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Customized E-Learning solution for In house training

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Making Learning Impactful & Pertinent

Our custom E-learning services are a one-stop solution for all your technology integrated learning needs. With our vast experience across the education sector of different sizes and varying needs, we start by gathering the learner’s requirements and then build a learning strategy that works well.

Our professional & multi-skilled team transform your idea into a specific solution with the support of popular development tools. The latest technology is used to create E-learning courses that are engaging, alluring and smooth in navigation. Whether it is a stand-alone training course or an extended study program, we provide all sorts of services customized as per your requirements.

Why Custom E-Learning The Best Approach of Learning?

E-Learning customization personalizes the content according to the organization’s requirements, thereby building a connection with customers.

Custom online sessions are effective and increase the performance level of students by virtue of its remarkable features.

Innovative learning methods like micro-learning, game-based learning, animated videos and scenario-based learning, raise the understanding level of learners and makes learning simple.

Personalized E-Learning makes learning interesting and brings learners closer to the organization.

Increase in performance level guaranteed good marks and positive results in terms of student growth.

Custom E-Learning with mobile app ensures that training can be taken on the go anywhere, anytime.

Why OrangeMantra is Your Right Technology Partner?

Our entire E-Learning solutions development team comprises of experts passionate about reinventing your teaching, training and learning methods. Our custom eLearning solutions promise to provide a fun learning environment and are the perfect tools for your instructional methods. We guarantee:

  • Customized and innovative E-Learning solutions
  • Reduced cost to deliver content
  • Faster content delivery
  • On-demand access
  • Smooth & Engaging learning process
  • Consistent branding and user experience
  • Timely reporting with proof of completion
  • Reduced environment impact
  • 24/7 access to our support team
  • Free consultation with our E-Learning team of professionals
Why OrangeMantra is Your Right Technology Partner?