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Transform with the leading human resource automation services

Our human resource automation services have served many reputed clients across the verticals. OrangeMantra ensures the integration of automation of HR operations, recruitment assignments, onboarding tasks, and other tasks. And our automation enabled faster results with 100% legal compliance. We have the expertise of multiple years to support your industrial needs as per the market trends. Our services keep Human Resources in focus and not the documents.  

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    Onboarding process

  • 100%

    Increased productivity

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    Automation experts

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    Successful projects

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Elevate your employee experience with a success-driven HR automation system

HR management process has always been a daunting task for businesses. So, all you need is a reliable partner to help you. And OrangeMantra is one the leading and innovative solution provider companies in the market. We have the best in class HR automation solutions for you. And enables the automated integrations of acquisition to boost the overall efficiency.

If you are dealing with global clients and various businesses smart HR solutions can help you boost productivity. Our expert team helps to leverage the modern tech stack of AI, ML, IoT, and AR/VR to ensure seamless data processing. Our digitally powered HR automation system helps to store or manipulate data easily. And also support talent acquisition, management, onboarding, and other processes.

Digitally Competitive

Explore our range of Human resource automation solutions

We at OrangeMantra extend the team to offer optimized HR automation solutions to align with your business.

Employee Onboarding Solutions

We take care of every level of career-supporting factors. Right from hiring to retiring with minimal supervision at the labor-intensive tasks. Custom human resource automation enables online applications, personalized experience, and a seamless onboarding process.

Talent Management System

In the talent management system, you can access all the employee data in a unified place. The efficient design helps you access the complete dashboards with details of contact numbers, names, Email IDs, and other data via the centralized HR system of your business.

Attendance Tracking Management

Along with employee management HR automation system helps to manage the assets too. It comes with a substantial amount of resource distribution to organize the HR operations to track every component. Along with details on the type and distribution of assets.

Project Tracking Solutions

Project tracking or efficiency tracking ensures that HR gets a comprehensive view of all the tasks assigned and completed. The application gives a view of timesheets and the assigned tasks, and the time taken, to offer complete transparency at all levels.

Individual Performance Management

Get the improved performance of every individual development task. The HR automation system of this process ensures analyzation and aggregation of the talent performance data. So, to present an analyzed view of upgrading the employee efficiency. 

Accounting & Reporting Management 

You get the HR helpdesk assistance the real-time queries. Our experts leverage the potential tech stack to perform mundane tasks via smart tools, Such as accounting, reporting, and payroll management to ensure transparency and reliability without errors.

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Technology to empower your HR automation solutions

HR processes are daunting and time-consuming compared to other tasks. And in many firms, the traditional HR system has made other services seem more obsolete for the market trends. Our HR automation solutions leverage the latest tech to offer value-driven solutions.

Tech stack we integrate into our HR automation system

At OrangeMantra, we integrate advanced tools and technologies to support your HR solutions. 

  • Platforms

  • JavaInfor M3
  • techlangTropos
  • techlangDynamics AX
  • techlangSAP
  • techlangDynamics CRM
  • Frameworks

  • tool iconAngular
  • tool iconReact Native
  • tool iconVue.js
  • tool iconNext
  • tool iconMeteor
  • Cloud  

  • JavascriptGoogle Cloud  Learning
  • JavaMicrosoft Azure 
  • CAmazon Web Services 
  • CDigital Ocean
  • CRackspace
  • Databases 

  • MatplotlibOracle 
  • MatplotlibCassandra 
  • MatplotlibHive
  • MatplotlibPostgreSQL 
  • MatplotlibAzure SQL database 

Industries for Whom we Provide Digital Transformation Services

As a top notch Digital Transformation Company in India, we serve different industry niche like healthcare, finance, travel and hospitality.

The process we follow to streamline HR automation solutions

Our expert team at OrangeMantra ensures to present a value-driven solution to reap the HR management benefits.

  •  Process Icon

    Discuss the needs 

    Our team ensures to discuss the initial needs and business scope to customize HR solutions. So, we can align the best professionals streamlined to your project.

  •  Planning

    Design the web frame

    We then proceed to create an analyzed web frame with an HR automation system for you. You will get the UI/UX integrated app for your HR system.

  •  Planning

    Develop the application

    After the design evaluation, we implement it to develop your application for HR staff. Our developers help to align the HR operations easily through a unified system.

  •  Planning

    Testing the platform

    Nothing goes straightway to the market, we align the seamless testing strategy to ensure your application is error-free. So, that your application gets a smooth launch.

  •  Planning

    Deploy to market

    After the scrutinized testing of HR automation solutions, your application launches for your use. With the extended team of experts, we streamline the application deployment.

  •  Planning

    Get ongoing support

    Even if after the deployment you face any issues our ongoing support services help you at any time. OrangeMantra offers 24/7 availability to clients in case of queries.

Why choose OrangeMantra as your HR automation solutions provider?

Apart from several benefits, our solutions are future and tech-focused solutions helps to find relevancy with growing market demands.

Want a future-forward HR automation service provider for your business? 

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Enhanced security and compliance.
  • Payroll mistakes are reduced.
  • Enhanced recruitment and onboarding.
  • Offboarding is easier.
  • Continuity across locales.
  • Time savings

Automation minimizes the need for manual intervention, allowing HR operations to focus on strategic activities requiring critical thought and creativity, such as location strategy and skills intelligence.

When simple actions within a process are automated, the potential for bottlenecks and delays in that process is reduced. You no longer have to wait for somebody to manually complete a step.

By efficiently screening through resumes and applications to discover the most qualified individuals, recruiting automation has been shown to improve candidate quality. This saves recruiting managers time and effort, allowing them to focus on the best candidates and make better hiring decisions.

Finding a happy medium between technology and human engagement is the key to a successful HR automation plan. To do so, you must first determine which jobs are best suited for automation. Manual or data-entry jobs are the low-hanging fruit for many.

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