with sensors
  • Track their health condition with an interactive dashboard
  • Measure asset performance and track the missing ones
Maximize asset availability
Maximize asset availability
  • Get insightful information about asset availability with a dashboard
  • Initiate timely actions to prevent breakdown and resultant production loss
  • Receive instant email alerts and push notifications on mobile devices
Implement predictive maintenance
Implement predictive maintenance
  • Identify machine issues via deviations in the normal patterns
  • Measure KPIs for detecting anomalies and predicting failure
  • Build a predictive maintenance plan to ensure seamless production
Ticketing solutions for issue tracking
Ticketing solutions for issue tracking
  • Identify the out of service assets and create service tickets
  • Get a single view to track the status of all tickets created
  • Facilitate smooth inter-departmental communication

Actionable Insights…..Right At Your Fingertips!!

OrangeMantra’s IoT asset monitoring solution is empowered with analytics portal, which integrates the entire data generated by the IoT sensors into a configurable dashboard. Managers can use the dashboard to monitor assets and optimize operations. Always connected and always available, our smart application is tailored to add value to your assets so that they can deliver maximum value for your business.

Why OrangeMantra for IoT Solution

OrangeMantra’s IoT asset monitoring solutions stand apart when it comes to empowering enterprises with connected assets. Here are some reasons why you should choose us!

Platform Independence
The solution works with any existing platform that your business uses or you can even build your custom platform
Secure connectivity
Rest assured that your data will always be secure as our solution implements encrypted data storage and transfer
Interoperable and integrated
Integrate the solution with your existing ERP and all other enterprise applications that are a part of your business ecosystem
Modular Solution
Our solution has modular components which can be deployed according the use case, making it personalized.
Cloud-ready and scalable
The solution is hosted on the cloud and can be extended to any number of assets, both movable or non-movable
Device agnostic
A business can connect the asset monitoring application with existing devices and hardware or even custom build hardware.

Frequently Asked Questions

Asset management is the process of planning and controlling of the organizational asset’s acquisition, operation, maintenance, renewal, and disposal. This systematic approach helps in improving the delivery potential of assets and reduces the costs and risks involved.
An asset lifecycle comprises of different stages involved in the asset management. It starts with the planning stages when there’s a requirement of an asset and continues throughout its useful life and eventual disposal.
Our IoT-powered asset management solution provides an integrated view of your organizational assets and their performance which helps you to improve your asset ROI, extend asset lifespan, reduce life-cycle costs, and lower maintenance costs. Using our solution, you can better track and efficiently manage your assets that are critical to your organizational success.
The development cost of an IoT-powered solution depends on the complexity of the solution, the number of developers you have hired, technology platform and overall functionality of the web page.