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How User Experience Has Become The Mainstay Of Digital Marketing

UX and marketing

The user experience is an indispensable element of the digital landscape today. It greatly influences the time that a user spends on a website and whether he converts or not. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that UX has become the mainstay of digital marketing. No wonder, sellers and marketers are realizing the significance of aligning the UX and marketing with each other so that this powerful blend gives their business the winning advantage. Both fall under the category of the marketing budget as their purpose is to fetch users for the website or app, keep them engaged and drive conversions.

With this, it becomes important for a UX designer to collaborate with marketing professionals and learn to think like them. Even though marketers have a minimal sense of fundamental designing, they still can understand the user psychology and buying behavior. On the other hand, designers are capable of creating interfaces that fulfill these requirements. So the inter-relationship between marketers and designers is a symbiotic one and both need to work in tandem to succeed in their respective domains. Here are a few measures that can be used to bring together the potential of UX design and marketing.

Everything boils down to product promotion

Whether it is about the user experience or marketing, both are aimed at promoting the products of the business so that the sale can be maximized. For this reason, the design team needs to coordinate with the digital marketing services so that they can create result-oriented campaigns for promoting the products and pushing the sales.

Experiences are equally important

Marketing is not just about promoting the products that a business offers but also about sharing the experiences that these products give. This is best done by reaching the prospective customers through variant selling channels such as print, digital, and mobile. While marketers can take care of the promotional part of things, delivering seamless multi-channel experiences is the job of UX designers.

UX goes beyond interfaces

Contrary to the popular belief, UX is not only about creating wonderful interfaces. User interfaces are only a part of this much broader discipline. Precisely speaking, UI UX design services are all about understanding the expectations of the user and delivering accordingly to build a relationship with them. Poor UX, thus, translates into fewer conversions which represent weaker marketing strategies.

Research is the key

While digital marketing is more focused on quantitative research methods, design research is qualitative in nature. The reason is that market research is done for a specific product in a particular market, the user experience is more research-intensive as the designer needs to comprehend the real needs of the potential customers so that they can satisfy them with the apt design.

User testing is essential

When it comes to UX of a website or app, a great deal depends on achieving perfection. User testing goes a long way in this context as it enables designers to identify flaws and resolve them. Simultaneously, this can have a positive impact on the digital campaigns as the marketers are able to understand the buying habits and user psychology in a better way. Therefore, user testing becomes an apt way to enhance the UX and strengthen the marketing campaigns as well.

Success comes with collaboration

Collaboration between the designers and marketers is perhaps the most critical parameter of success for a business. Both of them are extremely significant in their own ways; while UX created value for the buyer, marketing does the same for the business by inducing the visitors to convert. UX is capable of empowering the digital campaigns for bringing more traffic, higher conversions and increased ROI for businesses. Both of these, thus, act as a lifeline for each other and it is hard to imagine success for one without the other being well in place.

UX feeds digital marketing strategies while digital marketing provides analytical inputs about real life users that can be used for improving the user experiences across the web and mobile. Some of the reliable digital marketing tools that can be used to get such insights are Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Tableau Public, and Facebook Insights. At OrangeMantra, we are a trusted name for providing result-oriented online marketing services for diverse business needs. Our team comprises of seasoned designers and marketing professionals who work with a collaborative approach to deliver the best results for the clients.