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Ask Nestle Enhancement story of Nestle’s Nutrition Platform

Augmenting Cutting-edge technology to transform the offerings of Ask Nestle – A nutritional platform

The Results?

What is AskNestle? is a one-stop solution platform developed by Nestle, the world’s largest food and beverage company. The main objective of developing this platform is to offer solutions to the parents allowing them to cook nutritional meals for their kids and track their kids’ growth, authorizing them to keep a check on the health of their offspring.

The Dilemma

Nestle India started facing a series of issues with the website and users’ engagement. Let’s take a look at these issues in detail:

Privacy and Sign-in Issue

Nestle India is already a big player in the beverage industry and has multiple sites and platforms that use a sign-in, allowing its users to access information. What does a consumer want? A unified profile, that offers them an excellent user experience while protecting them and their data from breaches, fraud, and privacy violations. According to research, 81% of users tend to lose trust and stop interacting with the website following a privacy violation.

Tags management

Nestle India has been manually managing tags and collecting data based on tags they levy on web pages. Manual management of such tags is hard and takes a lot of time in management when you have approx 7 million users and more than 10 pages to track and generate heat maps and track users’ behavior on their webpages.

Recipe Management is a platform that is most popular among parents due to the health tips and the recipes it offers, allowing parents to ensure their offspring are getting every type of nutrients in their meal daily. However, it is important to add and define the amounts of nutrients and contents to manufacture the perfect recipe

Language Issue

India is a diverse country, with each state speaking a different language, and not all of them are easier to understand. The two most used languages in India are Hindi and English. was a platform that was written and launched in the English Language. Smartphone and Internet Penetration in India is pretty good, yet language is still a barrier, limiting the Audience Reach of Nestle’s Platform.

Solutions Offered by OrangeMantra

‘Modern problems Require Modern Solutions’ – Dave Chappelle OrangeMantra has been leading the development process of Take a look at the solutions we offered Nestle to enhance their website performance and user interaction.

CIAM Integration

CIAM or Customer Identity and Access Management is a module that when integrated into a system enables to lock in the customer’s login data and securely captures profile identity. It furthermore allows them to control the access of their users over applications and services. CIAM Integration offers a bunch of features to AskNestle including Customer management, allowing them to offer a Single Sign-On feature, multi-factor authorization, access management, and data access governance ensuring seamless communication between their consumers and the website.

GTM Integration
GTM Integration

Google Tag Manager integration in AskNestle solves the issue of tag management across their web pages. With the help of GTM, Nestle will now be able to edit, modify, add, or disable tags on multiple web pages and components of AskNestle. The easier and user-friendly interface of GTM also powers them to keep a track of their tags and collect data, generate heat maps, allowing them to remarket to a set of users, monitor specific downloads, and much more.

Module Integration
Recipe Module integrated with API

Using an API, OrangeMantra Integrated a Recipe Module within the website, extending their system’s support towards the recipe, content, and nutrition management. It now allows them to map the exact amount of ingredients for their recipes. It lets them display the exact recipe ingredients to their consumers with a step-by-step guide to follow the recipe, allowing their consumer to create the perfect and healthy recipe exactly as displayed.

Vernacular Integration
Vernacular Integration

The language issue of is solved with the help of Vernacular Integration. Vernacular is a multilingual Chatbot that allows organizations to communicate with their users in the native language, allowing them to create a more personalized environment and enhancing the overall user experience. A similar happened with when integrated with multi-lingual support of the language Hindi within their platform.

Platform Notification Module

Platform Notification Module integration allows Nestle to target or retarget its consumers from a particular web page or via notifications enhancing the engagement as well as retention process of the platform.

Add-On Integrations
Bigbasket API integration

Platform Notification Module integration allows Nestle to target or retarget its consumers from a particular web page or via notifications enhancing the engagement as well as retention process of the platform.

About OrangeMantra

About OrangeMantra

OrangeMantra is an established Software Development service provider which has been active in Drupal module development since its inception. Our extensive knowledge of the platform allows us to offer such exceptional services across every major industry.

OrangeMantra’s biggest achievement in Leading the development of this platform development comes when the platform was awarded a WARC Award in the ‘Global Warc award for Effective Innovation’ Category.

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