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Connected & Internet Cars

Reinventing the automotive industry with connected and internet cars delivering experiences
that render improved performance, safety, and maintenance for vehicles

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Introduction to Connected & Internet Cars

Our team has proven expertise across consulting, advisory, planning, implementation, and operational support in this domain. We collaborate with leading luxury OEMs and automotive brands globally and assist them in delivering top-rated connected and internet car services and experiences to their customers.

connected & internet cars

Key Features of Our Connected Car Solutions

Connected Car Applications and Services.

Get access to powerful applications and value-added services for creating unique user experiences to the vehicle’s cloud and connectivity. Our team comprises cross-platform experts who leverage vehicle cloud and full-stack connectivity to develop in-vehicle, cloud, and mobile applications.

Vehicle Cloud Platform Engineering

Our services bundle up the most innovative practices in hybrid cloud, microservices, containers, orchestration, and DevOps. Rely on our hands-on experience with the leading open- source projects to get access to scalable, cost-effective, and secure platforms.

Vehicle Cloud Connectivity

Connect with seasoned wireless connectivity experts who can help you in choosing, developing, testing, and troubleshooting Cellular (3G/4G/5G and NB-IoT), Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi based solutions. Get reliable and high-quality connected experiences for your customers across the globe.

Location-Based Services

Deliver amazing mobility experiences with our location-based services. Avail a comprehensive package that combines our software engineering expertise with location, map, tracking, and routing services that empower the application with location-based technology.

Our Services

Fleet management and telematics
Fleet management and telematics
We implement end-to-end fleet management and vehicle telematics solutions by addressing diverse aspects of typical use case scenarios, including in-vehicle data collection, user analytics, and in-cloud data management. Our scalable solutions are designed for real-time monitoring and managing of an unlimited number of vehicles.
Data and analytics
Data and analytics
Our data and analytics services for connected and internet cars are designed to enable car companies, service and repair shops, fleet owners, and insurance firms to aggregate data from sensors and analyze it simultaneously to generate actionable insights
Cloud services for connected cars
Cloud services for connected cars
From location-based services to car security services, usage-based insurance, over-the-air updates, drive-assist applications, remote diagnostics, and more, we deliver everything that comes under the cloud.
Consulting and advisory
Consulting and advisory
We offer strategic consulting and advisory services for planning, implementing, and operationalizing connected car programs successfully

Automobile with Advance Electronics

Connected Bike – Cluster, Mobile and cloud Application

Connected Bike – Cluster, Mobile and cloud Application

  • Connectivity : Connectivity between Bike, Mobile app, and cloud

  • Navigation : Turn by turn navigation on bike cluster

  • Rider behavior analysis : Detailed insights of riding behavior and comparison

  • Mobile mirror : Display of call, message, and other details on bike cluster

  • Bike report and alerts : Bike health report and alerts on app and cloud

  • Online and offline mode : Entire system can be used in offline mode

  • Multi-lingual system : Entire system built for multiple languages

Behavior analysis in connected cars

Behavior analysis in connected cars

  • Cloud Connectivity : Connecting the Black box and telematics with the cloud to collect and analyze data

  • Geo-fencing and monitoring : Live location tracking and monitoring with auto alerts mapped with geo-fencing

  • AI-driven system : AI keeps real time check on driver behaviors and inform the driver in case of alert and risk

  • Fleet-owner dashboard : Data analytics-based dashboard for a Fleet manager to track and understand driver behaviors and issue alerts based on AI

Connected autonomous vehicles

Connected autonomous vehicles

  • Connectivity : Connectivity between the app and autonomous vehicle via local Wi-Fi and then with cloud

  • Control : Complete navigational control over the automated vehicle using an app from the start to stop

  • Rider behavior analysis : Detailed insights of riding behavior and comparison

  • Route management : Enabling the vehicle user to manage the route by setting the destination and route in PRT

  • SOS and alert management : Live and real-time tracking and alerts for SOS Management

Empowered automotive ecosystem

Empowered automotive ecosystem

  • Cloud connectivity :Cloud connectivity with Web and app for vehicles, from location-based services to car security services, over-the-air updates,usage-based insurance, and more

  • Navigation records : Recording the navigation of the vehicle, in addition to allowing the owner to navigate it by entering the source and destination

  • Live location management : Enabling the vehicle owner to view whether the vehicle is within the geo-location boundary or not

  • Speed behavior : Facilitating the monitoring of the speed behavior, with an overview of the top speed/average speed graphs and issuing speed alerts while driving the car

  • Vehicle alert : Giving a graph view stating the number of speed alerts for rash driving in the application and enabling searches by date filter.

  • T-box : Connecting a group of transcription factors with the vehicles in a connected ecosystem

Technologies We Work On

  • c++
  • java
  • docker
  • rest api
  • google cloud plateform
  • aws
  • azure
  • sql
  • jenkins
  • kubernets
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