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Game-Based Learning & Gamification

Integrating the Game Mechanics with Training Content = Fun Learning

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Game-Based Learning Makes Knowledge Flow Seamless

Of course, people like playing games! So why not integrate it with learning? That is exactly what our developers do in Game-Based Learning. It is similar to the games that we used to play in our childhood using different simulators including Play Stations, Mobile Phones, Joysticks, and Game boys. Game-based training comprises a fantasy and creative element which engages the user to continue playing unlike the conventional way of reading books. It is a perfect treat for visual and practical learners.

Why Digital Game Based Learning?

Replace Conventional Monotonous Learning Systems

Games are fun, and game learning is replacing conventional classrooms with self-motivated learning. The learning process, procedures, and several other programs can be offered through games, puzzles, and mind games.

Appealing and Engaging

Undoubtedly game learning is the first choice in this aspect. Nothing can beat the fun while playing a game, and if knowledge is enhanced along the way, it’s an added benefit. Integrating fun elements into learning makes it a great activity. Even, multi-player games are designed to make the learning process even more appealing and engaging.

Advanced and Different Digital Platforms

With several interactive digital platforms present including mobiles, gaming consoles, cloud, internet, computer-aided learning (CAL), etc., the methods to deliver game-based learning are wider and easier.

Gamification is Perfect Technique for

Complex Process & Methods

When you’re teaching a complex process to students and they need to know its working before attempting it in real-life scenarios.

Situational Concepts

When you’re teaching complicated situational concepts that need deep thinking differently depending on certain factors.

Younger & Game-Oriented Learners

When you’re teaching a process to young-minded learners it is important to offer them a game-based learning experience for proper understanding.

Get Customized Gamification Solution For Your Audience

Game-Based e-Learning Applications from O2I

Simulation Games

Simulation Games

We implement AR/VR to simulate situations and procedures to make them fun-filled. This makes learners understand how a product works, or a concept is delivered.

Procedural Games

Procedural Games

These games follow a set of procedures through which targets are assigned to the players, to win the game. These games make users understand the time management & speed to complete a task.



These games are based on a storyline that induces the learning objectives and activities for the players.

Multi-Player Games

Multi-Player Games

These games help to improve coordination among users. The main objective is to focus on creating coordinated team efforts to finish the assigned task.

Mobile Games

Mobile Games

Mobile games are witnessing huge growth and are in huge demand. At OrangeMantra, we develop custom mobile learning games for all platform including iOS, Blackberry, Android, & Windows.

OrangeMantra Relies On the Principles of Game-Based Learning

All our eLearning games are developed keeping the key parameters of game-based learning in mind. This ensures that all applications developed by our developers are effective and goal-oriented. We follow below gaming principles

  • Process

  • Strategy

  • Simulation

  • Probing Technique

  • Repetition Method

  • Storyline Method

orangemantra Gamification

Advantages of OrangeMantra Gamification Solutions

Apart from building Game-based learning apps for smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets, we promise different advantages as well, including:

  • The learner is actively engaged
  • Highly engaging & cost-effective
  • Portability and Mobility
  • Context-Aware Content
  • Personalized Learning Experience
  • Location-Based Content
  • Formal and Informal Learning
  • Proximity to Point of Performance
  • Communication and Collaboration
  • Timely Reporting with proof of completion
  • 24/7 Access to our Support Team

Game Based Learning: Real Results, Not Hype